Top 50 HR Interview Questions

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  • May 2, 2023
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Top 50 HR Interview Questions

Top 50 HR Interview Questions

The top 50 HR interview questions can be asked in an interview. It is divided into two categories for Freshers & Experienced applicants.  The former are used for both freshers and experienced candidates while the latter ones are preferable for experienced candidates. Let us look at the various questions with sample answers.

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Top 50 HR Interview Questions – 1

Q-1 Why are you applying this job for? Why does this role & the company attract you?

  1. You have to convince the interviewer by stating the qualities described in the J.D. that you possess the same. Don’t sugar-coat your answer with any emotional talks for e.g., this is my dream company to work with (if it’s not). You can include a few goals of the company which has a similarity with you.

Q-2 Tell me about yourself/ Describe yourself/ Take me through your Resume or C.V

  1. This is basically the typical first question that all of us know, yet we tend to make mistakes. Start with greeting the interviewer. This is just to show your confidence and make you comfortable to start the interview with. You can include your educational qualifications, soft skills, and any expertise.

Q-3 How would you rate yourself for this job role?

  1. Always be positive about this answer but also keep in mind not to overrate yourself here. You just have to give appropriate ratings for various skills like communication, technical, etc and at the end, you can give an overall rating of 5.

Q-4 Why should we hire you?

  1. This is the most challenging question for a fresher but the most significant one. You have to make sure that you put all your strengths in a very appropriate manner so they stand for you strong. Also, try to highlight a few skills or situations which you have best handled or managed, or experienced before. 

Q-5 Assume you are hired; then how long would you work with us?

  1. The objective of this question is to check whether you will stay with the company for a longer period of time or not. You can also the strengths of the company like the learning curve, leadership, executive training programs, etc which enables an employee to stay for a long. 

Q-6 Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

  1. This question is to determine whether your goals are in-line with the company goals. Also, to gauge your ambition and determination and how can you help the company grow in profits and expansion.

Q-7 What are your Achievements in life?

  1. State your greatest achievements but at the same time make sure you don’t say anything which is an achievement but not relevant to the profession e.g.: I came 2nd in a drawing competition in 10th grade rather you can add I came 2nd in a singing competition.

Q-8 What inspires you to come to the office every day?

  1. The interviewer wants to be rest assured that how happy and satisfied are you with the given job role. Since this would be your 1st job you can rely on your internship experiences and the job role that you have chosen can be one of your reasons.

Q-9 Would it be possible to work overtime or odd hours?

  1. You need to be very honest at this time. If you are comfortable and can manage things then you could say yes, also you could add whenever it’s possible I can manage and adjust only if you can. You can say, I am pretty much flexible with it.

Q-10 What is more important to you: money or work?

  1. Again, being honest at this can be helpful as this can also be a reason for your salary expectations. You could add your financial reasons if any. The best statement would also be getting paid for my smart work is an important aspect for me.

Q-11 What motivates you?

  1. Highlight what drives you to do your best work, whether it’s the opportunity to learn new things, make a difference, or work on challenging projects.

Q-12 What are your technical skills?

  1. Describe your relevant technical skills and how you can use them to help the company grow and expand.

Q-13 How did you get to know about this job role?

  1. Mention the exact details about where you have found the job role. Describe it in detail 

Q-14 Tell us some of your strengths & weakness

  1. Talking about strengths is easy, but we tend to always start with negatives first. So please avoid this mistake. Try and portray your weakness and how you are overcoming them.

Q-15 How do you stay updated on industry trends or developments?

  1. You can add relevant sources you utilize, such as industry publications, websites, blogs, podcasts, or attending conferences, seminars, and networking events. Show your enthusiasm for continuous learning and upgrading yourself.

Q-16 What is an ideal job for you?

  1. An ideal job basically describes where you have a friendly work environment and healthy relations in the hierarchy, flexibility in managing the tasks, and guidance from seniors. Also, to stay motivated as when required.

Q-17 When can you start?

  1. Never say whenever you say, try to use professional words like I am an immediate joiner or whatever is at the earliest.

Q-18 Are you willing to relocate?

  1. Answer this honestly, if you can relocate or travel for long distances. You can always ask them for remote jobs (Work from home)

Q-19 For now it’s work from home but sooner or later will you be able to come to the office?

  1. Again, be very specific about whether you can travel or the company is out of your boundaries whether you are willing to relocate, etc keep all points in mind 

Q-20 What is your objective/goal in life?

  1. Before you answer this question make sure you have done self-introspection, always try to have a clear and specific aim in life which always help you to move on the correct path.

Q-21 How have you planned to achieve that goal or reach your ultimate career destination?

  1. I have a planned system that I always follow. The steps are Self- Realisation, planning, implementation, and evaluation. Mention that you are really serious and confident about how you will achieve your goals.

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Q-22 Tell us the most important factor that you see while you apply for jobs?

  1. The most important depends and varies from an individual’s priorities and preferences. But still, some of the considerations can be company culture, work-life balance, growth and development opportunities, salary and benefits, etc.

Q-23 Who is your role model & why?

  1. Describe this answer in professional terms with some personality that you admire and have done something great or unique in your professional field but make sure you don’t fake it.

Q-24 In case of any disagreement, how would you handle the situation?

  1. Finding the correct reason of disagreement is of utmost importance also to listen to the opposite is necessary. Try and find out some common terms for the situation to settle down. The interviewer basically wants to check your ego and attitude issues.

Q-25 Are you applying for other jobs as well?

