Practice Questions to Succeed in the Communication Round

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  • April 28, 2023
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Practice Questions to succeed in the communication round

Practice Questions to Succeed in the Communication Round

Globalization and competitive markets have not only created a lot of opportunities in the job market but set top-notch expectations from the candidates applying for various roles. Earlier when technical knowledge was given all the importance to secure a job, employers are more focused on the soft skills of the candidates to build a progressive organization and reliable team. This Practice Questions to succeed in the communication round revolutionized the entire process of candidate selection in most of organizations. 

Most Multinational companies receive an immense amount of resumes from candidates across the globe, which makes it challenging for job seekers to make the best out of opportunities. Possessing a versatile set of skills is the requirement of the hour which is ignored by most of job seekers.

Hence the HR Training has become lengthy and difficult to crack for new job seekers. The Most important and first step to succeed in an interview process is to cross the hurdle of the screening stages of the process. 

Most of companies conduct group discussions and aptitude tests to do so. After which the candidate is given one on one time to evaluate their communication skills.

The questions that are asked to evaluate one’s communication skills can be situation-based, behavioral or personality evaluation questions. The major motive or the mindset of the employer is to check whether the goals of the company are aligned with those of the candidate, whether the attitude and approach of the candidate help the company improve and progress, is the candidate easy to work with or can be a positive influence in the team, etc. 

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Practice Questions to Succeed in the Communication Round (Top 50)

1. Introduce yourself.

Answer: Good morning/ afternoon, thank you for giving me an opportunity to interview for this role.  My name is —-, I have completed my graduation in —- specializing in ——–, to upskill the professional skills I have done a —— course from Seven Mentor Pvt. Ltd. I have – years of work experience in —- domains. I have gained a lot of soft and hard skills during my student/professional life which makes me confident enough to take up the next step in my career


2. What are your strengths?

Answer: I am a hardworking and passionate person. I introspective this quality of mine when I was working on a project during my bachelor’s. It has motivated me to take up new challenges and upskill myself professionally.


3. What are your weaknesses?

Answer: I can be self-critical at times as I am drawn to perfection. But to overcome this I practice the habit of giving myself 2 words of affirmation or compliments for 1 criticism. It has really helped me develop confidence and self-esteem in myself.


4. What have you done to overcome your weaknesses?

Answer: I am an introverted person, and I have really tried to come out of my comfort zone by pushing myself to talk to new people and understand their personalities. I have become better at socializing ever since.


5. What is your long-term goal?

Answer: I have always wanted to see myself in a senior position in a growing multinational company, where I have been given bigger responsibilities and my knowledge is being utilized so that I and the organization grow together professionally.


6. What is your short-term goal?

Answer: As I am a fresher, it is important for me to gain some professional experience in order to build on it in the coming year. To kick start my career it is important for me to get into a —– company.


7. Why did you choose this career?

Answer: Ever since computer technologies came to light, I have been fascinated by their applications of it. I used to surf the internet researching all the possible things we could do with a computer. As I grew the interest developed into passion and I was excited to pursue my career in this field ever since. 


8. Do you have any education gaps?

Answer: I have a 1-year education gap as I was undergoing some health issues due to which I had to wait for full recovery to ensure I graduate with good grades and an understanding of my subjects. 

(other reasons: Was preparing for competitive exams, figuring out the right career path, and wanted to shift my career path due to a lack of passion for the subjects chosen)


9. Do you have gaps in your work experience?

Answer: Yes, I have 1 year of gap in my work experience as I wanted to upskill myself with professional courses and reenter the corporate world, the motive behind this was to gain a competitive advantage to grow in the organizations.

Practice Questions to succeed in the communication round

10. Why did you switch your career?

Answer: Being born in a middle-class family I did not have good exposure on the different career pathways, as I grew older and observed a lot of different career professionals, I was intrigued by work one of my friends was doing for a company—- that is when I took some guidance from my professors and started researching about this particular field and found it to be interesting, ever since then I knew that this is the field I would want to work in the future. I then joined my course to gain knowledge and to find the right way to kick-start my career in this field.


11. Why have you chosen this company?

Answer: before applying for this position, I read through the company website where I found the products/ the CSR activities/ The company culture to be very interesting. I then went through the job description to understand whether the role that I have applied for matches my area of interest. So both factors influenced me to apply to the company as I see myself growing with the company. (talk about the best thing that you observed about the company, do not talk about the salary offered)


12. What do you know about our company?

Answer: (mention all the positive aspects of the company, you will get this information on their website) I think that the values and vision, and mission statement of the company are very impressive. A company that aims at sustainable brand building is something that will broaden my professional skills. Also, the CSR activities done by the company are something I want to be a part of.


