Top 30+ Corporate Interview Questions

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  • May 4, 2023
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Top 30+ Corporate Interview Questions

Top 30+ Corporate Interview Questions

It can be really nerve-wracking to go through the interview process but it’s nonetheless important in order to elevate your career. Here’s our guide to help you navigate through the Top 30+ Corporate Interview Questions and how to ace those answers to get your dream job.

1) Tell me about yourself 

This can be a really good way to set the tone of the interview wherein you can foreshadow your skills and strengths and all your key selling points. Below is a sample answer you can refer to :

“I am a graphic designer with five years of experience specializing in creating visually appealing and user-friendly websites to enhance customer experience. I am looking forward to growing my professional skills to develop and inspire through my services to the company. My long-term goal is to grow in my  profession and be responsible for a team while I contribute to the growth of the company as well.” 

2) Why did you choose this particular course? 

It’s crucial that you create a thorough response to such a query that demonstrates to the hiring manager that you’re able to reach informed selections after thoughtful consideration and contemplation. Give a response that highlights your own interests and objectives in relation to the subject matter. Here’s a sample answer to help you out :

“I was certain that I wished to go after a profession in teaching because I have always loved assisting others in their education. Although I enjoyed taking additional education courses, I felt it was crucial to develop my ability to support various kinds of students. I decided to sign up for this special learning program so that I could learn about the needs of students with various abilities and become more prepared to teach them. Anyone enrolled in my class should feel inspired and respected”. 

3) How did you come to know about this position?  

To determine whether you have any inside ties with the organization, employers will inquire  “How did you discover about this opening?” They can evaluate your reasons for applying to their organization using this inquiry, and they can also find out how applicants discover employment applications. Following is an example for you to know how to answer this question:

“I came to know about this post from LinkedIn, and one of the HR professionals approached me about the post. As I was already searching for a job it didn’t take me long to show my eagerness for this  position.” 

4) What do you know about our company?  

This is one of those questions which will reveal the level of your preparation for the interview.  Following is an answer that can be of help :

Yours in one of the rising companies of the current generation. I have been always interested in working  in a company that helps me grow the skills that I have within and your company meets my 

expectations for the same. It is technologically advanced and a leading exponent in today’s market. I  also believe that the culture of the company is suitable for us employees to thrive in.” 

5) Tell me some of your strengths. 

The employer wants to know if you are a good fit for the organization therefore they will inquire about your strengths. Refer to the below answer:

Surely! I am a very hardworking person who is a firm believer of consistent improvement. I have been someone who is patient through the arduous process and always optimistic about results. I strive for  perfection and work in a detail-oriented manner.” 

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6) Tell me the most memorable experience of your life? 

To know if you are a well-rounded person they would want to know about your personal life as  well, here’s how you can answer this question:

I do recall a moment in my life when I was given a rather difficult project to manage during my college life. It was one of my very first projects and me being a newbie had to work my way around it.  Due to some technical issues, the project got halted for some time and we had to wait for some time which resulted in us having very few days in our hand before the deadline. As I was the leader of my group it was obvious for me to encourage my teammates to not give up so easily and keep working till the finish line. Somehow we all pulled through and submitted the project before the deadline that too with good feedback from the other party. I remember feeling a sense of satisfaction at the end of the day and how we must never give up no matter what happens. That was indeed one of the  most memorable experiences of my life.” 

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7) Have you ever experienced failure in your life and how did you deal with it?
Nobody us perfect in this world so to check if you are down to earth and possess a humble attitude they would pose this question in front of you. This is the way to reply back

Yes sir I sure have experienced failure once in my life and it has taught me tremendously how to value time. I was in 1st year when this happened. My semester exams were near the corner and I had not even opened a single page of the book, as I had always performed well academically, I didn’t take this exam that seriously. Soon there were only 2 days to go before the exam and that’s when it started to make me anxious but it was too late. Because of the time crunch and nervousness, I was not able to study properly due to which I failed two papers. That was the first time I experienced failure in its realest forms. This also taught me the importance of time and prioritizing your work before anything else.  From that day onwards I never procrastinated on anything important.

8) What are the personal accomplishments that you are proud of? 

This question is raised to know about your past life and previous experiences with success. You have to be careful about boasting and make sure to answer in a way that seems authentic and reflective of your true character.

When I was in 10th I really wanted to score beyond 90% marks, therefore, I studied hard and achieved  92%. This is one of my accomplishments that I am proud of. Apart from this I also won a prize in State level science exhibition for a project that I had made which inspired me to pursue a master’s in science.  And on a personal note, I once bought a saree for my mother from the money I had saved on the occasion of Mother’s day which made me immensely happy. So there are the accomplished that have  given me the most satisfaction in my life.” 

9) What are your salary expectations? 

This can be a little tricky to answer as you would not want to seem desperate for the money yet should not undersell yourself. Therefore you need to sail safely. Choose the following way to go  about this question:

“I would appreciate a salary that rewards my skills and what I bring to the table. As per my qualifications and training, I would accept an amount of x that would fulfill my financial need. But  keeping it aside I am looking for opportunities and learn and improve my knowledge about this job.” 

