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Introduction to CCNA Course

CCNA (Cisco Certified Networking Associate) certification is the best first in Cisco´s line of certifications that a good networking professional must obtain in order to add huge value to his Information technology career. The Cisco Certified Networking Associate certification support a firm foundation of networking skills that include basic like the OSI reference model, networking protocols, Layer 2 switching plan and protocols, routing concepts and protocols, and wide-area networking (WAN) connectivity concept. So, a person who is aiming to qualify for the CCNA certification should be skilled in abilities to provide basic network installations and troubleshooting.

CCNA Classes in Pune:

CCNA stands for Cisco Certified Network Associate. The CCNA group offers an IT training course to help get you started. They will teach you all about setting up network connections through remote sites using WAN. At CCNA Pune, everyone tries his or her best to succeed. Every student or teacher is there to either help you in any way or to learn about the subject. There are no people that want to fool around or talk your ear off. At CCNA their first priority is you. They want you to be able to understand what you are learning and take that information to pass the test.

CCNA will give out a CCNS certification for passing the 90-minute written test. However, there are no courses that you need to take in advance to be allowed to take the test. They do offer many different courses though so you have the chance to learn more about the test. Anyone can come take the test, but it is recommended that you take some courses to further educate yourself on everything about Internet. The CCNS certification only lasts a maximum of three years before it has to be rewritten. This is because technology is always changing and they want everyone to be up to date so they know what they are doing.

The only thing that they require you to have done before receiving the CCNA certification is to have passed the exam. They don’t require any past education levels or courses through CCNA. Even people that have worked in this field of work for years still think that the training is highly beneficial. It can refresh your brain so that you are fully up to date on what you have to do and help you pass the exam. Many employers are looking for CCNA certified professionals, so when they see your resume they will want to hire you and potentially even pay you more.

The CCNA in Pune also offers many different classes for students to attend. These range from WAN and LAN design to different routers and router protocols. All of the classes that they offer are very beneficial. They all are there to help teach the student more about setting up networks before the test. When people take these courses, their rate of failure is dramatically reduced. This reduces the amount of time and money wasted on rewriting the exam.

 If you are considering going through CCNA in Pune it would definitely be worth the time. They will teach everything from the basics of installing Internet to everything else that you might need to know. It is a great opportunity to open up a career path. If I were thinking about doing it, I would for sure go. I think that it is a great place to be. All the professors actually care about you. They will give you all the help that is needed for you to succeed in the class, and with all the available courses you are sure to learn everything that is needed to pass the exam.

CCNA Training in Pune:

A person who have Skills and knowledge gained through training from the CCNA certification are extremely valuable in the networking field as the subject covered during the CCNA training program provide the process for all networking topologies and protocols.

The CCNA training takes all aspects of the 640-802 curriculum in full detail. The course also deep dive in practical hands-on training on Cisco Routers and Cisco Switches, as no WAN setup is finished without Leased line / Wireless / VSAT / DSL etcetera. Telecom devices such as CSU/DSU, Telco MUX, are also covered in the Practical with full setup instructions. The training for CCNA Certification is provided by Senior Network/WAN engineers who have more than 5 years of field experience.

Students who is preparing for the CCNA certification They have a choice of writing the CCNA exam as a single paper or as two papers together. The details of paper codes and their descriptions are mentioned in the PDF File below.

Who can do this Course ?


Desktop Support Engineers 

Tech Support Engineers


2 Months

Career Opportunities:

Network Engineer 

Network Administrator 

System Administrator 

Network/Tech Support Engineer

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What our Students have to say about the training:

 Aisha Sharma

Networking Support Engineer


 It was a great experience at SevenMentor. Here i found one of the best teaching standard, like they equally focused on theory as well practical sessions. Moreover the coaching center environment was quite more flexible and helpful . During the practical and doubt sessions , specially the supporting faculties always trying their best to help students.I am glad to study CCNA under the guidance of Ms.Nisha mam who always willing to provide his best.

Anjali Joshi

 Technical Support Engineer


Anyone who wants to be a Networking Engineer can join SevenMentor. Every topic is taught in detail with practical training. All your doubts are cleared. Great faculty members. My experience is so far great. CCNA requires lots of practice and learning. If you are ready to give some hard work into learning it then only join.

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