13. Can you explain any one project you did during your graduation?

Answer: We were expected to conduct a lot of project writing in all the semesters. But the one project of which I am proud is the final project where I used my technical skills in robotics to create a product that I have patented on my name. The complex algorithms are something I really enjoy. So that is one project which is close to my heart as I had a lot of fun doing it.


14. What is a life lesson you learned recently?

Answer:  During the Covid-19 pandemic I learned how necessary it is to earn and save money. Life can take unexpected twists and turns and that is when I realized the importance of money and having a strong career. 


15. What was your experience during the pandemic?

Answer: The pandemic made me realize the importance of good health. When I saw people with weak immunity dying I was only so thankful that I was a young and healthy person. Without good health everything is worthless and which is why I try to be fit as much as possible.


16. What did you do during the pandemic?

Answer: Since I was in my hometown staying with my parents, I got to spend a lot of time with them which I was unable to do when I was studying/working. We did all the house chores like a team. When most of women are expected to do the household work, that was the time when equality came into being. Apart from that I have upskilled myself by taking up courses —–/taking up a hobby and just helping my family to make things easier at home. 


17. How important is it to upskill yourself professionally in today’s times?

Answer: Technology is progressing rapidly and it is the need of the hour that people keep up with the technological advancements to avoid losing their own utility to the business. It has become more of a business requirement than a personal choice. So in order to survive in the market, upskilling is a must. 


18. How do you handle the pressure?

Answer: I am usually a very patient person which does not easily put me under pressure. but when I do feel pressure, I take deep breaths, meditate for a while, prioritize and organize things to do and then proceed with my work. I think meditation helps me in a lot of other ways too.

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19. How will you manage an excessive workload?

Answer: I realize that due to the recession, there is a lot of workload on the existing employees. But I follow a method of prioritizing my work by making a list of things to do. I color code then depending on the urgency of the work and proceed in a systematic manner. It helps in keeping up the efficiency and productivity.


20. What qualities should a team player possess?

Answer: A team player most importantly should be a good listener. He/she should also be enthusiastic and helpful to support the team. He/she should also be able to contribute with a vision to fulfill the team’s goals and not just individual goals.


21. What qualities should a team leader possess?

Answer: Good Management skills. The team leader should also be able to communicate in a better way as the instructions to the team need to be clear. He/ She needs to be able to empathize with the team, that way the team is motivated and easy to manage. 


22. Are you a risk taker?

Answer: Yes, most recently I have taken the risk of switching my career into Data Science from Commerce. It is a big risk as I based this decision entirely on the factor that I am passionate about this field. I still hope to get good job satisfaction and professional growth from this field.


23. Are you flexible to relocate to other job locations?

Answer: Since I do not have any dependents on me and I am a fresher, I would relocate if I could see a good career prospect in the company. /No, since I am married I am responsible for my family, I would prefer working close by where meeting my family would not be a challenge.


24. How will you manage work-life balance?

Answer: Due to the increased competition in the job market, it is necessary to actually think about how efficiently we manage both our aspects of life. But I would keep my personal and professional life different and I would not bring the baggage of work at home or bring the frustration of my personal life to the workplace. It’s always easier to take a break from stress in both situations. 


25. What are your hobbies?

Answer: Psychology interests me a lot, which is why I read psychology books in my free time, it helps me understand humans in a better sense. It just gives me an added advantage with my people skills, 


26. You have changed jobs a lot of times. Why?

Answer: I was just lucky to have so many opportunities coming my way, and each time they were a better opportunity in professional and financial terms. That is the reason I changed jobs often. I was also very young at that time, which is why I could make those decisions easier. But now I want to grow in one particular organization that will provide me job satisfaction, that will also prove that I can stay committed to an organization long term.


27. If I call one of your professors/ previous bosses right now what will they have to say about you?

Answer: They would describe me as an organized person. One who is disciplined with deadlines because that has been my strongest suit which I have always abided to. 


28. What do your friends say about you?

Answer: they would describe me as a very social and extroverted person. I indulge in a lot of social work which shows that I am an empathetic person too. And I base my decisions on facts and not assumptions, which also makes them perceive me as a practical person.


29. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

Answer: Extrovert as I am always curious about different opinions and approaches. I like to greet people and have conversations. / Introvert, I can be a good listener, but I enjoy my own company more than anyone else. Just makes it easier to practice self-care and focus more on personal growth.