  1. The key is to be honest and upfront but at the same time show that you are interested and enthusiastic about the position you are being interviewed for. You could also emphasize that you are committed to the job and would be excited to contribute to the company’s success.

Q-26- Do you have any questions?

  1. When all the interview questions are done, the Interviewer might ask this question. You can ask questions like is the management open for feedback and suggestions, when can I hear from you regarding my interview, what responsibilities are you expecting from me from the 1st day, etc 

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Top 50 HR Interview Questions

Top 50 HR Interview Questions – 2

Q-27 Why did you leave your previous job?

  1. This is yet another tricky one, don’t get into gossiping about the previous employer or your manager nor tell them that you are paying higher. Instead say, For a professional shift, different challenges, and a new environment.

Q-28 How many years of experience do you have?

  1. Mention your experience of work, some might even have a change or shift in the profile, mentioning that experience is also accepted but be ready for the next question of Why that change or shift brought you here?

Q-29 How were your previous job experience and your immediate manager and colleagues?

  1. Never make the mistake of criticizing the previous job or boss. It shows your bad impression and brings negativity. Try and answer positively like for an environmental change, for upgrading myself, for new challenges, etc

Q-30 What kind of work environment would you like to work in?

  1. The aim is to portray your personality, work style, and values and to align them with the company’s work culture. This will demonstrate that you are a good fit. E.g., Opportunities for professional growth, fast-paced and dynamic advancements, etc.

Q-31 What was the last amount of salary you had drawn?

  1. Nowadays, this has been accepted as not to disclose the previously drawn salary but being honest, professional, and transparent is advisable. However, it is mandatory to do some research on the salary range for the position you are applying. 

Q-32 When can you start? What is your notice period?

  1. If you have prior commitments or you are employed you can mention your time frame but try and prefer to show that you are flexible and willing to work but be aware of any contractual obligations with your current notice period.

Q-33 Don’t you think you are overqualified for this role?

  1.   It’s essential to showcase your enthusiasm and willingness to adapt to the role, even if it may seem beneath your qualifications. The most important point is don’t become overconfident instead highlight your alignments with career goals and the job.

Q-34 How do you handle stress and anxiety?

  1. You need to answer this strategically, you can say it’s human nature but can be managed with soft skills, physical exercise, and mind-relaxing activities.

Q-35 Do you willing to take up leadership?

  1.  Demonstrating your potential as a leader and being confident is a must. It also shows your willingness to learn and grow with the team as well as your dedication to the company’s success.

Q-36 Is there anything that makes you different from the other candidates?

  1.  It’s an opportunity to exhibit your unique skills, experiences, qualities, certifications, and projects that set you apart from others. Emphasize your personality and work ethic.

Q-37 Talk about a time or situation when you were not satisfied with your performance.

  1. The interviewer possibly wants to understand how you overcome your situation. They also want to check whether you admit your mistake and how honest you can be.

Q-38 Have you experienced any difficulty while on a project?

  1. You need to tell that yes difficulties are a part and parcel of work. The interviewer aspires to 2 things from you: – 1. How you have combated the situation 2. What have you learned from the experience

Q-39 Have you considered starting your own business?

  1. You can be honest and answer this but make sure you are not making the interviewer feel that you are for a very short period of time or anything so.

Q-40 What are your salary expectations?

  1.  Demonstrate flexibility in your salary expectations. Focus on the opportunity and the value you can bring to the company, rather than solely on compensation. Prior industry standards and range must be researched in advance.

Q-41 Why there is so much shift in your job profile?

  1. The reason for each individual will vary but you can add on points like career growth and development, changing industry and technological advancements, new openings and career advancements, etc.

Q-42 As we can see you are from a non-IT background, why do still want to do an IT profile?

  1. Aligning this with passion and interest in technology could sound better. Also, the new era of technology and AI world with its varied changes and upgradation can pull people towards this profile.

Q-43 How would you have improved your career progress?

  1. Reflect on your career journey so far and gauge some areas to improve. You could answer like I need to focus on skill development, seek mentorship or guidance or I should have taken more challenges and risks for betterment.

Q-44 How do you feel when you are reporting to a person very elder than you?

  1. The main agenda is to demonstrate collaboration and professionalism in your approach to working with varied age groups or positions. Also, importantly you should showcase value learning and willingness to work together to achieve common goals of the company.   


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Q-45 How would you give commands to someone who is at a junior position to you but still elder to you?

  1. The ability of a leadership mindset and effective communication with different ages and levels of experience and to value collaboration and respect, in a clear and concise manner is critical.

Q-46 If given a chance to shift abroad would you accept it?

  1.  To show that you are open-minded and adaptable to change while being honest about your personal and professional priorities. It’s important to communicate your decision in a clear and professional manner.

Q-47 How would you rate me as an interviewer as compared to the last one?

  1.  The interviewer is looking for someone who can communicate professionally and tactfully, so it’s necessary to stay positive and respectful in your response. Don’t directly criticize and avoid direct comparison. 

Q-48 If given a better opportunity than this job would you shift to that job immediately?

  1.  Avoid making definitive or straight answers if you are not sure, instead focus on conveying enthusiasm for the current role while acknowledging the possibility of future opportunities.

Q-49 What are your expectations for this profile?

  1. You can elaborate on the following points: 1. Highlight your skills and experiences, 2. Discuss your goals along with company goals, 3. Be realistic, 4. Show your understanding of the job.

Q-50 What was the toughest challenge you have ever faced?

  1. A detailed description for the same is suggested on points such as: Choosing an appropriate challenge, describing the challenge, explaining how you handled the situation, and highlighting the outcome with logical reasoning and creative thinking skills. 

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