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Vastu Shastra Course in Pune

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Vastu Shastra Planner

Vastu Shastra Consultant

Vastu Shastra Designer

Vastu Space Planner

Most Popular Employer Name for Candidates with a Home Styling Certification

Infiniti Solutions

Magnaflux Systems

Suncore Microsystem


Coresoftech Solutions & Technologies Pvt Ltd

Teknovance Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Grit Automation and Control Solution PVT.LTD

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Introduction to Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is a conventional Indian arrangement of engineering starting in India which actually means “study of design”. Vastu Shastra consolidate conventional Hindu and now and again Buddhist beliefs. The plans are proposed to coordinate design with nature, the general elements of different pieces of the structure, and old convictions using geometric examples (yantra), balance, and directional arrangements. These are works found on the Indian subcontinent that depict gauges of structure, position, estimations, ground arranging, space game-plan, and spatial geometry. It offers a moderate option in contrast to reestablished an excellent living space, for the most part inside a day. By utilizing your gathered effects costly or unassuming, new or old, with my plan aptitude your home will turn out to be increasingly utilitarian, adjusted and modern.

Proficiency After Training


Adapt simple to-do, Vastu Method and accomplish the outcomes you need without tear-downs or dangerous changes to the house. Learn and Master the craft of adjusting your home and office to lead the existence loaded with wellbeing, riches and satisfaction.


Learn Vastu Method for understanding the effect of your home and work place on your life and intuitive personality.


Become familiar with the deliberate critical thinking strategy with precise finding of the underlying driver of an issue first.


Start giving exact reasons alongside Remedies just by tuning in to the issues of others.


Figure out how to actuate the space around you to get the outcomes you need.


Get the hands-on training of continuous critical thinking through complex contextual analyses. Find solutions to your inquiries and Master the specialty of Vastu Shastra (32 Entrances, 16 Directions, Five Elements and Vastu Remedies).

Vastu Shastra Classes in Pune 

Vastu Shastra are the literary piece of “Vastu Vidya”, the last being the more extensive information about engineering and structure speculations from antiquated India. Vastu Vidya information is an assortment of thoughts and ideas, with or without the help of format graphs that are not inflexible. Or maybe, these thoughts and ideas are models for the association of room and structure inside a structure or assortment of structures, in view of their capacities in connection to one another, their utilization and to the general texture of the Vastu. Old Vastu Shastra standards incorporate those for the structure of Mandir (Hindu sanctuaries), and the standards for the plan and design of houses, towns, urban areas, gardens, streets, waterworks, shops, and other open regions.


Vastu Shastra is a Sanskrit expression that means the “science of Vastu Shastra is known as the yoga of structure and its rules originate from the antiquated Indian information contained in the “Vastu Vidya.” Vastu: The Sanskrit word Vāstu implies a home or house with a relating plot of land. Vāstu-Śhastra (the truly, study of staying) are antiquated Sanskrit manuals of design. These contain Vastu-Vidya (truly, information on abiding).


Vastu Shastra has been a piece of the Indian culture for a great many years. Indeed, even today individuals counsel Vastu specialists before purchasing another property. Vastu Shastra has its starting point in Sthapatya Veda which is a piece of Atharva Veda. 

The early standards were drafted by the sun beams and their varying situations at various occasions of the day. In old occasions, this science was just kept to the planners, known as Sthapathis, and was passed on either verbally or through transcribed monographs. The criticalness of Vastu Shastra is built up by the way that in prior days, the engineering of sanctuaries and royal residences was totally founded on it. Vastu Shastra has likewise been referenced in our old sacred texts like the Mahabharata and the Ramayana. The design of the city of Ayodhya looks to some extent like the plans referenced in the Indian structural content Manasara. Setu connect worked by Lord Ram depended on Vastu standards. The unearthings at Harappa and Mohenjo-daro additionally demonstrate that Vastu Shastra had an effect on the Indus Valley Civilization. 