30. Are you a people person?

Answer: Yes, as man is a social animal, it is important to socialize and surround ourselves with positive people. I think I can make friends easily because I believe I am a people person.


31. How would you describe yourself the best? As a team player or a team leader? Why?

Answer: I think I am a blend of both. My flexible approach helps me easily blend into Both roles as and when required. I can be more inclined to be a team leader as I am a very self-motivated person. I like to take the lead in assigned tasks and I am very confident in taking responsibility.


32. Tell me about an incident where you had to deal with a difficult professor or boss.

Answer: All my mentors or seniors have only enhanced my personality. It is always good to have critics around me which gets the best of me. So I would not say that I have come across any difficult professor/boss. Every single one of them has developed me by giving me experiences and wisdom.


33. What makes you angry?

Answer: I am a calm-natured person in general. I believe that it is pointless to get angry over something. Instead of wasting time getting upset over a situation, I prefer to take a solution-finding approach. It always helps me take faster and more effective measures to do damage control.


34. What motivates you?

Answer: Every morning I give myself a word of affirmation which I have been practicing since my college days. It helps me be positive in worse situations. I believe I can be my own biggest motivator. That’s how I know I won’t be dependent on other people for motivation. Sometimes praying to god also motivates me to face challenges in life.


35. What is your greatest failure?

Answer: Since I am a fresher, I have not had failures in my professional life. But I have made some bad decisions in my personal life where I took decisions by heart instead of practically evaluating the situation. I have improved myself since then and I have a more realistic approach to situations now. 


36. Are you responsible? Can the company trust you with responsibilities?

Answer: I think I am extremely good at taking responsibility as I am not afraid of commitments. During my college days, I took a lot of extra responsibilities as I was a part of the student council/committee. Even at home, I am considered more reliable by my parents than my siblings.


37. Do you believe in social work? Have you done any in the past?

Answer: Yes, I think it is important to help those who are in need. Yes, I really like nature which is why I have been involved in tree plantation drives and animal adoption campaigns. I have also done blood donation before. 


38. Do you know anyone who works for us?

Answer: No, I have applied for the company online and not through any reference. 


39. Do you have a good work ethic? 

Answer: yes I am a responsible and disciplined person. I believe I am also very passionate about the work I do, which makes it easy for me to maintain a good work ethic.


40. Are you flexible to work odd hours?

Answer: Yes I am currently a fresher and my main objective right now is to gain experience in my field. I never shy away from hard work and I am confident I can still manage my time appropriately. 


41. Are you applying for another job? 

Answer: Yes, since I have recently finished my course, I am willing to kick-start my career to achieve my professional goals. In order to do that, I need to keep my options open.


42. Do you have any offer in hand?

Answer: No/Yes (and mention the details in 1 or 2 sentences)


43. If you won a million dollars, would you still work for us?

Answer: For me building a professional career is not the only aim, I think it is important to keep myself busy with the things I am passionate about. It motivates me that my work has made a difference in the world and I can never stop working. 


44. How do you react to change?

Answer: Change is the only constant but human psychology has proven that we all don’t react to change very well. I understand that, which is why I have learned to accept change in life as and when it occurs. Drastic changes can make me uncomfortable but I still work through it eventually.


45. Do you regret any life decisions?

Answer: Yes, I regret taking up my bachelor’s course as back then I did not realize that my interest lies in data science. Since I did not have enough exposure I took the wrong decision. But I have corrected it and that experience has only made me more careful while taking decisions.


46. What is your biggest accomplishment?

Answer: My biggest achievement was when I was getting graduated and I saw my parents were really proud of me. Since I am a very family-oriented person, my biggest achievement is when people around me are happy because of me.


47. Do you adapt to new technology quickly?

Answer: Yes, adapting to newer technologies has become a necessity of the job market. It only broadens one’s vision. New technologies have always made our lives easier and faster. And I really enjoy knowing more about it through news and articles

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48. Whom do you idolize?

Answer: I have idolized Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. He was an extremely visionary man who made the impossible possible. I remember that he said “India will be a superpower” which impacted us Indians so much that we still wait for that day.


49. How do you handle conflicts with team members?

Answer: I think instant reactions cause damage. In order to solve issues, it is important to listen to the other person without any bias and reflect on it before one reacts. I have always followed a patient approach when such situations arise. 


50. Which leadership qualities do you possess?

Answer: I do not depend on others to motivate me as I am a self-motivator. I think it is an important leadership skill because a leader should be able to emit positivity and motivate the team in order to ensure efficiency and productivity.

Hope these questions will help you crack your desired interview. As it is said, Practice and consistency is the key.

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