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The Power of Organizing  your Mind

A well-organized mind, a mind which is in a state of some “Mukti” is referred to as a “Kalpavriksha”(Wishing tree). If you organize your mind to a certain level of your organization, It, in turn, organizes the whole system. Your body, your emotions, and your energies everything is organized in the direction. Once all these four aspects of you, your physical body, your mind, your emotions, and the fundamental life energies are organized in one direction, anything that you wish to happen actually happens the way you want it without even lifting a little finger. Actually, it would help to assist it with activity but even without doing any activity you can still manifest what you want if you manifest these four dimensions in one direction and keep it constant in that direction for a certain period of time. Right now, the problem with our mind is, every moment it is changing its direction. It is like you want to travel somewhere and every few steps if you keep changing your path, the question of you reaching the destination is very remote unless it happens by chance. So, organizing your mind and in turn, organizing the whole system and these four basic dimensions of who you are right now in one direction is a doozy. If you do this anything you wish will definitely take place but right now if you look at your lives, everything that you have wished for till now, everything and everybody you have desired for, all of that lands up in your house today. Could you live with that?

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So, if you want to become entrusted it is also essential that you become responsible as to what you ask for and what you don’t. In today’s world, we are hugely empowered with technology and it doesn’t take  7 billion people to destroy this planet, one man pressing the wrong button can destroy the whole planet. When we are empowered like this it becomes very important that our physical action, emotional action, mental action and energy actions are controlled and properly directed or else we become self-destructive. The technology that is supposed to make our life beautiful and easy has become the source of all problems that we are destroying the very basis of our life which is the planet. Hence, what should have been a boon we are making it a curse out of it. What has brought incredible levels have comforted inconvenience to us in the next hundred years simply because we are not in conscious action we are in a compulsive state of action. So, organizing our mind fundamentally means moving from a compulsive state of activity to a conscious state of activity. You might have heard of people for whom they asked for something and beyond all expectations, it came true. Generally, this happens to people who are in the faith. For instance, you want to build a house if you start thinking oh I need a house, I want 50 lakh rupees but I have only 50 rupees in my pocket. It is not possible!!! The minute you say not possible you are also saying I don’t want it. So, on one level you’re creating a desire that you want something and on another level, you’re saying I don’t want it. So, in this conflict, it may not happen and you might end up not achieving what you really want.

Someone who has faith in God or spiritual power or anything like that, who has her simple minor faith will get what he/she wants. It works only for those people who are simple-minded thinking people.

People who are too much thinking and pondering, for them, it never works. A childlike person who has a simple faith in his god, goes to the temple and asks for the wishes having the belief that God will help him make it come true. In his mind, there are no negative thoughts as to if it would happen or not. This thing is completely removed by the simple act of faith. He believes god will do it for him and it will happen for sure. Is god going to make your house???.No, this is to understand that God will not lift his little finger for you. What you exemplify as “GOD” is a source of creation. As a creator, he has done a phenomenal job and we could never think of a better world than this but if you want life to happen the way you want it because right now the very crux of your happiness well being is this. If at all, you are unhappy, the only and only reason why you are unhappy is life is not happening the way you think it should happen. So, to think about what is possible and what is not possible is not your business, that is nature’s business. Nature will decide that. You just see what is it that you really want and strive for that and if your thought is created in a powerful way without any negativity and negative thought bringing down the intensity of the thought process, it will definitely manifest the whole existence.

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Today modern science is proving it is just a reverberation of energy and just a vibration. Similarly, your thought is also a vibration. If you develop a powerful thought and let it out, it will always manifest. Generally, people are using faith as a means to remove the negative thoughts.

Once you have transformed into thinking human beings, your faith is not too deep. It doesn’t matter how much faith you think you have, doubts always pop up. If you simply commit yourself to creating what you want and what you care for, your thought gets organized and vanishes all the doubts as to whether it would be possible or not. There is no hurdle in your thought process and your thoughts flow freely towards what you want. Once this happens, making it happen will also eventually follow. So, to create what you want you must be well manifested in your mind. When you can preserve a steady stream of thought without changing a direction, definitely this is going to happen in your life or it will definitely manifest as a reality in your life. So, either you make this human form into your wisdom tree or you make it into one big mess which is happening all over depends upon you. You are the creator of your own life and can turn anything into reality if you manifest your brain in the proper direction with positive thoughts. When you find yourself believing the pessimistic things, it will become hard to slow down the momentum of your thoughts and will lead to stress, chronic negativity and impulsivity. So, you must take control of your thoughts and life will happen the way you want it to happen.

The crucial part of organizing your mind is to establish your priorities. You should always keep your priorities straight because our lives often depend upon what we decide to prioritize.We all have thousands of thoughts running in our mind every day every minute and at times we are not able to cultivate these thought as we get messed up with our own thoughts which influences our behavior and often leads to disorganized us.Thus, it becomes extremely important to organize our thoughts in such a way that it syncs everything. Once you are clear on your priorities, you can make better and quicker decisions that gives away to your life choices and wishes. It will help you to maintain a better work-life balance. Now, our priorities keep on shifting from time to time so all we need to do is stick with small priorities at a time as closely as possible to have a clear vision as to what we want and care for. If you don’t know what you want, the question of you creating it or making it happen doesn’t arise.

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We all want to live joyfully and peacefully. We all are seeking for our pleasantness within ourselves and around us. Having a good job and a happy family is all that a person strives for in life. So in order to make this turn into reality, we need to start committing ourselves to creating it. If you set a priority of achieving a certain goal be it anything, and you fail a hundred times then these failures should not become a hurdle in your way towards your goal. Rather, it should become the stepping stones to reach your goals, let these failures become your learning and lessons to attain a better life. Let your mind cultivate only optimistic thoughts in you. If you think this way you are promising yourself to what you really care for and your mind gets organized.      


Stay positive and let your dreams fly.


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