According to Indian folklore, Vastu is an Asur (Demon) who appealed to Bramhadev and got shelters. This, thus, prodded an unquenchable yearning in him. His capacity developed to such a degree, that he assaulted the Devas (Gods) trying to expend their energies. The Devas at that point asked Bramhadev to assist them with disposing of this risk. Bramhadev requested that the Devas wage a war with Vastu. During the battle, Vastu was pushed back to Earth and he failed on his back with this legs pointing towards Nirrtikon and his head to the Eshankon. Bramhadev then requested that the Gods hop and sit on every organ of Vastu as this will be the main way he can be executed. Bramhadev himself sat on the center of Vastu, and vanquished and murdered Vastu. It is said that ‘The Vastupurusan’ still lies similarly situated with his hands laying on his chest. The arrangement where the Devas sat on Vastu was utilized to draft a framework outline, which encourages Vastu specialists to choose positive bearings in a home.Considerably following a great many years since its foundation, this study of course stays to be exceptionally famous with individuals and many lodging firms like Tata Housing hold fast to it while structuring their activities.

Modern adaptations & usage:

Vāstu Śhastra speaks to an assortment of old ideas and information to numerous cutting edge planners, a rule however not an inflexible code. The square-matrix mandala is seen as a model of association, not as a ground plan. Sachdev and Tillotson express that the mandala is a rule, and utilizing the mandala idea of Vāstu Śhastra doesn’t mean each room or building must be square. The essential topic is around center components of focal space, fringe zones, course as for daylight, and relative elements of the spaces. 

The pink city Jaipur in Rajasthan was ace arranged by Rajput ruler Jai Singh and worked by 1727 CE, to some extent around Vastu Shilpa Shastra standards. So also, present day period undertakings, for example, the draftsman Charles Correa’s structured Gandhi Smarak Sangrahalaya in Ahmedabad, Vidhan Bhavan in Bhopal, and Jawahar Kala Kendra in Jaipur, adjust and apply ideas from the Vastu Shastra Vidya. In the plan of Chandigarh city, Le Corbusier joined current engineering hypotheses with those of Vastu Shastra. 

During the provincial guideline time of India, town arranging authorities of the British Raj didn’t consider Vastu Vidya, however generally joined Islamic Mughal time themes and plans, for example, vaults and curves onto Victorian-period style structures without by and large relationship design. This development, known as Indo-Saracenic design, is found in riotously spread out, however remotely fabulous structures as of now utilized significant railroad stations, harbors, charge assortment structures, and other pioneer workplaces in South Asia. 

Vāstu Śhastra Vidya was disregarded, during pioneer period development, for a few reasons. These writings were seen by nineteenth and mid twentieth century designers as antiquated, the writing was out of reach being in an old language not spoken or read by the modelers, and the old writings accepted space to be promptly accessible. Conversely, open activities in the provincial time were constrained into swarmed spaces and nearby format imperatives, and the old Vastu shastra were seen with partiality as superstitious and unbending about a square matrix or conventional materials of development. Sachdev and Tillotson express that these preferences were defective, as an academic and complete perusing of the Vāstu Śhastra writing sufficiently recommends the modeler is allowed to adjust the plans to new materials of development, neighborhood design limitations and into a non-square space. The structure and fruition of another city of Jaipur in mid 1700s dependent on Vāstu Śhastra writings, a long time before any frontier period open activities, was one of numerous confirmations. Different models incorporate present day open undertakings planned by Charles Correa, for example, Jawahar Kala Kendra in Jaipur, and Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad. Vastu Shastra cures have likewise been applied by Khushdeep Bansal in 1997 to the Parliament complex of India, when he placated that the library being worked alongside the structure is answerable for political insecurity in the nation. 

German draftsman Klaus-Peter Gast states that the standards of Vāstu Śhastras is seeing a significant recovery and wide utilization in the arranging and plan of individual homes, private buildings, business and mechanical grounds, and significant open ventures in India, alongside the utilization of old iconography and legendary craftsmanship joined into the Vastu vidya designs.

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Sumitra Manihar

One of the best Home Styling institute in Pune.Trainers are very good in teaching as well as communication with students this made me easy to learn the concepts they will teach easy method of doing our designs. Perfect for any beginner interested in design field.
Counselling session helped me a lot to get clarity of best career option for me.Appreciate the ever helping nature of the staff.

Praveen Singh

I have completed my Home Styling training from Seven Mentor. The environment here is really good. The friendly counsellor and experienced trainers helps a lot to clear my doubts. The lab is well equipped, which helped me to brush up my skills.  I suggest if you want to do Home Styling join here.

Shubham Singh

I had enquired for my sister for Home Styling courses and was satisfied with the course content quality and cost . The entire experience was good and i liked the environment a lot. The faculty is experienced and helpful in Nature and go out of the way to solve doubts. Keep up the good work !!

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