Top 10 SAP MM Interview Questions

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  • February 7, 2024
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Top 10 SAP MM Interview Questions

Top 10 SAP MM Interview Questions

One module within SAP that aids in managing the complete supply chain process is SAP Materials Management (MM). Through it, businesses may efficiently plan, manage, and carry out procurement processes, including verification of invoices and consumption-based budgeting. Prepare for success in your SAP MM interviews with our curated list of the Top 10 SAP MM Interview Questions.

A SAP MM consultant is essential to their clients’ efforts to streamline their material planning, inventory control, and procurement procedures. Analysis, implementation, testing, training, and support of business processes are among their duties and responsibilities. SAP MM Course in Pune at SevenMentor is therefore a course that has many advantages to acquire growth and efficiency in your work culture. 


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Technical Interview Questions based on SAP MM

  • Are you familiar with the organizational structure found in the Module on MM?

The organizational components of the MM module are grouped in a ladder-like structure based on their respective roles and responsibilities. The following list contains the components that comprise the organization’s structure. 

The first is the independent unit known as the customer. This unit has its own table sets and an alternative record system. The company code is the second. This is among the organization’s smallest divisions. One can create a self-sufficient account set for the company code unit to satisfy the need for external reports. Finally, there is the plan.

  • Give a thorough explanation of the purchase order.

This is an official and conclusive certification of the necessary materials that the vendor will supply to the industry. All of the names of the necessary components along with the corresponding plant will be included. The purchase data would comprise the vendor’s name, the company code, and the material delivery date. 

  • Which factors matter while making a purchase?

The following are some crucial buying criteria: the manufacturer’s part number, the manufacturer, the order unit, the material group, the base unit, the purchasing group, the validity, and the tax indication for that material.

  • What code is required to remove a certain batch?

MSC2N is the code for removing a batch. Alternatively, the batch record can be fully erased if the master record’s batch is flagged. 

  • What do you mean when you say “source list,” and what is the source list’s code?

The purpose of the source list is to pinpoint the location of the supplier where the resources are sourced. ME01 is the code used to generate the source list. 


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Interview Questions based on SAP MM for Experienced candidates

  • What is the estimated time of delivery and how long will it take to process GR?

“Planned delivery” refers to how many working days the recipient is expected to receive the item and supplies. The GR processing time is the number of business days that must pass after receiving the goods and materials to check and store them.

  • Please supply the code to see this file and explain what Material Requirement Panning means.

The initial working text that the MRP controller works from is Material Requirement Planning (MRP), which includes planning information for goods and materials. You enter the code MD05 to gain access to a single item. 

  • What does RFQ stand for?

Request for Quotation is shortened to RFQ. The vendors are provided with a form to fill out, which indicates the terms and conditions and the cost of the materials and goods. It contains information regarding the goods, their quantity, and the delivery date, along with the deadline for submitting the form. 

  • Describe the nature of the reservation.

The act of reserving stock involves blocking it in advance to guarantee its availability at a later date. It guarantees that the stock is made accessible for usage following needs.

  • What reservation code is used?

Reservations are made using the transactional code MB21.


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