What is Software Testing?

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  • January 28, 2023
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What is Software Testing?

Do you know What is Software Testing In Software Testing it isn’t sufficient to demonstrate that the software is doing what it’s supposed to do.
In Software Testing it’s more important to demonstrate that the software isn’t doing what it isn’t supposed to do.

What is Software testing

Software testing can also be stated as the process of validating and vindicating that a software program/ operation/ product
workshop as anticipated according to the business and specialized conditions.
workshop constantly and predictably.
Process of chancing blights i.e. friction between Anticipated results and factual results.
Process of executing a software program operation with intent of chancing crimes.


Why – What – How- Who?

    Why to test?
    What to test?
    How frequently to test?
      Who tests?


Why is Testing necessary?


Software Testing is necessary to make sure the product or operation is disfigurement free, as per client specifications. SevenMentor is the best Institute of Software Testing Training in Pune because it conducts all the basic knowledge before starting the software testing

What is Software Testing

Software Testing identifies faults whose junking increases the software quality and increases the software’s trust ability. The more complex the program, more the testing trouble is needed.


   Testing trouble is directly commensurable to the complexity of the program.


Software should be


    Error Free    



        Software Testing is important as it may beget charge failure, impact functional 

     performance, and be unreliable if not done duly. Join SevenMentor to learn Software Testing Course in Pune


What is Launch Testing is Software Testing- When?


    Testing starts right from the phase of the condition and continues till the release time.


    the ideal of starting early


Conditions-related blights caught latterly in the SDLC result in an advanced cost to fix the disfigurement.


Start Testing – When?

What is Software Testing

Objective of starting early:


     Requirements related defects caught later in the SDLC result in higher costs to fix the     defect.

Stop Testing (Economics of Testing)

What is Software Testing?


  • The following factors are considered to explain What is Software Testing:


  • Test cases executed with an acceptable percentage of defects
  • Project Deadlines e.g., release deadlines, testing deadlines
  • Test budget has run out.
  • Coverage of code, functionality or requirements reaches to a specific point
  • Bug rate falls below an acceptable level


Participants in Software Testing


  • Customer
  • User
  • Developer
  • Tester
  • Auditor

What is Software Testing?


Common problems in the software development process

Poor Conditions – unclear, deficient,

                             too general

Unrealistic Schedule – If too important work is crammed in too little time, 

                             problems are ineluctable.

shy testing –         No bone will know whether or not the program is any good   

                             till the client complains or the system crashes. Features – 

                              A request to pile on new features after development is 


extremely common Miscommunications – If inventors don’t know what’s 

                            demanded or guests have incorrect prospects, problems are 



What is Software Testing?


Best Practices in Testing

  • Test Planning
  • Code Testability
  • Test often
  • Test early
  • Measure test costs, coverage, results, and effectiveness.
  • Negative Testing: Needs Kick the wall approach



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