10) Would you like to ask any questions to me?  

Although you may find it intimating it is always a good suggestion to pack some questions for the interviewer as well as it might show that you have done your homework and you possess the confidence that is required to question your future employer. Below is the answer to this  question:

Yes, I am interested in knowing about the current technologies that are being used by the company in their projects. How is the work culture in the company? What is an appraisal system and how does the evaluation happen? What will my responsibilities be after I take up the post?” 

11) What are you looking from a new position? 

It is imperative to show that you have a learning mindset which reflects in your answer.  Therefore choose the below answer to give the proper insights about the job :

First and foremost I am looking for an opportunity to learn and grow my knowledge. Secondly, I want to strengthen my abilities and make my skills even stronger. I want to address my financial duties and  be financially independent.” 

12) Are you looking for any positions in other companies? 

In order to answer this question you need to keep in mind that your first priority has to be the company you’re giving an interview to. Take a look at the answer given below :

Currently my main aim to secure a position here. Therefore all my energies are invested in this  company as of now but if it’s required I am also ready to apply to other companies and explore various  other options.” 

13) What is the professional achievement you’ve achieved? 

The employer wants to know if you have any prior experience in your training or profession so far. The following answer can be referred for this question:

In my training, I have been a very meticulous learner. I participated in one hackathon for a UI/UX  designer with my team when we were in college. A day before the program some of my teammates were fighting among themselves over the issue of adding new features to a design that we’ve made. I  tried to reconcile them and told them to not fuss over these things at the 11th hour and just go ahead with the presentation as it is. When the program was we were announced as the first runner-up. As a  UI/UX designer, I definitely consider that as my professional achievement as we were only 20 years only  when we did that.” 

14) What kind of working culture do you expect? 

To know about your work culture preferences your employer will drop any one of these questions to know your working style and your own orientation towards it. Therefore answer  this question in the following manner :

I believe that people thrive in a work culture that is ever supportive, motivating, and understanding. I  do not appreciate backstabbing people instead I am a person who will help people when they are in need. Therefore I expect my office culture to be appreciative of my work encouraging me to take on  new challenges and if competition exists it should only enable us to beat ourselves and rise even higher in our career paths.” 

15) How will you describe your dream company?  

This is one of the hypothetical questions asked to check about your expectations from the company where you wish to work. This is how you can answer this :

I think my dream company is one where colleagues are friendly and supportive. My boss is one who leads with a smile and pats the employers back when they achieve something. My dream company will be devoid of office politics and harmful gossiping. Employees in my dream would want to get up every day to come to the office regularly and not just wait till the holiday is around the corner. My dream  company would be to have an overall healthy environment.” 

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Some IMP Top 30+ Corporate Interview Questions

Top 30+ Corporate Interview Questions

16) Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? 

To see if you are a person who dreams high of himself/herself has a growth mindset, and will keep improving the future, this question is asked. You can answer it this way:

In the next 5 years, I see myself much ahead of what I am doing now. I see myself growing in the company and taking up much more responsibilities than my current profile. I see myself being an integral part  of the company which gave me a chance to follow my passion.” 

17) Why did you leave your previous company? 

While answering this question do not speak negatively about your previous employer, instead, take it upon yourself and highlight the future plans you had for yourself. Follow the answer given below.

“I felt like the job didn’t allow me to pursue what I really wanted. I had decided that I wished to work  as a full stack developer, but the job I worked was that of a developer.”

18) What did you learn in your previous job? 

Here you will get to chance to talk positively about your company and let your character shine.  Use this example to reflect your thoughts:

In the previous position, one of my coworkers got a job in another company, and we needed someone to replace her. As the work had to be completed before a certain time I came ahead and took it upon myself to complete the work. It was challenging at first, but the other teammates and I  discussed the situation and created a plan that would entail the overall structure of the work.  Eventually, the work got completed and we all received praise for doing the best possible work. This  taught me to take responsibility whenever it was needed.” 

19) Why is there a gap in your work experience? 

Be clear and concise. Give what is asked. Refer to the answer given below:

“I was expected to spend time with my family as we were going through a health crisis. Most of my family members had fallen sick and I had to be the primary caregiver for them. Now that everything is  fine I am ready to join the workforce again.” 

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20) Why did you switch your company? 

This can be a little tough nut to crack so don’t make haste in giving negative reviews about your previous company. Be sure to talk about your own prerequisites and highlight them: Use these sample answers to help you formulate your answer

Although I did enjoy my previous profession, I realized that there were not many chances for me to advance in my profession. I’m excited to transition myself into cybersecurity personnel because this  is a continually evolving field which will motivate me to grow with it.” 

21) How would your friends describe you? 

Take this opportunity to relate to your strengths and your skill set. Use this answer to highlight  your skills :

“My friends would describe me as [insert a description having positive adjectives ] Whenever things go wrong, I’m always the one they remember and I try to live up to that expectation.” 

22) Are you a team player? 

