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3Ds MAX Training in Pune

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Career Opportunities

After completion of this course you will be able to apply for a job roles.

3D Designer

3D Visualizer

Jr 3D Designer

Sr 3D Designer

Most Popular Employer Name for Candidates with a 3Ds MAX + V-RAY Certification


Jinu Interior

Platinum Realty

Brand Studio


Censitive Creations


Salary Growth Rates for Freshers


Introduction to 3Ds MAX + V-RAY Course

Introduction 3Ds MAX :

Autodesk 3Ds Max is Computer Graphics Program software which is used for creating 3D models in the interior, walkthrough animations, and digital representative images.  Autodesk 3Ds Max is one of the most popular 3Ds Max Training in Pune for the designing programs in the computer graphics industry and is the most well known 3Ds Max Classes in Pune in software for supporting a robust toolset for 3D designers.

Autodesk 3Ds Max is one of the most favorite 3Ds Max classes in Pune in software among all the game developers, TV commercial studios, and design architects. Autodesk 3ds Max software is officially owned by Autodesk, the same company responsible for developing software programs like Maya and AutoCAD.

Introduction V-RAY :

Amongst the best V-Ray Training in Pune a huge number of rendering engines, are global terms of popularity, V-Ray courses in Pune have its own permanent place in the leading world. The V-Ray courses in Pune have V-Ray as one of the most globally widespread rendering plugins worldwide. Though, as long as we know, a great majority of the best V-Ray training in Pune offers their V-Ray users to have only the superficial knowledge of V-Ray possibilities and features. This might be a great occasion to change it, as we start learning or developing and strengthening the keys of this software will enhance the knowledge.

Proficiency After Training


Students after taking training in 3Ds Max will be capable of making materials as per their design needs.


Students will be able of making Stunning interior design models.


Students will be capable of designing the interior of their spaces as per the client requirements and provide them mesmerizing views.


Students will be able to create realistic texture and appelling views of the interior model.


Creating Dynamic walkthrough with the designed space will be additive feature for the designers client.


Students will be able to create dynamic rendered images as per the clients design requirements.


Students will be able to represents designers design vision with the help of rendered images to the client.


Satisfying the design needs and creating innovative and relevant new design styles with soothing design visualiser can create his mark ups.

3Ds MAX Training in Pune

Autodesk 3Ds Max is often used for rendering photorealistic images of interior and exterior of buildings and other objects. When it comes to 3Ds Max certification in Pune the modeling of building and interior of houses, 3Ds Max has unmatched in speed and simplicity.

Autodesk 3Ds Max software can handle several stages of the model creation like pipeline including pre-visualization of layout, cameras, modeling, texturing, VFX, lighting, and rendering.

As one of the Best 3Ds Max training in Pune, globally used 3D package in the world, 3ds Max is an important integral part of many professional studios and architectural firms and creates a significant portion of their production of Interior modeling for Architects and Designers.

History Of 3Ds MAX 

The original 3D design product 3Ds MAX was created for the DOS platform by Gary Yost and the Yost Group of Company and was published by Autodesk. The release of 3Ds Max the 3D Studio made Autodesk previous 3D rendering package Auto Shade complete and user-friendly. After 3Ds MAX DOS Release 4, the product was rewritten and restructured for the Windows NT platform, DOS platform and renamed “3D Studio MAX”. This version of 3Ds MAX was also originally created by the Yost Group. It was priorly released by Kinetix, which was at those times Autodesk’s division of media and entertainment platform.

Autodesk had purchased the 3Ds MAX product on the 2nd release with the update of the 3D Studio MAX version and personally persuade internalized development entirely over the next two releases. Later, the 3Ds MAX product name was changed to “3ds max” (in all lower case) to perfect comply with the naming conventions of Discreet, it’s a Montreal-based software company which Autodesk had purchased.

When 3Ds MAX was re-released, the product was again restructured and branded with the Autodesk logo, and the short name was again changed to “3Ds Max” (upper and lower case), while the formal product of 3Ds MAX name became the current “Autodesk 3ds Max”.

