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Solidworks Classes in Pune 

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Career Opportunities

After completion of this course you will be able to apply for a job roles.

Design Engineer

Product Engineer

Design Consultant


Most Popular Employer Name for Candidates with a Solidwork Certification

Intel Corporation

3D PLM Software Solutions Private Limited

Orchid Management Consultant

New Global Technologies

VDF Group

HR Innovation Group



Emerson Electric Co (I) Pvt Ltd

Salary Growth Rates for Freshers


Introduction to Solidwork Course

SOLIDWORKS classroom training courses in Pune will set you for clearing your Future Goals in the Field of Designing and Developing Heavy machine /automobile and other parts in 3D modeling Design. Any Product Went under Designing phase before it got manufactured, this software learning can be suitable for anyone wishing to use it either for the first time for engineering upgrade their skill in design and production work or anyone willing to resume their training in learning new Drafting Software. This software help from the ground level in Designing for the final product manufacturing.

Proficiency After Training


Under different operating situations, an Engineer can visualize product behaviors and perform action according to the conditions


Can detect errors by the program feature before we sent it for manufacturing as it wasn’t possible earlier for large Tools


With help of SOLIDWORKS simulation analytical tool a user can detect falls and bad error at the earliest stage of product design


Can create 3D designs which improves productivity.


Create exceptional product designs and test them before sending to manufacturing department


Ability to import data and translate it


Ability to store design with security, and maintain all the aspects with its flexibility and accessibility.


Under a number of different circumstances ability to test product designs in real time.


Can share the 2D Design and Models with the Team to communicate and work on final product Design

Solidworks Training in Pune

Published by Dassault Systèmes- Solidworks Software can handle large design to create and find out the accuracy before the manufacturing of end-outcome, Suitable for Running on Microsoft operating System it’s a computer-aided engineering (CAE) and computer-aided design (CAD) computer Software program use as Solid Modeling.
A people from Engineering Field were well known to the software who have spent a lot of the amount in 3D CAD Designing i.e Solidworks Software. In Market there are 100 of similar Designing software with bundle complex and complicated functionalities do exist, However, Solidworks is an industry favorite One. On the Other Hand, if we compare this software popularity with the drafting and drawing 2D based AutoCAD Software still the User base is much larger than any other 3D CAD package. This is Because the Software is made with consideration in mind like – Attractive, simple User Interface, logical and smart innovations in the user experience, and Offcourse Complete Detailed set of Functions. It is a favorite in the sports, fashion as well as the automobile industry for its problem-solving object creation analysis of tools and designing feature in 3D modeling. No matter the size of the project whether it’s small or too large it handles all with ease.

Range of application really use on.

  • Uses of Solidworks software on Industry Level
  • The Fashion And Sports Industry
  • The Automobile Industry
  • The Space Exploration Industry
  • The Design Industry


Apart from Day to Day types of machinery and tools even though- number of projects in Life sciences had been taken by Experts with Solidworks. In medical engineering, Solidworks has been used to create design and development of useful devices in Medical Domain.
Without a changing in the environment, Solidworks has allows technician and Electrical engineers to work beyond engineering disciplines in the electrical domain.
During Designing Part and Conceptualization Solidworks is the preferable choice as compare to AutoCAD which is the base and primarily used for 2-D design In Advance to this Solidworks Came with 3-D design modeling used for solid modeler we can also define it’s a work as parametric solid work.

Example :

During Model Designing, the Object dimensions haves close relationship between them, And it might be possible that at any point of the designing process the dimension of the object may get changed During such Condition it’s now possible to alter the solid part and any related documentation (blueprint). Though it runs smoothly on Microsoft Windows it’s most widely used in the mechanical field as most the 3D Modelling CAD (computer-aided design) program. The Microsoft Structured storage file format is being used for Solidworks Files. And thus various files will be embedded within each drawing files (SLDDRW), part files (SLDPRT), assembly files (SLDASM), having nice preview bitmaps and metadata sub-files. When it comes to flexibility, yes we do the extraction and processes the Sub Files with No. Of Readymade third-party application tools, Sometimes in many cases, the sub-files uses proprietary binary file formats. Based on Parasolid for creating models and assemblies it Uses parametric feature-based approach, During Designing Parameters of the object refer to restrictions which whose values determine the shape or geometry of the object model. On Close view, We can understand the concept of the parameter as numeric like for calculating line lengths or circle diameters, etc. Or geometric, such as tangent, parallel, concentric, horizontal or vertical. With the use of relations Numeric parameters can be associated with each which will allow them to capture design intent.

