Mini strategy Tkinter GUI Alarm timekeeper

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  • May 26, 2022
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Mini strategy Tkinter GUI Alarm timekeeper –


Python’s standard library is truly expansive, offering a wide range  of installations. The library contains constructed-in modules (  written in C) that supply access to system functionality similar as  line I/ O that would else be inconvenient to Python programmers, as  well as modules written in Python that deliver standardized results  for numerous problems that do in everyday programming. 

About the Python Project: 

The ideal of our system is to apply an alarm timekeeper using  Python. Python consists of some veritably innovative libraries  similar as datetime and tkinter which help us to put up the design  using the current date and time as well as to give a user interface to  set the alarm according to the demand in 24-hour format. 

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Prerequisites –

The prerequisites are beginning notions of Python and Tkinter.

Tkinter Module: 

Tkinter is a Python binding to the Tk GUI toolkit.Both Tk and  tkinter are available on ultimate Unix platforms, including macOS,  as well as on Windows systems. 

Important Tk notions: 


A Tkinter user interface is made up of individual widgets. Each  widget is represented as a Python object, expressed from classes  likettk,Frame,ttk.Label and ttk.Button. 

Tkinter reacts to user input, changes from your program, and  indeed refreshes the display only when actively running an  eventloop.However, your user interface will not update, If your  program is not running the event loop. 

DateTime Library: 

Datetime and time modules in python help us to work with the  dates and time of the current day when the user is operating python  and to manipulate it too. 

Mixer Module for audio files: 

In order to play music/audio files in pygame,pygame.mixer is  used(pygame module for loading and playing sounds).This module 

contains classes for loading sound objects and controlling  playback.Install library using following command: 


Source code for project: 

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Step 1 : Importing all libraries :



Step 2 : Creating GUI window by initializing Tk( ) function. and  actively running an evenloop by using mainloop() function. 





Step 3: After initializing window ,set up a following things for good  looking window refer the following source code with comments:




Step 4: Written user defined function alarm() and stopalarm().



alarm: This is the most important method because it performs the  following tasks: 

  1. It stores the hour and sec from taking value from user. 
  2. Display current time in time_now in specified format  date,time and day. 
  3. It also checks if setting time matches the current time. As  soon as time matches it plays the alarm song using pygame  and mixer.  

stopalarm: This is the most important method because it performs  the following tasks:

  1. It asks user the to stop,resume and pause the alarm. b. If user press ‘p’ then pause the song 
  2. If user press ‘r’ then unpause the song 
  3. If user press ‘e’ then stop the song. 

With this mini strategy in Python using GUI library Tkinter, we  have successfully made the Alarm Timekeeper. We learned how to  source the current time from the computer and to use it for  manipulation using the DateTime library. Written two functions  ,one for set the alarm time which play the ring tone song using mixer  library and second function which is used to stop the alarm. 

For Free, Demo classes Call: 020-71171500
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We can also implemented this strategy in major project by adding  multiple alarm options and extend the alarm next 10 min.etc.We can  implement and deploy complete our application of alarm clock  TimeKeeper.


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