Top UI Design Trends 2020-2021 

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  • January 4, 2021
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  1. Bold typography 

Bold typography are not new trend in 2020, but this trend gain momentum. 

Bold fonts style is used in minimalist designs, it provide visual interest & get users into contents. Most users pay attention to the web page heading first. That’s the reason, bold typography is is still in latest UI trend  But what is bold typography? Bold typography should have purpose & meaning. Oversized typography is easiest  way to make an impact. Big Text is simply hard to ignore or avoid. It’s even tougher to ignore when combined  with simple design & plenty of space. 

When come to make modern layout contrast, reverse typography is grabbing attention.  


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Reverse typography options work best when working with colors that look different and with we can include  regular to thicker strokes to increase readability. 


  1. 3D Graphics, Illustration & Animation 

3D graphics and animation has increased in recent years across multiple product categories. 

3d realism seems deeply embedded in UI design for a variety of products .3D is also being widely used in full  screen animations. 

There are chances for designers and web application or website owners to encourage customers to spend  more time on a particular website and to get more chances of closing deals because of 3D graphics & animation.  3D graphics, illustration gives visitors a unique experience as they visualize boundaries between real life and the  digital world.

  1. Dark Themes 

The dark themes has become one of the benchmark trends for 2020, because of it’s modern &  sophisticated look.  

In dark mode theme we can see easier in low light conditions. Dark theme allows to highlight UI design  elements. It allows highlighting & popping other design elements. Dark mode theme is popular for both  desktop & mobile devices. 

Many application provides facility for users to choose when to activate dark mode.  

Instagram, Apple & Android offer alternative themes in their products. 


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  1. Simplicity 

Simplicity is part of minimalist design. It is trend that comes & go in UI design trend every few years. In 2020 it was popular trend, and hope it will continue this year. 

Simplicity does not mean it is simple to design, but it is on the basis of minimalist design where designer create  high quality and elegant user interface for users. In simple design designer use bold typography, plenty of white  space & minimalist colors. So user’s focus on important section of website. 

For example, Google search, in app & website, there is plenty of space & made design like user’s focus always  on search box. So user love to use Google because of clever simple design user get what they want.



  1. Low key gradient 

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Simple gradient layout trend also came in minimalist design. Now a days flashy & bright gradient are no longer  in trend. It is flat & minimalist design trend. Gradient colors are mostly used in graphic design for making design  more attractive for users. But currently for web & UI designers prefer to use low key gradient. 

In last decade, way of thinking & experience of user have changed. Users looking for low flashy sites & UI.



 Asymmetrical layout 

Now these days, Asymmetrical layout & grid views has become new trend for ecommerce companies. What is  grid view & how it work? To stay design elements in order on page, grid is made with imaginary lines. There is  also broken grid technique for placing elements with no order. Grid views grab attention & imagination of users  on the web page. 

With asymmetrical layout with grid technique, website look more creative. It was top web design as well as  product design trend in 2020. 

There is more chances & opportunity for creativity in asymmetrical layout for designer. But requires time &  practice for successful layout.

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  1. Sound 

Sound layer was also a new trend in 2020, and it will go for long. There are variety of sound that was used in  mobile app and website. In UI design, sound added most surprising, enjoyable impact at user experience level. Mostly sound used on mobile app, limited on desktop app & website. 

For example, well know sound for everyone is Google pay app sound after completion of transaction. It sounds  cool for users and it is more enjoyable. 



  1. Micro Interaction 

Micro-interaction is one of the latest trend of UI design. You can see micro-interaction in every app / website.  In UI Designing small changes can make huge impact.  

Micro-interaction improves overall user experience of any app, website, digital products, improves customer  satisfaction. Micro-interaction are found on all over every app & your device.  

For example, app button animation, navigation button animation, like user click on button it changes with  animation as look active interactive. Facebook ‘like’ feature is the best example for micro-interaction. Micro-interaction gives a liveliness to your app or website and user notice it while it is missing.


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