Even though leadership is appreciated it is equally important to have a team-building spirit that will not only uplift you but also your entire company. Therefore give your answer on the  following lines:

I have worked both as a team leader and as well as a team member, so for me, it isn’t difficult to assimilate myself in any of these roles. Hence notwithstanding the role I’m given, I use all my  capacities for work so that my team will benefit from my skills.” 

23) How do you deal with bad days in your life? 

Bad days can strike any person. To answer this question give examples that make you feel relaxed for some time and take you away from the work. Check the answer for more. “If bad days occur I generally take some time to relax and take some time off from work. I  don’t burden myself by doing anything that’s beyond my capabilities. I just listen to some  music, take a walk or watch something funny to cheer myself up.” 

24) If you were given a job in this company how will you start your first day? 

The answer to this question will tell them about your approach toward the work. Therefore be sure to answer your questions with honesty and sincerity.

“I would get all the details of my work and would not miss it for anything. I would also get to know  people better who will be working with me.” 

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25) How do you manage stress? 

I like to plan as it gives me a sense of control over things hence I rely very much on planning before doing anything. It does help me in reducing future mishaps and even if any mishap occurs I try not to get worked up. I generally remain calm, especially in stressful situations. When things go out of control  then I focus on the most important things and prioritize them first and then manage the rest.” 

26) How will you balance your work and life? 

It is very essential to know the answer to this question as it gives a sense of realism to your questions. Follow the below to support your own:

“I think it is not too difficult to manage work and life when your love what you do it becomes much easier, especially with a good company that treats its employees with respect and grants the much-needed family and personal time, and does not burden the with only work. 

I use all my free time for myself and my family and engage in several activities that stimulate me.” 

27) Do you think of yourself as a team member? 

This is to check if you are only on a solo trip or enjoy group journeys on similar lines. Follow the  answer given below to support your own

“I do enjoy working in a team and I work with maximum capacity when I’m able to do it effectively. I  am collaborative in nature. In my previous job, I helped to develop some techniques that made communication among team members much easier. Consequently, my team became more efficient  and the productivity of the team increased.” 

28) Who inspires you the most in your life? 

My mother. She is a very hardworking woman who has never taken a day off in her life as a  responsible daughter, wife, mother, and daughter-in-law. As a housewife, she’s never off duty. I have seen her working tirelessly for her family’s welfare. Therefore she is the one who inspires me most.” 

29) Who is your role model?

“My role model is Steve Jobs. He is the one person who transformed the face of technology. A  visionary in the true sense. His journey from a nobody to the founder and CEO of the world’s biggest tech giant in nothing short of inspiring. Therefore he is my role model and I look up to him.” 

30) What are the qualities that are needed for your position? 

“A data scientist needs to think statistically and have the much-needed technical acumen. He should be creative and possess the grit to carry out various tasks. He must have the ability to prepare data for  effective analysis and leverage the same.” 

31) Why should we hire you? 

During my training, I have gained skills that will be much beneficial to the company. I also worked hard on my communication skills and teamwork building which will be put to use here. I have always  been a 100% contributor of work in whatever I have done so far therefore if given a chance I will use  them here in this company as well.” 

32) If your team member is not available then how will you manage the workload? 

“Everyone faces a heavy workload from time to time. If any situation arises where my teammates are not available to manage the workload then I will try to sort it out myself only. I will plan everything  out and manage it within my own abilities and knowledge.” 

33) How will you feel if your colleague who does the same work as yours gets a higher salary than yours? 

“I think people get what they deserve wherefore my colleague must be getting what he is worth of.  Instead of being bitter about it , I will work hard for making myself worthy of the same. I can also see  this as a way to learn something from him that will further help in the growth of my career.” 

34) Tell me a time when you had to work overtime and how did you manage it? 

There was a time when I was supposed to work overtime to submit my assignments during my college. Most of our assignment due dates overlapped which resulted in a time crunch and we had to work beyond our capabilities. But we did manage to pull two nights in a row and made the mammoth  task possible.” 

35) What do you think about the reservation? 

“Reservation has long been a bone of contention for some people. There has always been a divide on this subject. In my view reservation is necessary not only because it is meant to correct the wrongs that were done in the first place but also because it is important for the underprivileged community to get their long-due representation. Contrary to what most believe I think it is one of the essential constitutional remedies. (Answers may vary among people, you are advised to give the answer that  you most agree with on the positive side.”

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36) Will you prefer working from home or working from the office? 

I am a person who works significantly well in the vicinity of other people, therefore, I would prefer work from the office over work from home. According to me, the environment affects the quality of our work  so it will benefit me highly if I am surrounded by like-minded people who are working on the same  things as me.” 

37) Tell me about a time when your team members disagreed with you and how did you handle it? 

“Once my colleague accused me of a mistake that had happened but I suggested he discuss the matter first and then arrive at a conclusion. After discussing the matter we reached a mutual  understanding that there were other factors that were behind the project being pushed over the  deadline and that needed to solve this issue with one another’s contribution.” 

38) What are your short-term goals and long-term goals? 

“My short-term goal is to acquire a good position in a reputable company and my long-term goal is to  climb up the corporate ladder and achieve the highest position possible.”

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