The drawbacks and benefits of language apps

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  • June 2, 2022
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The drawbacks and benefits of language apps –

Learning new things has exceptional and varied dimensions in today’s world. The conventional styles and methods of learning of the earlier times have fallen far behind. Today’s world has adopted advanced and innovative techniques that have changed the concept of learning for the betterment of the learner. Thanks to technological advancements, learning has become even more convenient and accessible. The plethora of software available for these platforms enables us to maximize our leisure time while also allowing us to access knowledge resources accordingly when and where, as, and how we desire.

As a result, online learning instruction has genuinely become revolutionized. Bilingual education is one of the sectors that has evolved substantially as a result of the introduction of online applications. In recent years, a slew of language-learning apps for smartphones and tablets have emerged drastically.

Learners of a foreign language are frequently concerned about the efficiency of these easily available learning tools. They find themselves in a dilemma as to whether these apps can get them their desired language fluency in the aspects of reading, writing, and speaking. Pondering their questions we thought to shed a light on them and figure out if they are the appropriate means to acquire a language thoroughly. 

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Let’s begin with the positive aspects and perks of these apps:

They are not restrictive of the place and time: the prime benefit of these applications is that there are no constraints on one’s location that he is in and the convenience of his time. Everything you will need is an internet-connected gadget.

Study at anyone’s tempo and in one’s style: many students fantasize about working at their  rate and in their style, which is essentially what these applications offer. The method of learning is entirely based on the learner’s willingness and speed of acquisition. Apps do not make it compulsory. 

They are easily available and open-sourced: the majority of these applications are easily available bearing no charges to them or at least they offer a portion of their functionality for free. The introduction of these free learning software has changed the way of acquisition of a variety of languages including those which are tedious to grasp.

They do not work with preset hours to learn: they do not require any kind of dedication on your part, unlike learning from an institution. They don’t expect you to put forth a lot of effort. It is up to the individual to learn about these. They will aid in learning whilst engaging oneself in difficult-to-remember complex compositions.

They make learning enjoyable and easy: these make extensive use of visualizations and amusing approaches to aid with the retention of terminology through the use of funny words, amusing contexts, and user-friendly layouts, it’s simply being addicted to learning languages using these apps.

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Now that you’re familiar with the benefits, let’s look at the limitations of these apps:

Unavailability of any customizations or modifications suiting your needs: since many language learning applications adhere to a fixed instructional methodology, they are insufficient to tailor the learning process to your specific needs. They also won’t let you bypass stages if you have already mastered a few aspects of the language, or slow down the process to concentrate more on whatever you haven’t fully absorbed. A language institution provides continual engagement with an expert who can readily assist you in developing your skills.

No practical or proven experience: The most significant drawback of language learning through these applications is they do not prepare you for actual scenarios. One does not get to practice the language with the instructor or even for that matter with other students. Which is essential for having and developing command in the language. Learners on these applications rely on optional answers and hence struggle in the construction of simple expressions. 

They have extensive usage of words that just don’t yield everything: language learning not only deals with acquiring extensive vocabulary but also consists of grammatical constructions which are the

core essentials of its structure. A thorough understanding of it is also needed along with vocabulary to understand the comprehension. In which these applications face a lacuna. 

They are dependent on the learner’s commitment: These apps do not compel you to learn nor expect you to perform in any sort. They lack a pattern and intensively rely on self-learning. With languages, one needs to maintain consistency in training so that the acquired knowledge doesn’t fade. Language institutions are designed to keep their participants engaged and their classroom atmosphere concept usually drags the obstinate learner to study along. 

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Thus a proficient instructor can guide you well with concerns and learning difficulties. which can eventually motivate you to converse more often in the language, thus enhancing the language skills that will also make you aware of the cultural components associated with the language that is also instrumental in gaining proficiency in the language.


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