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What is website?  

Website is collection of multiple webpages. A website may be a collection of related material  that contains text, images, and should also include video, audio or other media. 

A website is often as simple as a couple of static pages or as complex as several web  applications running simultaneously, and everything in between. 

What is Domain?  

A series of alphanumeric strings separated by periods, like, serving as  an address for a network connection and identifying the owner of the address. The last three  letters during a name indicate what sort of organization owns the address: as an example,  .com stands for commercial, .Edu for educational, and .org for non-profit. 

Basically, a website is any combination of letters and numbers; for instance, This is also called a root domain.

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What is a subdomain?  

A subdomain may be a domain that’s a part of a root domain. For example,  is that the basis domain and could also be a subdomain. 


∙ Static: 

A static website consists of a series of HTML files, each one representing a physical  page of website. 

∙ Dynamic: 

A dynamic website is made at the instant the visitor enters the web site. The website  is generated by an internet application or code. 

What is a Web Application?  

A web application could also be a software or program which is accessible using any  browser. They are the foremost commonly used websites on the web today. These are all  two-way communication channels, where the appliance server is both sending data to a  user’s browser and receiving data back from the user. Unlike mobile apps, there’s no  specific SDK for developing web applications. 

Why you need a Website?  

Here, are prime reasons why you would like a website: 

Developing a site helps you to make your social proof 

Helps you in branding your business 

Helps you to achieve your business goals 

Allows you to increase your customer support 


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Why you need a Web Application?  

Web applications are more popular due to the subsequent reasons: 

Compared to desktop applications, web applications are easier to take care of by as  they use an equivalent code within the entire application. There are no compatibility  issues. 

Web applications are often used on any platform: Windows, Linux, Mac… as all of  them support modern browsers. 

Released any time and in any form. No got to remind users to update their  applications. 

You can access these web applications 24 hours of the day and three hundred and  sixty-five days a year from any PC. 

You can either make use of the pc or your mobile device to access the specified data. Web applications are an economical option for any organization.  

Web-Based Apps are the applications are access from web browsers


A website may be a group of worldwide accessible, interlinked sites which have one  name. 

A web application could also be a software or program which is accessible using any  browser. 

App store approval not required in web applications. 

Quality and relevant web page are the foremost important characteristics of an  honest internet site. 

Cloud-hosted and highly scalable are the foremost vital characteristics of an honest  web application. 

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What is a Web Framework?  

A web app framework or web framework could also be a software framework that’s created  to support the event of dynamic sites, web services, and web applications. 

A Web framework(WF) supports the creation, development, and publishing of web  applications and internet sites. Web frameworks are software frameworks that provide a  typical and accessible thanks to build and develop web applications. 

Although web-enabled applications are commonplace on the web and are used a day by  most Internet-connected individuals, they’re still in their infancy when it involves developing  tactics and tools. This is why it’s so important to possess an internet framework to act as a  network for the event and deployment of such applications. A web application framework is  one such tool, and this text shows how it can help to create an internet app that complies  with the foremost modern web standards. 


Common Web Framework Functionalities:  

Frameworks give functionality in their code or through extensions to finish everyday  operations needed to run web applications. 

These operations involve: 

URL routing. 

Input form managing and validation. 

Template engine include HTML, XML and JSON setup. 

Data manipulation through an object-relational mapper (ORM) 

To avoid malicious attacks, it uses CSRF tokens, SQL Injections and Cross-site  Scripting. 

Session repository and retrieval. 

Examples of Web Frameworks  

There are several web frameworks that have been designed to make coding and app  development much easier for those in the industry. A few of the foremost popular and  successful web frameworks include: 

∙ Django: 

Django is Python web framework permits rapid development of secure and  maintainable you’ll specialise in writing your app without having  to reinvent the wheel. The Source code is available to any one and anyone can  modify it. Based on the amount of status sites that use Django, the amount of  individuals contributing to the codebase, and therefore the number of  individuals providing both free and purchased support, 

∙ Ruby on Rails: 

Rails may be a web application framework running on the Ruby programing  language. It allows you to write down less code while accomplishing quite  many other languages and frameworks. 

These frameworks assist codes like HTML, Ruby, and Python when it involves constructing  web applications and web-based services. HTML page generation, templates formatting are  the things which can be done with web framework.

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Things to Keep in Mind  

It is highly recommended that a framework be wont to help streamline and speed up the  method, and successful frameworks like Ruby on Rails are designed to be a powerhouse for the project. There are several things that ought to be kept in mind when a developer chooses  to use an internet framework for writing code. 

When starting with an internet framework, you ought to consider: 

Database Interaction – Many web frameworks have the ability to apply database  interaction in an all-inclusive package. 

HTML Generation – Frameworks have the power to get HTML codes through  templates, which will make it easier for developers to use when establishing values  and setting standards. 

Routing – Most frameworks can handle the power to map the URL requested by the  user to the code that matches it.



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