Top 10 reasons For CCNA as a Best Career Option

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  • June 12, 2019
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Top 10 reasons For CCNA as a Best Career Option

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  1. Simplicity

I have experienced different technologies like Windows Server Administration, Linux Administration, Virtualization Administration but I like computer networking (specially routing & switching) most as it is easy to grasp & it is well structured.

  1. Credibility

There are lots of certifications out there in the CCNA Training in Pune like RHCSA, MCSA, JNCIA, but CCNA is well known as it is there in market since long time. In the IT industry it is well known, even if company not using cisco product still they are in favors of employing candidate who has done CCNA from CCNA Classes in Pune. This I have experienced in my past companies where they were using technologies like juniper but for eligibility they put criteria as CCNA certified not JNCIA Certification.

  1. Ease of training

Tons of material available on the internet specially YouTube if are planning study CCNA. You can get guidance from experienced network engineer, administrator, architect on various topics of CCNA from CCNA Course in Pune. As these people share their experience over blog & YouTube.

You just need to invest your time in it.

  1. Available resources

Books like Certification Guide written by top notch expert in the networking domain is available,

I like Wendell Odum’s book. CBTs of trainers who has explained it in very simple yet

practical manner. There are lots of CBT(Computer Based Training) material available but I like CBTs

made by Live Lessons & CBT Nugget.

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  1. Awesome certification program

I did CCNA in two parts ICND1 in August 2012 & revised it after two months with ICND2. Then in

November 2015 I revised it with CCNP Route, Now I am planning to revise it by CCNP Switch in

next month. The point which I want to convey is that you have to be in touch with certification

program for at least within three years. So, you will be trying to attempt certification level by

level like Associate(CCNA), Professional(CCNP) & then Expert(CCIE). Always you will be

motivated & passionate to achieve more knowledge on networking domain. Furthermore you

will be rewarded with recognition, respect in industry & monetary benefits in terms of hike &


  1. Hands on

You can do hands on practice with tools like cisco packet tracer, GNS3 OR UNL. Since without

practice you can’t enjoy this technology. In addition to that, industry need working knowledge which we can achieve by practice labs. If you are willing to lab up on real device that can also be possible on refurbished hardware which cost very less.

  1. Objective Technology instead of Subjective

Wires-cables, routers & switches you can touch & feel, so we need not have to assume things.

As compared to learning computer languages where most of things are logical or subjective.

  1. Other emerging technology

CCNA CyberOps is the industry’s most demanded technology where we need SOC(Security

Operation Center) Analyst in millions of numbers that’s why cisco is sponsoring this certification

training & exam. CCNA DevNet is also one of the important certifications, Cisco going to launch next year I mean 2020.

  1. Lots of flavor to suit to your test

There are so many different technologies which are allied with CCNA Routing & Switching. Top

in the list is Security followed by Collaboration (Voice over IP & Video over IP), DATACENTER,

Wireless, Service Provider, CyberOps (information security).

  1. Industry can accommodate you for their objective

As a beginner we can start with Routing & Switching and get the first job, afterword shifts your

focus on required technology as per your company demand & your interest. Furthermore in IT

industry, specially cisco partner willing to absorb certified people as they get discount from

CISCO on CISCO product because of number cisco certified engineer as an employee.

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