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Softening of Hard Skills into Soft Skills

Technical professional is off hired for their core skills and may or may not be tested for their people skills which are considered necessary for corporate managers. As a group leader, they need to hone their soft skills to enter the team and projects to be relevant in their new role. Today we have these technical professional self-proclaimed as ‘techies’ or ‘geeks’ games in every industry including aerospace coma electronics, information technology coma swing, and telecommunication. Their contribution in terms of scientific and technical knowledge cannot be ignored. Technical professionals due to their technical acumen can climb the corporate ladder easily but their inadequate leadership and management skills make it tough for them to get the job done by others at the workplace. But the fast-changing global economy expects them to perform the manager’s duties as well as their technical expertise. Today’s workplace demands a manager to be a team leader who can interact and collaborate with others easily. To communicate effectively with coworkers from different divisions and sections, technical professionals acting as team leaders need to hone their soft skills. But the lack of their grounding in the social science of psychology creates problems for their effective coordination with the nontechnical workforce. The Type of training technical professionals receive make makes them more task-oriented and less people-oriented. The believe More in scientific excellence and Technical appreciations and are not comfortable with public dealing and social events. They lack soft skills such as Communications, Negotiation, interpersonal, team management because mastering these skills was not their priority when as they were busy securing their technical, cream and degrees. The situation puts technical professionals at a disadvantage in a Global Business scenario where success depends a lot on once mastery of soft skills.

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The greater challenge seems not to be about the mechanics of Management-budgeting, strategies development, etc. But About the people skills that enable effective communication to get things done

Interdisciplinary Relevance

Whether it is a call center job or a flight attendant role or jobs in service and manufacturing sectors, the graduate is expected to have the ability to acquire and use interpersonal skills, assertiveness, solving skills and positivism. Imparting the required soft skills to their staff is gradually becoming a Priority of human resource division in every organization. They regularly conduct competency building workshops to improve the vocational and technical skills of their employees. Atithi Devo Bhava (the guest is like a God) is a social awareness campaign by the Ministry of Tourism to educate the local population about the Civic sense and good behavior towards tourists and build a better image of India as a favorite tourist destination. The Ministry of Tourism has designed a skill development program to train guides, ticket vendors, potters, and cab drivers to serve tourists with a smile search program touches train almost every sphere of the professional world. A cop slouching at a traffic-light signal or police check post, talking in chaste religion dialect could be a thing of the past. Recently a batch of new recruits of traffic police had undergone soft skills and English speaking training in Chandigarh. It is meant to beat cops, traffic cops, and all other officials who are engaged in public dealing. While diagnosing and treating disease, sometimes a doctor and his/her patient face the problem of poor communication. To overcome this problem, Nashik based Maharashtra University of Health science introduced several models of soft skills in medical education. Along with training medical students in communication skills, the institution also planned to introduce for lectures on topics like professionalism and work ethics.

Soft Skills


Global Perspectives On Soft Skills

It is a common concern worldwide that businesses cannot sustain unless they have a skilled workforce that is employable. In today’s digital age, the business boundaries have shrunk geographically and culture distances. This many opportunities and challenges for the global society at large and Youth in particular. To strengthen the recruitment scenario and professionalism, many Global Business Giants and work organizations advocate strongly the need for imparting soft skills to the young talent along with the functional knowledge of their respective domains. UNESCO in its annual report “youth at work” clearly advocates that “if young people are to maximize the benefits of Technical and vocational training, foundation and Transferable skills are essential even more so in today’s dynamic global economy, where labor market demands and the skills for specific occupations are constantly evolving”.

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An independent study conducted on CEOS was done by Stanford Research Institute and Carnegie Mellon in the USA found that long-term job success depends on 75% on people skill and only 25% on technical knowledge. The Australian Chamber of Commerce the Business Council of Australia undertook a comprehensive study of the skill, called “key competencies” commonly required to buy both new and existing employees to work successfully in organizations. They derived a set of key skills which they called ’employee ability skill. It is the Industry’s preferred term for soft generic skills. It has been the buzzing field the study the world over for the last decade. While discussing the importance of investment in soft skills, Shari Caudron, the author, and career freelancer reports, the studies of close to 500 organizations worldwide indicate that people who scored the highest on EQ measures rise to the top of corporations. She has worked hard and brought together years of research to show that emotional intelligence- which can loosely describe a person’s ability to manage him or herself and relate to other people- matters is as much as IQ or technical skills in job success. But anyhow  Zielinski D demonstrates that “if you had asked project-management gurus five years ago to name the most  Important competencies project manager should have, most would have said technical skills. Today they would be more inclined to place communication or negotiation acumen at the top of their lists.” Sampson B, in his research, observes that the skills required for project management are now often divided 50/50 into traditional ‘hard skills, such as risk management and scheduling, and ‘soft’, people-oriented skills such as interpersonal communication. Greg Netland, President of IT division at new Boston systems, reflects that about 70% of managers we do business with soft skills are more important than they were five years ago. Technical skill gets in the door, but soft skills keep you in the job. Companies sink or swim based on soft skills regardless of whether their technologies keep afloat temporarily. The AICPA Vision 2011 Project has added soft skills to the list of core competencies that successful accountants should possess. While taking a cue from available research, the present work would be a step ahead in the direction to suggest a workable model for the young graduates.

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“We can each define ambition and progress for ourselves. The goal is to work towards a world where expectations are not set by stereotypes that hold us back, but our personal passion, talents, and Interests.” 

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National Initiatives and Priorities

Skill Development has become the top agenda of the Indian Government. It has also been reflected with the formation of the new Ministry of Skill Development has become the top agenda of the Indian government. It has also been reflected in the formation ministry of skill development and entrepreneurship under the new government. Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his first Independence Day speech invited companies across the world to make the products in India and create a job in the labor-intensive manufacturing sector. Supplement this mission to call upon the nation to take a pledge to make India the skill capital of the world. In this direction, the new government is taking a Leap Forward while launching the skill India program train youths in a way so that they could become proficient and economically independent. The ministry of skill development and Entrepreneurship has a clear plan of coordinating government departments the part of skill mission to convert some of their programs and sync their policies with the prime ministers most promising project makes in India. With a similar objective, the National Skill Development Corporation as the first model of public-private partnership in skill development is also working in this direction to address the challenge of inculcating the right set of skills necessary for a growing economy of India. it analyses effectively the skilling and up-skilling process in India and produces skilled manpower across the sectors and shrinks the present gap between the demand and supply of skill through various skill training programs. Its main motive is to encourage the private sector and industry participation in skill training and development. Continuous learning is closely associated with career growth professionals. Gone are the days when the classroom where the ultimate station of learning and personality development. Soft skill is being increasingly discussed in corporate lounges and the academic corridors of Higher Learning there have been growing awareness of the importance of software because the workplace has transformed drastically. In this increasing skill-driven scenario soft skills so as a means to bridge the gap between educational curriculum and actual job credentials.

Soft Skills


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