Uses Of 3Ds MAX 

The best 3Ds Max training in Pune for 3Ds Max normally caters to architectural designers and interior 3D designers the most. 3Ds Max training in Pune is for rigging and interior modeling, 3ds Max has covered all the necessary things or assets for professional work. So it is often used by 3Ds Max courses in Pune by the professional designers working on big-budget projects, even smaller commercial spaces, flats and residential bungalows that need some 3D models.

Many firms have made use of 3Ds Max courses in Pune, or previously released versions of  3Ds Max program under various names, in walkthrough animations in commercial projects and lot more for residential apartment designing, which contain a huge amount of computer-generated graphics from 3ds Max along with live-walking action. Mud box was also mainly used in the final texturing of the furniture items and upholstery, and designing details with 3ds Max and Mud box which is being closely related.

3Ds Max training in Pune is been majorly used in the development of 3D computer graphics for a number of huge commercial projects.

Architectural designers, engineering firms, and interior designing firms use 3Ds Max courses in Pune software for developing the concept of art and previsualization of the views of designs projects. 3Ds Max courses in Pune shares a close resemblance and acceptance to AutoCAD.

The best 3Ds Max institute in Pune at secondary and tertiary level use 3Ds Max in their courses on 3D computer graphics and computer walkthrough animation.

3Ds MAX Classes in Pune

Major Features Of 3Ds MAX

Autodesk  3Ds Max courses in Pune are basically, although it is not completely, based on a polygon modeling. Polygon modeling is used more prominently in interior design than in other walkthrough animation application as it precisely offers a high-end specific control over all the individual polygons that are used to make up the design model. This extensive feature of polygon modeling also allows for the huge optimization of the design model.

Usually, In  3Ds Max training in Pune, the designing process begins at the selection of a primary model bundled with 3D design studio, which is then further refined as per design need. The current 3Ds Max courses in Pune offers the3Ds Max versions which have a very simplified and easy mesh editing interface tool and using the ‘edit poly’ tool modifier which moves the rest tools available in the primary design model, greater in the tool modifier stack, allowing it to be used on top of other tool modifications.

In the 3Ds Max training in Pune, the 3Ds Max software has various unique primary shapes such as teapots, a cone, pyramids, and cubes are readily available which can be used as a base for design model development.

Although using polygons is just the method of choice for modeling a building, surfaces if the structure is easier to get defined using other simpler methods. In 3Ds Max’s subdivision, the surface support allows objects to get smoothened surfaces and with the help of tools like Soft Selection, which allows the easy manipulation of vertex clouds into the desired shape and styles without depletion from un-necessary shapes and displaying all the smooth surfaces. The design sculpting brush feature grants all smooth surfaces to be driven by hand, if the used polygons show a distorted image, although it shows that its functionality is restricted.

The all-new NURBs feature of Autodesk 3D design studio grants smooth surfaces rendition by use of a logical-mathematical formula and is of higher use to précised simulation of designing parts. This is of highest use in applications such as Architectural design and interior design.

The 3Ds Max courses in Pune covers the software programs in 3Ds Max which allows the use of customizing lighting and shadows adjuster and the key highlights which can also be ‘burned’ into the image rendered program. These settings are mostly primarily used for game imagery since to adjust the pre-fit values of shadows effects and highlight effects to allows the development engine to process low data thereby improving design speed and better quality performance as the design model is primarily painted with the required design modifications.

This also solves the effect for prominent lighting conditions during the walkthrough, especially when they walk motion is involved, the render images do not get faltered and gives a constant, precise image, free of irregular shadows and bad graphics textures.

For a design like interior models, 3Ds Max includes simulation for textures, fabrics, metals and wooden effects, all requirements for simulation of interior design. All these inbuilt add-ons features reduce the time required for interior model development and improve the detail for each frame.

3Ds Max also includes solid structure dynamics which means that simulation of solid bodies such as wooden structure or bricks structures is easy to perform designing. 3Ds Max software is also equipped with a lot more features like the shatter effect to recreate the dynamics of shattering solid objects. However, the 3Ds Max courses in Pune offer the soft body dynamics, which grants for the motion simulation of re-structure able objects, is not supported by 3Ds Max, which directly makes the conversion of such objects difficult.

