The Most Important Quality of an HR Professional

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  • June 24, 2019
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The Most Important Quality of an HR Professional

Quality of an HR Professional

Have you ever wondered, what’s the future of Human Resources profession? In the midst of all the automation and in personal approach that the corporate are inculcating in their workplace environment. What and how a role of HR be effective enough to survival the brutality of this volatile trends of the job market. I personally have an assertive outlook to this pressing scenario, solution lies in the most important quality (skills) that an effective HR profession must possess. That is an absolute dynamic personality, right? Kidding… even though that’s what is desirable in current situation, but what I intend on writing is far more genuine hence the quality is Communication skills.

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Today we need HR professional who possess these traits of effective communication. The next logical question that arise is what kind of communication must be done by an HR. In my initial years of reading I was introduced to one of the pioneer of management Mr. Stephen R Covey and I tripped over his writings to a large extend. One of the books that I read during my MBA days (seems like a long ago time) was the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and here I received the answer to my question. Mr. Covey here explained the most effective way to communicate, it’s Empathetic Communication.
Empathetic Communication? What that has to do with an HR professional? To begin with let’s firstly understand what it is. The simplest definition is; showing the person that you are communicating with is listened to and not only listened but is been understood. For example as an HR profession the two most important stakeholders that you need to communicate periodically are Employees and Management. Rather than having a perception of employees are never satiated and management are hard nuts to crack, next time give it more empathetic thought when you communicate with them and reap the benefits.

Further to this what is the most efficient way to practice Empathetic Communication or how to achieve or practice it. It lies in “Listening” which is the most important aspect of communication but the trick for an HR professional lies in “Emphatic Listening”.
“Seek first to understand, then to be understood” – Stephen Covey.
Mostly what we usually practice are 4 levels of listening i.e. Ignoring, pretending, selective listening & active listening, but the resolution lies in the 5th level which is Empathetic Listening.

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Hopefully you’ll are still with me here because we are further going to talk about the most important aspect of my discussion and that is, Building Character… Empathetic listening is commonly mixed up with ‘active listening’ or ‘reflective listening’ which involves mimicking what the other person is saying. Hence you listen with an intention to reply, to control even to manipulate. Whereas Emphatic listening is with the intention to understand, really understand the speaker. Empathy is not sympathy. Sympathy goes mostly with agreements, sort of judgmental. Most people will feed on sympathy and hence making them dependent on it. Essence of empathetic listening is not only to agree with someone, it’s that you completely, severely, understand that individual, emotionally and intellectually.
Too much of hard work? Well it is not, it’s the initially commitment and honest attempts to achieve this particular milestone for yourself as an effective HR professional.

Building character? Yes, to be an empathetic communicator we must build our character and practice the same. How can we do this? I can help you start on it by sharing few of the essential character – building qualities but, it’s an individualist approach and one must learn and improve as their own experience. You can start with being….
Less Judgmental/ prejudice: if you really want to be an HR professional who is also an empathetic communicator you need to go easy on judging people be it from where they come, their education, their background and there’s a long list and these have been proven hurdles of effective communication.

Making attempts: make honest and fervent attempts in connecting with people and sheds your pre-notions about a certain individual or group of people. So next time even if you are tempted to be regardless against a person think by putting yourself in that person situation and actually practice empathetic communication.

Giving heed to non-verbal communication: sometimes we do need to move away from the dialogues recited and listen to things that are not verbally expressed, the body postures, eye contact and so on.

I will like to end my discussion with a parting thought to further accentuate my discussion;
The heart has its reasons which reason knows not of.
– Pascal


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  1. Hello mam .. whatever d information u hv given in Ur blog is very important & understanding.It’s all abt to HR communication . & What qualities should hv an effective HR. So.. overall it’s ovasom..I really like it………
    Thanks to you.

  2. Hi Shalmali,

    Happy to see your blog here…as I always say like to listen you always (not only your training session)…. 🙂 even a simple conversation with you is like a small knowledge session.
    The topic of this blog is really essential skill required to be an effective HR. You mentioned very minute details of communication here, really helpful.

    Keep sharing your thoughts to guide us.

  3. Very nice narrative on why we need effective HR professional and what qualities one must possess to achieve it. Reading your blog was as refreshing as listening to your sessions. Looking forward to have more such inputs from you.

  4. What an insightful article! I found it very helpful & practical, specially those character building qualities. Would love to follow your blog regularly.
    Thank you Ma’am ?

  5. Hey Shalmali, this piece of reading was very informative and helpful for me.
    Thankyou for putting it in such a descriptive manner.

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