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Introduction to Moral Hacking 

This course is mapped to the popular SevenMentor hacking course Expert course for Hacking SevenMentor Pvt Ltd. we are having expertise in training SevenMentor hacking course Courseware for professionals who are looking for comprehensive and total knowledge in the network security domain. This is the course which teaches both hacking and countermeasure techniques. And in keeping with SevenMentor Training standards, this course is entirely hands on and real time oriented. And need we say, the instructors are network security and intrusion specialists with several years of work experience.

The SevenMentor hacking course course in pune is the bravest pinnacle of the most desired information security training course or program any information security professional would ever want to be in. Indeed to master the hacking technologies, you will need to become the best at one, but an morally correct one! This accredited course provides the best and the most advanced deliverable hacking tools and techniques used by hackers nowadays and information security professionals to gain authoritative position in an organization. As we put it, “To beat a hacker in his own game, you need to think like a hacker and beat him in his own back yard”.

This statement and commitment in course demands to immerse yourself into the Hacker Mindset so that you would be adept to defend against future attacks. Security is a mindset in any organization must not be limited to the silos of a certain vendor, technologies or pieces of equipment but also to have a sense of authority on ownership of stated and developed this dealt in their own surroundings. This is the point wherein SevenMentor steps in to make, create and defend its surroundings in all odd making it one of the best delivering SevenMentor hacking course coaching classes in pune with the best of credentials like SevenMentor hacking course training in pune,SevenMentor hacking course course in pune,SevenMentor hacking course training institutes in pune,SevenMentor hacking course classes in pune those which then again thinking like a hacker we are beating others to it be the best in their own game.

This course puts you in the saddle of the driver’s seat with a hands-on environment delivering in a systematic process. Where you will be exposed to the environmental surroundings to an entirely different way of achieving the most optimal information security posture in any of the organizations; by hacking it! The process of scanning, testing, hacking and securing your own systems. You will be taught in one of the most effective efficient phases of SevenMentor hacking course and the different methodical ways to approach your target and also help succeed at breaking in every time this takes into account the five distinct phases which include Reconnaissance, Gaining Access, Enumeration, Maintaining Access, and covering your tracks so that there is no trail to be left behind.

This is what keeps us ahead of the game..

The basic hacking tools and techniques in each of the phases are provided in depth and detail in an encyclopedic approach to help you identify every time when an attack can be or has been used against your own targets. Then this question looms which is why is this training called the SevenMentor hacking course Course? The reason being using the same game techniques as the bad guys, you can assess the best possible security posture of an organization by becoming the same approach used by these malicious hackers use, identify the weaknesses and fix the problems even before they are identified upon by the enemy, even before causing what could potentially be a catastrophic damage to your respective organization making a good thing go bad.

We live in an era where attacks are susceptible to be come from anyplace at any point of time and we never know till the attack is done how skilled, well-funded, or persistent the threat will be and by the time you know about it it is already too late. Throughout this course, you will be immersed to be the hacker’s mind, evaluating not just logical, but physical security poised threats. Exploring every possible point of entry into the system before they find the weakest link to be attacked on in an organization. The perpetual user information put open by, the secretary, the CEO, misconfigurations, even information left in the dumpster all of these can be used against the organization the only fact remains you just don’t know how it’s done till it’s done.

Both SevenMentor hacking course, Morally correct hacker are terms used to describe hacking which is an act performed by a company or individual to help identify and eradicate potential threats on a computer or network. An morally correct hacker starts by making attempts to bypass system security and simultaneously searching for any weak entry wound points that could be exploited by such malicious hackers. This information or generation/origin points are then used by the organization in a bid to improve the system security, in an effort to minimize or eliminate any potential attacks those which may occur in the future.

What constitutes SevenMentor hacking course?

For hacking said to be and also deemed to be morally correct, the hacker must obey the following rules:

Expressed (often written) permissions to probe the network and attempt to identify potential security risks to be nullified.

You need to respect the individual’s as well as company’s privacy.

You close out your work when done, so as to not leaving anything open for someone to exploit at a later time.

Letting know the software developer or hardware manufacturer know of any security vulnerabilities as well as threats you locate in their software or hardware, if not already known by the company heads.

The term “morally correct hacker” has widely received criticism at times from people who say that there are a lot of things to an “morally correct” hacker. Stating Hacking is hacking, no matter how and where you look at it and those who do the hacking for a living are commonly referred to as computer criminals / cyber criminals. The work that morally correct hackers do for any organizations has helped develop and improve system security and can be said to be fruitfully effective and successful. Individuals interested in becoming an morally correct hacker can positively work towards a certification for becoming Morally correct Hacker.

An morally correct hacker is a normal and basic computer and networking expert who systematically and strategically attempts to penetrate a computer eco-system or networking on behalf of its owners for the essential purpose of finding all types of security vulnerabilities that a malicious hacker could potentially exploit at any point of time.

Hackers’ use of ransomware is steadily growing and getting more sophisticated to be tracked. Morally correct hackers use the same distinct but differential methods and techniques to test and help bypass a system’s defenses as for their less-principled counterparts, essentially taking advantage of any and all vulnerabilities which are found, they document them with sequential deftness and provide actionable advice on how to fix them so that organizations can improve its overall security. This basic sensibility is what is taught so fruitfully at SevenMentor, SevenMentor hacking course training in pune,SevenMentor hacking course course in pune,SevenMentor hacking course training institutes in pune,SevenMentor hacking course classes in pune which makes the difference between keeping your secrets and letting it slip to entire world to see, this differential is one of the basic things to be dealt with tought st SevenMentor

Who can do this Course ?

One of who knows Basic Computer Knowledge 


1 Month

Career Opportunities:

  1. Moral Hacker
  2. Hacking investigator
  3. Information Security Analyst
  4. Security Analyst
  5. Security Consultant
  6. Information Security Analyst

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What our Students have to say about the training:

 Nargis Kotwal 

 Security Expert


Overall experience here @SevenMentor was awesome. In my opinion, Nisha is the best teacher for this professional course. The time he has spent in IT security domain and efforts he has taken made him face of Security in the area. Thank you Nisha for such a guidelines.

Ritu Bajaj  

 Security Expert


I had a great time learning about security concepts @ SevenMentors Nisha mam has great understanding of all concept. A great hands on experience on Kali Linux. Every doubt and question was cleared perfectly.

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