Vendor Evaluation Process in SAP MM

  • By Saurabh Bapat
  • December 29, 2023
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Vendor Evaluation Process in SAP MM

Vendor Evaluation Process in SAP MM

The Vendor Evaluation Process in SAP MM is a critical aspect of supply chain management, ensuring that organizations collaborate with reliable and efficient suppliers. This process involves assessing and rating vendors based on various criteria such as delivery performance, product quality, pricing, and overall reliability. 

  • Assess vendor performance objectively based on predefined criteria.
  • Identify best-performing vendors for preferred sourcing.
  • Improve supplier relationships through continuous feedback and development.
  • Reduce procurement risks and costs by selecting reliable vendors.

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Key Steps:

  • Configuration:

      • Define Weighting Keys: Assign weights to evaluation criteria (e.g., price, quality, delivery, service) to reflect their relative importance.
      • Define Criteria: Specify the precise sub-criteria within each main criterion (e.g., price level, goods receipt, quality audit).
      • Define Scope List: Determine the vendors to be evaluated and the materials/services to be included.
      • Maintain Purchasing Organization Data: Activate vendor evaluation for specific purchasing organizations and assign weighting keys.
  • Evaluation:

      • Automatic Data Collection: The system automatically collects relevant data from purchase orders, goods receipts, quality results, and other sources.
      • Manual Input (Optional): Supplement with manual assessments for criteria not easily quantifiable (e.g., communication, flexibility).
      • Score Calculation: Scores are calculated for each criterion based on defined scales and weightings.
      • Overall Score: A weighted average is computed to produce a final vendor score.
  • Analysis and Reporting:

      • Vendor Evaluation List (ME61): View detailed scores, rankings, and historical trends for vendors.
      • Vendor Evaluation Statistics (ME6E): Analyze overall performance and identify areas for improvement.
      • Custom Reports: Create tailored reports to meet specific analysis needs.
  • Action:

    • Identify Top-Performing Vendors: Recognize and reward high-performing suppliers.
    • Target Improvement Areas: Collaborate with underperforming vendors to address issues and enhance performance.
    • Make Informed Sourcing Decisions: Select vendors based on objective evaluation scores, reducing risks and optimizing procurement outcomes.

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Additional Considerations:

  • Regular Updates: Ensure evaluation criteria and weightings align with current business priorities.
  • Communication and Collaboration: Share evaluation results with vendors to encourage continuous improvement and strengthen relationships.
  • Integration with Other SAP Modules: Leverage vendor evaluation data for sourcing decisions, contract management, and supplier risk management.

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