A very needful feature of this 3Ds Max software is the support system for the Inverse Kinematics function and Forward Kinematics function. Inverse Kinematics function or skeleton modeling allows the user to design a model and fit it with an adjustment with the skeleton, which can then be designed as per the requirements of the designer. This skeleton model can then be placed inside the model, making the design of the model easier.


This is a 6 months certificate course in 3Ds Max and AutoCAD. Through this course, you will get to know about 3D visualization and its implementation in the market. There is increasing use of digitized 3D modeling and representation in architecture and constructions. This course makes you a professional by creating eye-catching CG imagery.


After finishing the certificate course in 3Ds max and AutoCAD, you can work as a 3D artist and visualizer in an architectural or real estate firm. In the present industry, there is a huge demand for skillful 3D visualizers. Besides this, you may develop a career in 3D animation which has a huge demand


In this certificate course in 3ds max and AutoCAD, the student will know about 3D visuals, modeling, texturing and compositing objects and implementing them in the industry. In the end, of course, the student shall prepare a portfolio that can be used to demonstrate at the time of looking for a job. To get more detailed information, visit our course coverage tab, below on this page.


According to the Acacia research group, a market for 3D visualization is increasing from $ 16.5 billion to $ 20 billion worldwide. The architectural visualization industry is in need of 3D visualizers. “3D visuals have a huge scope in the market,” says a top 3D visualizer.


Sevenmentor, we have a separate placement office that takes care of your professional grooming, placement assistance, and soft skills development. Our focus is not only to make you an artist or animator but also to bring forth a professional whom the industry looks up to. The college has tied up with several local and national level animation studios and designing houses to ensure successful participants get the best possible opportunity from the very start.


Week 1:Introduction to AutoCAD environment
Week 2:AutoCAD Drafting Tools
Week 3:Creating and Managing Text Styles
Week 4:Creating Drawing with Drawing Units
Week 5:Creating & Editing Attributes
Week 6:Exporting AutoCAD file for working in 3dS Max
Week 7:3D Max Modelling and 3D Elevation
Week 8:Texturing Objects in 3Ds Max
Week 9:Lighting in 3D Max
Week 10:Working with Default Rendering
Week 11:V-Ray Rendering in 3Ds Max
Week 12:Finishing touches and project

V-RAY Training in Pune

Why Go For V-RAY Training in Pune at SevenMentor?

The major aim of SevenMentor is to guide their students in “How to develop photorealistic visualization and simply achieve the result as per the design requirements. We at SevenMentor believe that to achieve this purpose or aim, one should, leave the V-Ray aside for some time, and primarily take basic knowledge of the instrument that we are using: a computer which is en cooperated with its software and hardware attributes and a little bit of science and art information. In the V-Ray Courses in Pune the V-Ray renderer versions for different programs like google sketch-up and 3Ds Max vary from themselves only by the belonging interface, the guide is helpful for all the V-Ray users. Thus, V-Ray courses in Pune in this content its secrets are put forth for you on the 3ds Max V-Ray versions.

The most important and the Best V-Ray training in Pune at the same time is the largest part, the one dedicated to renderer panel. The V-Ray Classes in Pune for the software covers all the V-Ray parameters and functions that we are able to see after tapping on F10 button let me bring it to your notice, that we are conversating about 3Ds Max V-Ray version. All content in the Best V-Ray Training in Pune is preceded by a detailed introduction. In the V-Ray Classes in Pune the V-Ray software: Frame Buffer (VFB) plugin case which includes clear detailed explanation on what VFB Frame Buffer is applied for and also lets us know where we can find it’s too separated tools. Then V- Ray: Global Switches role is rectified with a simple discussion on all the parameters it is composed off. Each and every particular issue is  illustrated, that makes the learning process very simple and easy. The huge content is connected with space which is devoted to V-Ray: Image Sampler. We at SevenMentor analyze here the aliasing phenomenon and teach the sampling processing in V- Ray. After teaching it we will know, among the rest other, that how subdivision of number affects both rendering time of a view and it’s quality of rendering, or with use of which technology antialiasing is computerized. Apart from all this information, The Francesco Legrenzi presents a set of simple 10 examples to this V-Ray theme: from a very simple example, explaining on two renders instance what image antialiasing really is – to more complex structure, cleaning up how antialiasing effects on the textures, bump effect, DOF, or rest other effects. Many of these Best V-Ray training institutes in Pune create programs which include short tutorial showing how to create and render scenes for discussed problems step-by-step.

