Sap Hana New GL Activation And Migration Process

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  • April 26, 2024
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Sap Hana New GL Activation And Migration Process

Sap Hana New GL Activation And Migration Process

New G/L accounting in the standard system is set to active. While the use of classic General Ledger is theoretically also possible for new customers. As SAP advises, we should do SAP New GL activation and Migration Process in the initial installation to avoid migration effort & cost later on.


SAP New GL Activation

During the release upgrade for an SAP R/3 System to SAP HANA the classic General Ledger initially continued to remain active. Totals table GLT0 remains active. If you want to switch from classic General Ledger to New G/L, you can do this during the project in a second step after the upgrade. In that step, you have the choice of activating and using New G/L.

Configuration Steps—> Financial Accounting—>Basic Settings Financial Accounting—>New General Ledger Accounting.


The Migration Process 

  • Involving a Project

  • Captivating New G/L is not simply a question of flicking a switch. It always involves a project. Particularly if you are an existing customer, you can’t simply switch on New G/L under any circumstances. If a document is updated during the start-up process, you cannot undo the activity. In the worst case, it may lead to data inconsistencies.
  • Migration Scenarios in SAP New GL Activation

  • Various migration scenarios are possible during the transition from the classic to New G/L, depending on whether you primarily want New G/L to achieve the integration of your internal and external bookkeeping to boost transparency to provide parallel accounting or to speed up period-end closing. These scenarios range from a simple summary of existing ledgers to a complete reworking of your accounting system.
  • The transition from Classic to New G/L

  • During the redesign, in particular, the transition to New G/L accounting consists of a conceptual business element and a technical element. Here the existing Finance data must be migrated into the new structures of the general accounting. The improvements in and complexity of the transition to New G/L accounting and the affected data volume can be very extensive. Chronological sequence of Individual sub-projects.

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Pre-Requisite to SAP New GL Activation & Migration.

  • A basic prerequisite for performing the migration is that the technical upgrade to an SAP ERP system has been successfully performed. New G/L implemented in a second separate project.
  • Before the New G/L Migration Service becomes active, the implementation project begins and the design and customizing of New G/L gets completed.
  • An exact and complete configuration of New G/L is required before New G/L accounting is set to active. In parallel with the configuration of New G/L work continues in the classic General Ledger.

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