Solidworks Classes in Pune

As compare to AutoCAD which is, just like Solidworks, an Computer-Aided Design software application for 2-D and 3-D design and drafting. That was the most famous tool programs engineers use to run on their personal or home computers, notably the IBM personal computer. At that time, most other CAD programs ran on mainframe computers or mini-computers that were connected to a graphics computer terminal for each user. Even though early releases of AutoCAD version used basic entities such as lines, poly-lines, circles, arcs, and text to ultimately construct more complex objects. On the other hand, Solid Work loaded with a full set of functionality which reduces the life cycle time for manufacturing any product by providing an accurate analysis during the designing phase. Modern AutoCAD includes a full set of basic solid modeling and 3-D tools as od Solidworks Software. As per the Market Survey, it’s clearly stated that working on 3-dimensional designs with Solidworks is more effective as AutoCAD is good when it comes for 2-dimensional design. Though it completely depends upon the type of work you want to do, and then choose software amongst them for Designing.
For mastering in Solidwork software, one must go for the Sevenmentor’s class for Solidworks certification in Pune program. In a sevenmentor’s classroom Training you’ll get invaluable hands-on instruction from Realtime on-working Solidworks professional Mentors. With the pleasant study environment and live project, assistance candidate will be committed to showing up and learning, plus the energetic positive project pressure of the other students will act as a motivational factor which leads you to put the extra effort that would likely not occur in any other Training Institute.
Solidworks is a Special Solid molding Software through which we can Conceptualize and work on any Solid Product’s Design and Development, A Useful Software with the help of which we can work on Object combine it in 3D modeling type and create a useful Deliverable Product Design ready to Manufacture. Solidworks Software can be used as a Drafting Tool and use for object detailing vie 2D or 3D modeling. The Software is dedicated to the field of Engineering where we can easily analyze, design complex robust parts and other automobile Tools It is the preferred choice amongst the company’s professional for designing and creating Object. This the Software which provides interactive 3D modeling from the conceptualization of the Product design until the final manufacturing of the product is done successfully. Being the leading tool in 3D modeling design assessment

We have gathered few benefits for using this Software during SOLIDWORKS Training in Pune Batch.

  • Shortened Product Design Cycle
  • Increased Productivity of Engineers and Designer with 3D Modeling
  • Faster Deliver Innovative Products within a given time frame

Why Learning Solidworks Software essential as Future Career?

Upon use of Solidworks Software, it’s now easier for the production process based on Designs and models created by this software with zero error. By using this software and product Design Engineer can make changes to product designs quickly. This Software reduced the workload of checking errors which were difficult earlier it can solve design problems and construct the products which economically sounds good in terms of Time taken during all the process, the Simulation feature helps to detect any prior error automatically. This Software has a 100% success ratio thus millions of companies all over the world are using it. It’s the most commonly used software among engineers and designers. With the help of an analytical tool (simulation), an engineer can work on product behavior by applying it with statically complex operating situations and conditions. Among working engineers and designers, it’s stated that this software is considered the best solution for all design-related problems. As it allows the designer and engineering team to collaborate and work together on the given project and make relevant changes where it needed the most. The Simulation Software is very simple to learn and hence candidates during the training will learn how to use this software on the live project. The simulation tool helps to solve the complex problem thus no need to remember complex mathematical rules for the designer. The software allows working simultaneously while the designer busy in creating exceptional extraordinary product designs and doing the testing process on them. The ability to import design data and translate facility improves the quality during the product life cycle, where an engineer can store it securely, and maintain its flexibility and manage the accessibility. In-real time product design testing feature is the plus point in Simulation which allows testing tools object by executing it in different circumstances. This will lead to better, fast cost redundant productivity within the shortest execution time frame to deliver the final product in the market. After learning this software Engineers and designers can see this tool useful for solving project challenges. And thus more chances to improve the communication and teamwork among project team people which is important in terms of data accessibility. The Design work and models created by this software are sharable among the people who are involved in projects i.e. Primary designer team, a Consultant, the vendor party, The Client, The Manufacturing team thus they are now able to work more effectively and share the idea and alteration request on the demand. This will lead to an increase in the production quality, better solutions for complex designs, and surely affect to decrease the cost while error becomes Zero at the primary phase itself. The work platform can be shared among the team and hence there is no need to open multiple application at a different location and for multiple object behaviors this is achieved with the help of collaboration tools
There is various field that has Increased productivity by using this software. The art of catching prior errors allows the designer to apply modifications to the need for the model design and product drawings. This feature decreases the product manufacturing time and improves the production process making it economically strong and allow the project to be completed within the given time frame.

Who Can Do this Course?




BE/ Bsc Candidate


Any Engineers


Any Graduate


Any Post-Graduate


Candidate seeking this course

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Duration: 2 Months

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Practical & Labs: Regular

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Shweta Singh

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Yogesh Dhoot

Thank You SevenMentor for your Core Lab Facilities during the Solidwork Training

Rajan Yadav

This one is the Best Institute among other institutes in same teaching services for sure, as per my experiance  with Seven Mentor during SloidWork Training was super fabulaous with Placment Asssisatnce too.

Thanks SevenMentor

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