Methods of Recruitment

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  • May 6, 2022
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Methods of Recruitment

Methods of Recruitment –

In today’s world of competition, recruitment has topped the list of the challenges faced by many industry verticals; especially the Information Technology industry. We must use combination of various recruitment methods to tap talent from various available sources.

Job Portals –

Other than the top job portals that most of us know, recruitment professionals must keep looking for new job portals which keep coming up and gain popularity among the employers and the job seekers. Recruitment professionals need to continuously keep the internet research on always to keep pace with the new developments happening in this area.

Many job portals have a facility of resume database access also in addition to the job posting feature. The recruitment professionals need to use various filters or combination of filters to search right candidates present in their database. 

Further some job portals also provide the feature wherein we can send mass emails to the candidates. The interested candidates or those candidates who are actively looking for job will respond to such emails and thus we are able to add one more method of tapping active job seekers through use of mass emails or mass SMS feature of the job portals.

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Social Media –

Recruiters are also increasingly using social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp, Telegram for employer branding and attracting talent.

LinkedIn seems to be among the top choices of recruiters. The recruiters vouch for LinkedIn for reasons like getting quality candidates and also those who apply through LinkedIn are serious job seekers.

LinkedIn offers one free job posting. At any given point in time, we can have only one free job posted on LinkedIn. For second job onwards, we have to pay. Apparently, LinkedIn’s artificial intelligence system suggests an amount that we need to pay to get better visibility to our job and be in a position to receive more number of responses.

Further, we can use Facebook and Instagram also for improving company’s branding and attracting potential candidates to apply for our open positions.

These days’ HR and Recruitment professionals are also using professional HR and Recruitment groups on WhatsApp and Telegram Apps to publish their open positions and have been successful in getting potential candidates. This has also indirectly helped recruitment professionals in becoming known in the job market.

Campus Recruitment –

When it comes to hiring trainees, the first place to go is educational institutes.  Recruitment professionals must develop good connections with well-known educational institutes in the first place. Also they can explore not so known educational institutes for the potential candidates. 

In case you feel that the candidates do not possess all the required skills or knowledge, it does make business sense to discuss with management and have a tie-up with such institutes wherein the interested candidates are groomed by your company experts while they are still completing the educational course. This will be a kind of preparatory exercise and by the time they complete their educational course, they are just ready to take for your company.

Further, the trainees do not come with extra or unnecessary baggage (knowledge/skills) and there is no need to unwinding and rewinding. They can be developed for your company’s specific needs.

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Mahaswayam Portal (Employment Exchange) –

Mahaswayam provides for responsive transparent and decentralized skill development, employment & self employment related services, provide assistance & guidance to candidates to increase their income.

Employers can register and publish their vacancies, and also the candidates can register, login and apply for suitable openings matching their profile.

Mahaswayam portal integrates skilling, employment and entrepreneurship in an effort to make this a go to portal for various stakeholders involved in Skill India Mission. 

Maha stands for Maharashtra and Swayam stands for one’s self. It is an effort by the State Government to bring together students, youth, job seekers, employers, trainers and entrepreneurs all under one umbrella. 

Mahaswayam portal has been developed by the Skill Development, Employment and Entrepreneurship Department to integrate the skill related activities in Maharashtra with Jobs and Entrepreneurship for providing a unique platform to all the stakeholders. 

This portal will provide single interface to all the stakeholders to obtain information related to Skill Training, Job vacancies and Entrepreneurship development programs.

The portal is not only aiming towards providing information on employment opportunities, skill enhancement and empowering youth of the state but is also leaving no stone unturned in bringing together the job seekers, job providers and other stakeholders on one common platform.

Employee Referral schemes –

It makes sense in multiple ways to run an employee referral scheme if your organization. In this scheme the employer announces certain incentives to be paid to the employees who refer their friends, relatives etc. for open positions in the company.

Employees benefit by getting some incentives as referral bonus/incentives. Also the time needed for recruitment team to generate pool of candidates using various recruitment sources is reduced. The employer also benefits by getting right candidates as their employees know very-well, the company’s culture, vision and mission and are able to identify right talent and recommend to the management. It also makes business sense as the payment towards referral incentives is much lesser than what the company would spend on various recruitment sources.

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Newspaper Advertisements –

If your company is looking for resources with lesser education and specialized skills that do not need much of education, such as drivers etc., Newspaper advertisements are a best choice as such candidates are less likely to post their resumes on job portals or LinkedIn.


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