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  • October 6, 2021
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As we all know that COVID pandemic changes the lifestyle of the entire world. Before Covid the working parameters are totally different and after Covid there is a huge difference in our working style pattern. Every industry, all sector, businesses have suffered during COVID. Some of them are totally shut down, some of them are struggling and some are doing great. It depends upon the strategies they adopt to survive in COVID.

Same As HR- Human Resource Department also changes their working pattern and style of working. Most of the organisations have allowed their employees to work from home. Even education industry the school and colleges where small children were studying, they are getting their education virtually. All of us has adopted the changes for our survivals. We all are struggling for our live hoods so we adopted all the possible ways to earn our livelihoods. 

As all employees are working remotely (from their home), HR’s work has increased a lot. Apart from Managing the day to day activities of the employees virtually, Recruitment, Selection and Onboarding of the employees are also done Virtually-


So, Virtual Onboarding of Employees is really the Requirement of the time-

Onboarding doesn’t just start from the first day of the employment. Rather it start much before- How??   When the employee accept the offer, pre onboarding starts from that only. Pre-onboarding involves that your new member should be onboarded in the company properly and should be comfortable and the process should be ease. HR needs to remain connected with the new joiners, till their joining. HR starts the background verficiation process of the employee after getting the required documents before joining of the employee which means that employee has become the member of your organisations that’s why you are investing time on the pre-onboarding process. 

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First day Preparation

HR need to prepare themselves for the very first day of the employee. Sitting arrangements, ID Card, visiting cards, email ids, their induction plan, orientation plan are needs to be remain ready before the joining of the employee. But in the virtual onboarding, only the email id, induction plan, employees e-visting card needs to be ready. Their IT assets needs to be ready to courier them to their homes.


Ensuring the setting up of IT Assets


HR needs to ensure that whatever the Assets being sent to the employee needs to be set properly and are in proper use and remain connected so that employee should feel comfortable and the virtual onboarding should be hassle free.

Documentation of employee

As we know documentation is the important part of employee onboarding and in Virutal onboarding its not possible to get the hard copies signed by the employee. So all the necessary letters, joining kits, legal documents etc. needs to be e-signed or digitally signed by the employee and soft copy to be emailed to the HR.


Plan some surprises for employees delight

When the employee joins at the office physically, HR has to arrange coffee and lunch for them as you have to show the culture of your company and need to establish the human connection with you new boards. But when you have onboarded the employee virtually then how you can offer lunch to them. So you can order their favourite food at their home so they will really feel delight for your company.



Now the question arises that how will you onboard your new hires when their first day in the office is not in the office and from their homes? How will you give them the induction training, how will you introduce them with your team members? How will you Induct them so that there should be strong bond between the new hire and the Company and they can understand your Company’s Culture also-


  1. Company Introduction

When your new employee joins the company they feel little nervous on their first day and when they knew that they will be e-inducted so their nervousness increased so in this case HR needs to be very sophisticated with them. There should be a separate conference room from where HR needs to give the online induction, introduce them with the team members, and make them aware of the company’s policy and process. Employee should feel comfortable.


  1. Welcome email

A welcome email should be sent to the employee by marking all other stakeholders in bcc in which a proper welcome note should be there so that employee should feel delight. Welcome messages from the CEO, HR or the team Manager can be mentioned in the Welcome email.

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  1. Sharing of Technology-. Communication with your new hire will ensure they feel as much at ease as possible. Use the technology available to you to get in touch and welcome them to the team. Tools like Zoom, Google meet, Microsoft teams will work for that. 
  2. Team introduction- 

Team Introduction or virtual introduction with the respective team members is also very essential as it is a part of the Induction. When the entire office is working remotely so it is required that face to face introduction should be there. Introduction should be face to face through Zoom or Microsoft Team etc. Everyone should know each other through face to face.


  1. Database-


Use your technology to make the onboarding process as smooth as possible. We suggest creating a database of your policies and procedures that your new hire can refer back to when needed. As part of the pre-boarding process, you can email them a link to this site, which they can then peruse in their own time. 


  1. Updating Company’s Culture-


Your Company’s Culture will make a big difference whether the new joiner will retain in your company or not or leave early. This is the responsibility of HR that a proper reflection of Company’s Culture should be feel by the employee. It’s all about making your new hire feel valued and welcomed, not left behind.


Apart from this HR need to ensure that during the joining of the employee A Detailed Company Manual needs to be given to the employee during the very first day of joining. During the virtual onboarding e-manuals can be provided so that Employee feel a connect with the Company.



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