Types of Companies and Colleges in Germany

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Types of Companies and Colleges in Germany

Types of Companies and Colleges in Germany

When one decides to move to Germany in order to work there, it might be helpful to know a little about the types of companies you might come across. That is why German Language Training in Pune thought we would provide you with a short overview. When we speak about the companies’ type, we refer to the officially authorized form. In Germany, we distinguish between individual companies or enterprises (Einzelunternehmen) means publically driven companies, privately driven company private companies or partnerships firms (Personengesellschaften) and (stock) corporations (Kapitalgesellschaften). Let German Language Classes in Pune start with individual enterprises.

Individual Enterprises

There is actually only a single form of individual endeavor, which is unpredictably called: individual enterprise. These types of companies are mostly interesting for free-lancers and single entrepreneurs such as artists or craftsmen, those who all are involving in creative work. The advantage of this legal form is that you have total control over your business. But you are also completely and personally legally responsible for it.

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Individual Companies:


The “ GesellschaftbürgerlichenRechts “ is the correspondent of a simple business partnership, fundamentally at least two entrepreneurs working together on the same. The bureaucratic challenges are restricted when beginning and running a GbR and you don’t require starting capital. The downside of the relative legal liberty is that every partner remains fully legally responsible. The GbR is very popular and most favorite among start-ups and founders.


The “ Partnergesellschaft “ is not seen as frequently as the GbR for example. It is exclusively interesting for freelancers from different trades partnering firms. The PartG is more complex in terms of bureaucracy but it offers advantages as well, which are beneficial. The business can be registered and the company’s capital is liable before any personal and private responsibilities.


The “ OffeneHandelsgesellschaft “  has high esteem in the midst of credit institutions and business partners. The reason is that members of an OHG are personally legally responsible for their business proceedings. Unlike the GbR, the OHG is entered into the commercial record.


The “ Kommanditgesellschaft “ is made up of the wide-ranging partner, who is leading the business, and the limited range of partners. The concluding holds shares in the company but is only officially responsible to the extent of those shares. Only the general partners are fully legally responsible.



The “ GesellschaftmitbeschränkterHaftung ”, short GmbH, is most likely the best-known type of company in Germany. It’s British or American comparable would be the limited company. If you want to establish a GmbH you require starting capital and are facing several bureaucratic hurdles, but are afterward not personally legally responsible to the extent of the company’s capital.

GmbH & Co. KG

Comparable to the KG, the “ GesellschaftmitbeschränkterHaftung “ und “ CompanieKommanditgesellschaft ” is a company for entrepreneurs who need to extended capital. The limited partners provide the minimum capital for the GmbH (25.000 €), which is the legally responsible body of the company.


The “ Unternehmergesellschaft ” is a description of the GmbH. This permissible form is suitable for small companies particularly. You need only a basic minimal starting capital (1 €). The company is liable to the scope of its assets, but to be determined a credit you often need private securities to back your submission up.


The “ Aktiengesellschaft “ is a provide means stock exchange corporation. separately from the large corporations, the AG can be a practicable alternative for average-sized – companies. In this case, the corporation is not a member of a stock exchange and the shareholders usually mean more often than not are employees or clients of the company. There have to be a decision-making board, as well as a decision-making board and to establish an AG for that you need to have a starting capital of at least 50.000.


The “ eingetrageneGenossenschaft “ (  means registered cooperative) it serves as a formally permitted form for teams of company founders and for its means of collaboration for small and medium-sized companies. It has plentiful similarities to the registered connection.

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There are a few most valuable brands | Companies in Germany

An overview of the most valuable brands in Germany, including headquarters city and when the company was established

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How to formulate for Studienkolleg in Germany

Studienkolleg in Germany is the introductory college at German universities. The preparatory colleges act as a “connection” to help you transfer from the academic culture of your home-based country to the German-based academic culture. They offer targeted foundation courses for foreign candidates. The professors at the foundation colleges are the “bridge builders”, those are highly qualified and specialized experts who will work with you and guide you in the education path.

After the basic academic education, students will cross the bridge built by the foundation colleges! And at the other end, a new exciting world is waiting for them!

So your qualifications are not reflected enough for studying at a university in Germany? Time to check out the Studienkolleg – a foundation course especially meant for global students to be able to study in Germany.
There are two main types of Studienkolleg; fundamentally, ones attached to a university, and ones attached to a “university of practical sciences” – what people from the United States might call a technical or occupational college. If you go to a Studienkolleg from a university and pass the credentials and exams from it, you can study at any university or vocational college in Germany.

However! If you study at a Studienkolleg at a specialized college, you can only apply to study at occupational colleges in Germany. So please check with the related universities to make sure that when you study at their Studienkolleg, that the qualification is acknowledged at the university at which you want to study! Also, make sure of the necessities for education fees, if any occur. State-driven Studienkolleg-facilities do not charge coaching fees and their qualifications are valid within the entire of Germany. Private Studienkolleg facilities do exist, and they do charge tuition fees, but make sure you get as much information from these services as possible as to their qualifications, their validity, and if the credentials will be accepted by where you eventually wish to study!

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Bounded by the Studienkolleg, there are maybe specialized tracks depending on the subjects you ambition to go on to study. Of course, this will also incorporate German Language Course in Pune as well to help and prepare you in native culture, but the subjects which you wish to study will be also reflected in the curriculum of study.

These education tracks are usually segregated between as follows, with proper consideration of target degrees in mind:

  • The course about medical, biological, and pharmaceutical degrees
  • The course about mathematical, science, or technical degrees (STEM type fields)
  • The course about business, economics, and social science degrees
  • The course about the humanities (including German studies)
  • The course about language degrees

So it is advisable to make sure to check and also double-check the information that you have and what you are looking for! Contact the Studienkolleg that you are interested in direct development programmer, it is essential to get information directly from them. Because they are familiar with working with international students, they will be able to help you to get the most up-to-date information about their programs of study and what can student’s expectations.


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