Stress Management – Key to Successful Life

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  • June 14, 2019
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Stress Management – Key to Successful Life

Successful Life

Personality development classes in pune- This program is of prime importance and is a major focus of training in institutes of Pune. In today’s world weather you are a housewife, student or professional, soft skill training has gained utmost importance.

Also there is a lot of hype around various skill development and managerial programs but in my opinion Stress Management training is very important in order to achieve your goals and succeed.

Stress has become an unavoidable part of our life. It is evident not only in social or professional life but also in close units like family and relationships. Constant pressure and forceful situations result in stress. As per scientific term stress is a result of reaction to stimulus (environment, people, situations, etc).  When an individual is feeling overwhelmed or less competent to deal with certain situation, person or task then he/she experiences stress. Stress causes lot of health issues like mental trauma or physical health problems. At times the severity of stress can be life threatening like depression or suicide attempts to Type A or B diabetes, heart attack, hypertension, increased blood pressure, strokes etc.

There are many symptoms of stress;

  1. Increased heart rate
  2. Panic attack
  3. Headache (Migraine)
  4. Backache ( Cervical Spondylosis)
  5. Change in appetite
  6. Obesity
  7. Change in sleep patterns (Insomnia)
  8. Low self esteem
  9. Dental Problems
  10. Bloating

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Stress is a result of changing life style and fast paced globalization. In older generation what was considered as greed has become need of today’s generation. Constant work pressure, increase in social demand, peer pressure on teenagers, and a constant need for being updated has resulted in stress.

Around 89% of Indian Population is suffering from stress out of which around 75% of population is not comfortable seeking medical guidance. To explain the severity of stress every hour there is 1 student committing suicide in India. Judgmental attitude, religious belief , superstition, lack of education, corruption, lack of basic amenities, are few reasons to force people to commit suicide.

Awareness plays a very important role to overcome stress related issues. Also nutrition is important to strike a balance between body and mind. Physical fitness is taken very casually in India. Lack of Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin D and B plays a very important role for mental illness. High intake of refined sugar hampers body regulation of insulin. The most interesting part is still science has not completely justified the relation of mood –food. Like craving potatoes and sugar which is predominantly called as junk food like fries, burger, pastries etc. are majorly consumed by people suffering from stress and depression. The upcoming profession of psychiatry studying nutrition is doing extensive research on influence of food choice- its impact and behavior.

Serotonin which is a neurotransmitter helps in regulating sleep and appetite patterns and directly influences mood and inhibit pain. The intake of probitics i.e. good bacteria improves the anxiety level, reduces stress, compared to people who do not intake it. Traditional diet like raw foods (vegetables, fruits, sea food, unprocessed grains) are high in Probitics and lower the risk of depression upto 20-30%.

Depression is the major cause to consider stress as serious threat. If one does not hear the voice of body and mind and keeps exerting, eventually it will lead to mental and physical saturation which may cause depression. Indians are still struggling to accept depression as disease and treat it as a myth and sign of laziness. People who are fighting with depression are usually humiliated or mistreated.

An important step to manage stress apart from medical treatment is exercise. Unfortunately, however, we usually handle our stresses while sitting at our desk, standing at the water cooler, or behind the wheel stuck in traffic. Exercise help reducing the production of stress hormones. Exercise actually works as an antidepressant and helps reduce stress naturally. People who play sports or exercise regularly are less prone to suffer from Depression.

India is an origin of yoga which has proved to be a cure on dealing with day to day stress and depression. Practicing yoga/meditation daily for atleast  20 minutes has a long lasting impact on mental and physical health. Now, Western medicine and psychology have rediscovered that particular wisdom, translated it into simple non-spiritual methods, and scientifically verified its effectiveness. Thus, one or two 20-30 minute meditation sessions a day can have lasting beneficial effects on health.

  • Chronic or uninterrupted stress is very harmful hence it is important to take breaks and practice relaxation techniques between works.
  • Take Lunch breaks and don’t entertain work during break.
  • Weekends should be rejuvenating and relaxing and not piled with tasks or work.
  • Monday should not start on a hectic note to avoid Monday Blues.
  • Recognize and respond to stress signs given by your mind and body.
  • Take periodic vacations to distress.
  • Create predictability in ones work and home as much as possible; it will help turn stress in positive force to work for growth and change

There are numerous psychologists in and around Pune who help in individual or group counselling session to fight stress and depression. Also there are major training workshops to train on stress management. Those who need help to deal with stress or stress management counselling for individual or group therapies its is provided by various mental health providers, self help group or training institutes like Seven Mentor in Pune. Group discussion therapy and counselling has proved to reduce stress symptoms and improve attitude.

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