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  1. A software process specifies a system of developing software.
  2. A software design, on the other hand, is a development design in which a software process is used.
  3. A Software product is the final outgrowth of a software design.





PDCA is a consecutive cycle that starts off small to test implicit goods on processes, but also gradationally leads to larger and further targeted change.




Establish the objects and processes necessary to deliver results in agreement with the anticipated affair.




apply the new processes. frequently on a small scale, if possible, to test possible goods. either one or further of the P- D- C- A steps.


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Measure the new processes and compare the results against the anticipated results to ascertain any differences


dissect the differences to determine their cause.

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is a process used by software assiduity to design, develop and test high-quality software.


The SDLC aims to produce high-quality software that meets or exceeds client prospects, and reaches completion within times and cost estimates. The SDLC consists of a detailed plan describing how to develop, maintain, replace and alter or enhance specific software. The life cycle defines a methodology for perfecting the quality of software and the overall development process.

Phases in SDLC

Business conditions are gathered in this phase.

It’s performed by the elderly members of the platoon with inputs from the client, the deals department, request checks, and sphere experts in the assiduity.

Meetings with directors, stakeholders and druggies are held in order to determine the conditions.

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After gathering these conditions are anatomized for their validity and the possibility of incorporating the conditions into the system.


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Stage 1 demand Gathering & Analysis



Grounded on the demand analysis, Software Requirement Specification (SRS) document is created. SRS consists of all the product conditions to be designed and developed during the design life cycle. The testing platoon starts the Test Planning phase after the analysis of the conditions is completed.

Stage 2 Design


The laborers gathered in the demand phase are the inputs of the design phase.

Grounded on the conditions specified in SRS, generally further than one design approach for the product armature is proposed and proved in a DDS- Design Document Specification.

The DDS is reviewed by all the important stakeholders.


Stage 3 perpetration & Coding


In this stage of SDLC, the factual development thresholds, and the product is erected.

The programming law is generated as per DDS during this stage.

Different high-position programming languages similar as C, C, Pascal, Java, and PHP are used for rendering.

The programming language is chosen with respect to the type of software being developed.


Stage 4 Integration & Testing


After the law is developed collectively it’s integrated into one design/ product

It’s also tested against the conditions to make sure that the product is actually working the requirements addressed and gathered during the phase of the condition.

In this stage product blights are reported, tracked, fixed, and checked until the product reaches the quality norms defined in the SRS.


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Stage 5 Deployment


After it passes the testing phase, the product is delivered stationed to the client for their use.

As soon as it’s delivered, the guests first perform beta testing on the product.

still, also they report it to the engineering platoon, If any changes are needed or if any bugs are caught.

Once those changes are made or the bugs are fixed also the final deployment happens.


Stage 6 conservation


The software is maintained timely by streamlining the law according to the changes taking place in stoner-end terrain or technology.

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