V-RAY Classes in Pune at SevenMentor

V-Ray courses in Pune offer V-Ray: Environmental effect which is another discussed parameter, which has major impact on primary and final image appearance. Not just only because a background effect texture often makes a major part of the final render or walkthrough space. It may also get affected by skylight feature or reflection/refraction features. The primary environment feature analyzes touches or feels the issue of HDRI image maps used for that purpose and strong relation between two software like 3DsMax’s and V-Ray’s environment effect option. Next, under the ‘environment effect’ position in renderer rollout feature, we can find a rear caustics parameter, that is needed in the rendering scenes including objects with refractive effects or reflective materials. It’s better to acquire sometimes with graphs explaining this primary phenomenon and two methods for computation in VRay. It is majorly worth paying attention also to those parameters, that majorly allow us to control the caustics effect, which would not be found under ‘V-Ray: Caustics’ rollout.

V-Ray courses in Pune takes V-Ray: RQMC Sampler rollout which has only some controllers features, but we need the primary knowledge that how to use them which may significantly affect both render time of the scene and quality of the rendered scene. Once again, the multitude of illustrations with the specified rendering time of the scene and well used parameters which allow quickest learning technique.
What needs to be majorly emphasized, content in the syllabus are re-presented in a very easy comprehensive way. A similar occasion of re-presenting V-Ray certification in Pune Color Mapping tool, we also get to learn more about what a light setting from a physical point of view is used, we understand the solar beam with the composition of colors, or even how the process of allowing sight unfolds in the designer fabrics. The phenomenon of multiple color sight from a biological perspective view and some techniques for expressing those multiple colors are explained primarily for example by means of color hue, color luminosity, and color saturation, or numerically. With this basic information we get to understand how computers “perceive or receive” and project colors, and also we understand how to manage the color saturation using software and hardware devices. Finally, the device color management systems reach computer Linear Work Flow system (LWF). The software V-Ray courses in Pune offers Camera as the secondary rollout in the V-Ray renderer panel, but the primary discussion about it starts from 3Ds Max software camera parameters description, including all the ratios of the focal length, field of image view and the others ratios. Then the secondary options from V-Ray software: Camera panel are majorly explained: a set of camera types used in rendering, the field of image view term or the techniques of motion blur phenomenon.
The primary discussion about generating displacement consists of two tools which V-Ray offers. The first tool is V-Ray: Default displacement the tool which can be controlled/accessed via renderer panel and the second tool is V-Ray Displacement Mod tool. As all its name suggests for the rendering plugins we can’t find this tool in renderer rollout. In this write up the difference between bump and displacement of objects is cleared and put forth with the factors which are in a good quality image render on which displacement depends on. Due to the image renderer panel layout, the secondary issue we are planning about is to talk about is V-Ray: Image Render System. Francesco Legrenzi simultaneously follows the rollout trends division and presents a set of six groups of parameters each separately: Raycaster params, A Render region subdivision, Frame stamp, Distributed an image rendering, V-Ray log, and a lot more Miscellaneous options. All these groups differ considerably from themselves. Majorly we describe such problems, named as with V-Ray’s Binary Space Partitioning (BSP) tree, which we at SevenMentor comments as essential knowledge for anyone working in the designing and development field of 2D or 3d design, We at SevenMentor also explains how to control all the similar bucket parameters or the best and easy way of computing an image over several all different computers.

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