Why should Learn Node.js?

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  • November 20, 2019
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Why should Learn Node.js?

Learn Node.js

In this blog of Full Stack Training in Pune, I will discuss why one should learn Node.js? And node architecture in detail. Well, everyone is aware of that Node.js is one of the popular languages which allow JavaScript to work on Server coding. In earlier days JavaScript is work on Client side language and on server side Java, .Net is used .Now a days a Node.js is used in across the application. Node.js is in the list of most popular server platforms. It is use in MEAN stack. Learning a Node.js is a great start for Full Stack development hence in career knowledge of Node.js is a valuable a asset in a development.Node.js open ups a various career opportunities in software development .It is hottest technology used in silicon valley . Currently it is use in Microsoft, Yahoo, VMware, EBay and many top companies. Let’s discuss reason why should learn Node.js from Full Stack Classes in Pune.

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  Node.js allows building complex and powerful applications: Node.js is asynchronous –driven architecture. It has V8 JavaScript engine which is one of the fastest implementation of JavaScript. Node.js is powerful because it has it work on asynchronous way for handling data between client and server. Let’s compare traditional application server model which is based on blocking IO.


Traditional web server model has dedicated thread pool. When a client sent a request in this model then each request is handle by thread from the thread pool. At any point of time if thread is not available in thread pool then request is waits till the next thread available for serving the request. Dedicated thread execute request and returns a response then only return the thread pool.

Node.js Process Model

Node.js processes client request in different way than that of traditional web server model.Node.js has single process hence application code will be running on single thread hence it needs less resources as compare to other platforms. In node.js web application all the client request is handled by single thread and for all I/O work and long running task is performed asynchronously for a request. In this model single thread doesn’t have to wait for request to complete .It is free to handle next request. As soon as asynchronous I/O work completes it will processes the request further and sent the response.

In single thread model an event loop is constantly watching for the events to raise for asynchronous job. It will execute the call back function when the job is completed.Node.js internally uses libev for event loop which in terns uses C++ thread pool for asynchronous I/O.

Asynchronous web server model using Node.js.

Node 2

Node.js allows us to use non-blocking I/O which manages multiple requests. If at a moment can’t process the request then it effectively executed later without holding up the other thread. Because of this asynchronous nature we can built application’s complex code without adding complexity to code.

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Node.js is suited to building micro services:

Micro services have become rapidly growing architecture style .Before micro services monolithic architecture was used which means there is a large container which all other parts of software component are assembled together and tightly coupled.Microservice architecture style is a structure an application as collection of small autonomous services which model around the business model. Each service of micro service is self-contained and implements a single business capability.

Node 3

In Micro services different devices try to use different services such as build, configure etc.Services are separated based on their domains and functionalities.

Node.js provides the following benefits:

Productivity – NPM (node package manager) of node.js gives  tons of ready to use modules which speed up the development process. JavaScript interface language is uses by Node.js this can be use for backend and front end development hence a lots of development time is same.

Performance –Node.js is event driven I/O model with micro services strategy which handle extreme amount of load and increase response time.

Developer Friendly –Node.js has vast community support and a lots of developers across the globe. Node package manager (npm) gives millions of ready to module which helps a developers for rapid application development .Node.js enables faster development of application through development life cycle.

Node.js uses more than just web development-As we aware Node.js is flexible. It’s flexibility means it can be used for wide range of different purpose. NPM provides millions of modules for building application for web it is also useful tool for working in ops or infrastructure.Node.js is best tool for developing other development tools. If someone is working to support team of developers to help entire distributed system then Node.js knowledge role could be vital in empowering to build own support tools. Node .js is start using in IOT.

Node.js Community Driven-Node has provided instinct functionality to build different type of application, at a same time it has successful open source community which added additional capabilities of Node.js. One of famous module is Socket.io which is use to manage connection between client and server and allow us to create application which push real time update to client.Socket.io technology used to maintain connections , developer is not bother about it , hence developer is focus on other business logic with less coding. Let us see the example.

Example Node Js

Above just 10 lines of code to create Socket code. The client-side code is just as simple, just think of other possibilities! Future writing scalable, real-time applications begins now.

Node.js is a robust-Now a days there is no other tool is available to that brings JavaScript to the server. Google has put a heavily efforts on V8 which an import part of Node.js project and it become strengthen day by day. 

Node.js application hosted anywhere-Recent years there is a considerable exponential growth in Node.js usage. Different cloud-based hosting provider and web server is build on Node such as Google,Amazon,AWS and many more. 

Lets now understand node Architecture. 

Node.js Architecture:

Node 3

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Node.js Runtime:

Node.js runtime is a set of executable programs which actually responsible for running Node application. Basically it is consist of (As shown in above figure)

1>Node API: The Node.js API is a JavaScript utilities module. Node API gives us set built in modules for building our application. Some of those module are use to deal with underlying OS such as File system module which is sit at a top (Node core) . Some of the built-in module is as follows:

·         File System

·         Events

·         HTTP

·         Stream.

2>Node Core : Node has set of JavaScript module which implement Node API.Some of the module is depend on C++ and libuv for the implementation detail. Node core has

o   JavaScript Engine: It is very fast JavaScript to machine code compiler for loading ,optimizing and run out JavaScript code . Name of the Engine is Chrome V8 Engine.

o   Event Loop :It is implemented by using an event driven and non blocking I/O Library which makes it efficient and scalable .

The Node runtime’s infrastructure is has following two major components:

  • JavaScript engine :-Java Script Engine Chrome’s V8 engine is used by Node , Which is responsible to run all of JavaScript Code .To execute our Node application we need to Node API and other JavaScript packages from npm registry. When we execute our node application then a single instance of chrome V8 engine is started.
  • A non-blocking I/O library : Node provides a non blocking I/O library which is use to handle multiple requests at a time.


Prerequisite of Node.js

One should familiar to JavaScript to learn Node.js . It not then at least any programming language c,c++,Java or .Net.

Install Node and NPM software:

From node.org download installation platform for your platform and install it in your computer.

Node Module System:

Node.js simple or complex functionality is organized in a single or multiple JavaScript file which can be reuse throughout   the Node.js application. Each module in Node.js has it own functionality so that it cannot interfere with other module. Every module is put in separate js file in different folder.

Node.js core module:

Core module include minimum functionality of Node.js is light weight framework .These basic module load automatically when Node.js process is started. In our application Full Stack Course in Pune need to import the functionality from the code module.

Below table gives information of Core module important module:

Core Module Description
http This module includes classes ,event and methods to create http node.js server
url This module includes methods for url resolution and parsing
path This module includes methods deal with file path
Fs This module includes methods ,classes and event to work with file I/O
querystring This module includes methods deal with query string
Util This module gives a utility functionalities for Node.js

Core Module loading Syntax:

  var module=require(‘module_name’);

To use Node.js core or NPM modules, you first need to import it using require () function as shown below.


In above syntax the module name in the require() function. This function returns an object, function, property or JavaScript  depending up on specified module returns.

Conclusion :

Node.js is trending and opens various possibilities to the developer to leverage to build highly scalable and robust application.



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