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Introduction to Linux based Shell Scripting Course

Linux Bash Shell Programming Course Overview

The Linux Bash Shell Programming course is designed to give delegates practical experience in developing and writing Bash shell scripts. Most of the built-in shell commands are introduced together with the main program control structures. The course also gives practical experience using a range of Linux tools to manipulate text and incorporate into Linux Bash shell scripts.

Skills Gained

The delegates will practise:

  • Writing simple scripts to enhance basic command output
  • Using the various shell quoting mechanisms appropriately
  • Manipulating shell variables and user-defined variables in scripts
  • Implementing conditional execution facilities
  • Using the shell’s built-in loop constructs where appropriate
  • Writing scripts to trap user interrupts
  • User defined Functions
  • Developing menu-driven shell scripts
  • Backing up and restoring files
  • Scheduling background jobs using cron and at
  • Using file comparison utilities
  • Using the head and tail utilities
  • Using the cut and paste utilities
  • Using split and csplit
  • Identifying and translating characters
  • Sorting files
  • Using regular expressions
  • Translating characters in a file
  • Selecting text from files with the grep family of commands
  • Editing text files with sed
  • Creating programs with awk

What will be the Course Benefit?

Programmers, developers and system administrators who need to construct shell scripts using advanced text handling facilities.
The Linux Bash Shell Programming course assumes knowledge of the Linux Operating System to the level covered in the Linux Introduction Course. Some programming experience may also prove advantageous.

Course Objectives

To provide the skills needed to develop and customise shell programs and to make effective use of a wide range of standard Linux programming and development tools.

This 5-day Linux Bash Shell Programming course is a combination of the Linux Shell Programming and Linux Advanced Shell Programming Tools courses. If the dates allocated to this 5-day course are not suitable, then this course can also be booked by selecting dates from both the Linux Shell Programming and the Linux Advanced Shell Programming Tools courses.

Who can do this Course ?

12th Students


IT Professionals


3 Months

Career Opportunities:

  • Linux System Administrator.
  • Linux Systems Administrator.
  • System Administrator, Computer / Network.
  • Systems Administrator.
  • Development Operations (DevOps) Engineer.
  • Senior Systems Engineer.
  • Technical Support Engineer.
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    What our Students have to say about the training:

     Aisha Sharma

    Linux Admin


     It was a great experience at SevenMentor. Here i found one of the best teaching standard, like they equally focused on theory as well practical sessions. Moreover the coaching center environment was quite more flexible and helpful . During the practical and doubt sessions , specially the supporting faculties always trying their best to help students.I am glad to study Linux under the guidance of Ms.Nisha mam who always willing to provide his best.

    Anjali Joshi

     Technical Support Engineer


    Anyone who wants to be a Linux can join SevenMentor. Every topic is taught in detail with practical training. All your doubts are cleared. Great faculty members. My experience is so far great. Linux requires lots of practice and learning. If you are ready to give some hard work into learning it then only join.

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