Soft Skills Hard To Implement

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  • January 30, 2023
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Soft Skills

Soft Skills Hard To Implement

Soft skills unlike hard skills are of much importance in today’s life be it professional or personal. Every one of us are aware of hard skills like computer programming, interior designing, technical skills, management skills, graphic programming skills, analytical skills, etc. 

Let us take a look at a detailed write-up on soft skills. Soft skills post covid pandemic has become very important. The question comes to why post-pandemic? The simple answer to this is lack of physical interaction with one another and most importantly it is taught to everyone to innate people skills. You must be wondering what are soft skills. So, let me take you through what are soft skills in detail. 


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The various types of soft skills are interpersonal skills, communication skills, critical-thinking skills, emotional intelligence, adaptability, leadership skills, creativity, time management, problem-solving, public-speaking are a few of the people skills rather soft skills. 

Now, the question is how can you learn and acquire such skills? These skills come only with personality traits or by working on them to improve these skills. Every one of us has such skills but a little or more of brushing is required to master them. Once, this is done you can definitely get the job and stand out in the crowd. 

According to the study done by LinkedIn’s 2022 Workplace Learning Report is that managers must have supercharged soft skills also the workers who struggle to achieve them are 50% who shift their jobs or look for another one. Also, 77% of the employees believe that soft skills are more important than hard skills and 67% of HR managers will hire only such candidates that pose knowledge more of soft skills as compared to hard skills which can be weaker for an instance. While taking a look on it globally, 40% of organizations of firms do not offer soft skills training to their new employees or even their existing employees. This can lead to a decrease in the making of good leaders who have the ability to take risks. But this can be changed if organizations turn around the situation for a promising future in the world. Looking for Personality Development Classes in Pune? Join SevenMentor the Best Institute for Personality Development Training in Pune

This doesn’t mean you should directly enroll or start learning a soft skills course; indeed, you should first analyze what soft skills you pose or have and where you need improvement or brush up to stand out in the crowd with your uniqueness of soft skills. 

You must be wondering; how can you find what you are good at? So, it’s very easy you just need to conduct a small brainstorm for yourself.  Look at the below diagram and try to answer each quadrangle to find the best in you. 


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Firstly, you need to fill every box with qualities that you pose: –

  1. In the first segment, you will identify such qualities which you know about yourself as well as it is known to others too. 
  2. In the second segment, you will pose qualities that others feel that you are good at or you retain, but the twist is you yourself are unaware of the same. 
  3. In the third one, there are a few things that we are good at but unlikely to let others know about the same. Hence such qualities or things are unknown to others.
  4. In the last segment, there are certain qualities that you are unaware of also others are in black or don’t know about the same. 


If such qualities are positive, then you should make yourself known to such qualities and also let others know about the same. 


After this brainstorm, you will be able to identify the qualities at which you are best at and a few qualities where you require a little improvement. This will be the best time to brush these activities with the help of a mentor or any trainer who can help you achieve the best in yourself. This will also help you understand what others think of you and what you judge about yourself. This will bring positivity, enthusiasm, and a change and a new and a better version of “You”. 


Effective communication under stress, or encouraging a team member who might be struggling, and working hard to meet a deadline are all examples of soft skills that carry the utmost importance to any organization.

This is why acquiring soft skills is very unique and important at the same time. Practice is the best way to acquire soft skills and demonstrate them effectively at the best of yourself. 


Body Language, etiquette, and manners are also some of the major characteristics which are equally important as hard skills. Learning them is an art in itself. Do what you love the most, it may sound cliché, but that’s the most essential thing to succeed in your personal and professional life. The result to this is a happy and rewarding career and personal life. 


Soft skills can be taught, but they’re not as theoretical as hard skills which consider specific qualities that can be clearly defined, measured and taught for success in a job. With hard skills, you can learn the basic and advanced techniques and methods that yield measurable results. They can even be directed directly to the business’s bottom line. But when this comes to soft skills- things like small talk, empathy, etiquette, manners, and flexibility they’re not an exact science or history to learn, but they’re just as impactful as the former one. 


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One just needs hard skills to land a job is a myth, rather you need soft skills to progress in your career. Continuous and continuous efforts are required to enhance the skills that will help you thrive in your career and become a skilled employee of your organization.

Remember, practice makes a person perfect! And a perfect person to stand out by himself by just being as creative as one can!!



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