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  • July 5, 2021
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What is motivation? 

The word Motivation has originated from the word ‘motive’ which means desires, wants, or drives inside an individual. It is that Push that stimulates a person to take action. Motivation is what pushes an individual to achieve his goal, feel more satisfied and content and improve his overall quality of work. There could be various factors that stimulate a person’s behaviour to take action and really ‘work’. Human behaviour is goal-oriented. It is directed towards the goal. Our very survival is our primary goal, then come other goals.These factors include money, success, recognition, fame, job-satisfaction, even survival. So, understanding and developing our motivation can help us to take control of many other facets of life. Motivation is one of the three areas of personal skills that are fundamental to the concept of Emotional quotient. 


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What is Self-motivation? 

Self motivation is what drives you to complete your different tasks and duties efficiently and effectively. It helps to build your awareness of why you are aiming to complete a specific task and also to encourage you to keep going until you successfully complete that task. Once you finish a task or achieve a goal, you may feel a sense of satisfaction and pride in yourself. So here, self-motivation is what will push you to complete various tasks like this again. There is a difference between Motivation and Self-motivation though. Motivation is extrinsic, it comes from outside. We always have an external reason that reminds us pushes us to work and attain our goals. However, the best kind of motivation is the one that comes from within; and that is Self-motivation. Self-motivation comes from within. It is internal. We do not need any external factor or agency to be involved. Self-motivation is intrinsic. 

Why is Self motivation important? 

Self motivation can help you to develop a drive and determination to complete various tasks and goals throughout the workday. 

If you display high levels of self motivation within the workplace, it will become noticeable that you are achieving more goals and you’re working harder to succeed. Strong self-motivation at work helps to increase your productivity and makes you feel proud of the goals you have achieved. 

Self-motivation and the drive to achieve can lead to promotions, strong relationships, trusting relationships with team members and the opportunity to work on more projects you enjoy and are passionate about. It is important because it drives you to take the

necessary action to become a better version of yourself in all aspects of life. When you are self-motivated you: 

are persistent and committedSelf Motivation at Work 

take initiative 

have a desire to achieve self-fulfillment 

are invested in the results 

take more risks 

have an eagerness to learn 

achieve success by yourself 


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The elements of self-motivation: 

Personal drive to attain: One could think of personal drive to attain as aspiration or purpose, or perhaps personal empowerment. However, we must also take into consideration the mindset of the person. Fundamentally, people have two types of mindsets. 

  1. A) Fixed mindset – Those with the fixed mindset believe that talent is embedded, and that we cannot change our level of ability. 
  2. B) Growth mindset – Those with the growth mindset believe that they can upgrade their skills through hard work and efforts. 

Devotion to goals: There is considerable proof, even if much of it is anecdotal, that goal setting is important to our well-being. It fundamentally makes sense that if you aim at nothing, it is easy to achieve it and that most of us need something in our lives to aim towards. Having cognizance of where you wish to be and an understanding of how you get there is a vital part of staying motivated. 

Initiative: Initiative is, effectively, the ability to take advantage of opportunities when they come knocking at your door. Initiative is considered as a package of courage and good risk management. Courage is important to overcome the fear of the unknown that is bound to be there in every new opportunity. Risk management is necessary for us to find the right opportunities and help us recognize if the risks involved are worth it. 

Optimism/Resilience: It is the ability to think positively or to look at the bright side. Resilience is the ability to bounce back or keep positive even during adversity.

How to Self-motivate? 

Self-motivation is a deliberate thing; a decision made by an individual. It becomes a habit later on. There are some ways by which you can start practicing self-motivation until it becomes a routine: 

1) Set goals for yourself – To start motivating yourself, you can list what you wish to achieve. This helps you to develop self-management skills as you work towards different achievements and opportunities, then feel accomplished once you reach and finish them. 

2) Build a plan to achieve each goal – After setting goals you will have to develop a plan to complete each one. 

3) Create a reward system for yourself – This one is another way to effectively activate your dopamine levels. If you reward yourself in small ways then you will push yourself to continue completing goals to receive more rewards. 

4) Challenge yourself to learn new things – Your brain will become motivated more easily if you are constantly challenging it. 

5) Surround yourself with other motivated people – Many times it can be easier to develop motivation and to become a self starter if you see it exhibited in others. In that way, we have a nice motivating atmosphere. Everyone, in a way, is motivating others. 

6) Think positively – It is very important to remember to stay positive and keep things from setting you back. It helps you to remain motivated and to enhance your performance also. 


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7) Maintain a healthy lifestyle – Exercise regularly, eat healthy food, get at least 8 hours of sleep every night, take plenty of breaks during work, maintain a healthy work-life balance. These are some ways which will keep yourself feeling healthy. 

8) Push yourself outside your comfort zone – One of the best ways to increase your motivation is to push yourself to achieve your goals and new opportunities. 

How to stay motivated and accomplish work? 

Staying motivated can be a tough task even for highly positive people. So, below are some steps to stay motivated in such situations: 

1) Set a goal an aim and think it through 

2) Make a list of the reason for which you want to accomplish it 

3) Dissect the goal and set the targets

4) Have a plan of action but be prepared to keep changing and adapting 5) Get the help you need 

6) Pre-determine how to deal with flagging motivation 

7) Check with your reasons continuously


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