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Advanced Excel Training In Pune

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Career Opportunities

After completion of this course you will be able to apply for a job roles.

Data Analyst

MIS Executive

Lead MIS Executive - Excel

Sr Executive( MIS & Data mining)

Most Popular Employer Name for Candidates with a Advanced Excel Certification



Prayatna Engineering Services

Prodigy Technologies


Dreamfond Group

Jaguar Solutions Private Limited

Salary Growth Rates for Freshers


Introduction to Advanced Excel Course

What is Advanced Excel

Advanced Excel, a very effective tool, which maximizes the information and helps companies analyze the comparison or storage of data. Advanced Excel helps you in the graphical representation of information. It also provides various formulas and tables which can be helpful for companies for sales and others.  Advanced Excel Training in Pune provides training on how to effectively use the advanced features as well as functions of Microsoft Excel Tools. Advanced excel also helps us in complex calculations, large calculations. It provides easy in processing huge amounts of data, analysis of huge data, data representation in a good way, etc. As a result, Advanced Excel helps companies to improve performance. Advanced Excel Classes in Pune also helps to improve productivity by giving ease to sort and filter huge amounts of data for decision making.

Proficiency After Training


The abilities related to Advanced Excel are needed by virtually all companies for saving time and to enhance the efficiency of the company processes.


Learners are also trained to clear the Microsoft Advanced Excel Exam 77-420 certification.


MS Excel can supply the very best productivity and information processing capabilities once the data has to be handled through the spreadsheet.


All professionals (from entry-level into the senior-most degree ) should have Excel and advanced Excel skills which are also preferred by the employees.


Work and begin their career by studying Excel. Almost all businesses need the abilities for conserving also to boost the efficiency of the business processes and time.

Advanced Excel Training in Pune

The difference between Excel and Advanced Excel 

The functions and formulas provided by the advanced excel can be used for complex calculations. 

Functions are provided to have easy look up on huge company data, to pool the related information, whereas Advanced Excel formulas can be used to retrieve information from that huge amount of data.

Advanced Excel Training in Pune is nothing but achieving expertise in spreadsheet capabilities. Spreadsheet operations are using practical tools, equations, diagrams, and other critical tools. To be an expert in Advanced excel is today’s need. If you are an expert in advanced excel, you can stand out among the big crowd of people. Learning advanced excel is not about knowing various advance features of excel. One should know Excel productivity. This includes many features listed below

Resources to use Excel Productivity

  • Shortcuts of Keyboard
  • Shortcuts of Mouse 
  • Customized  ribbon for ease and time saving
  • Tips of Productivity Of Excel
  • Excel workbooks- getting the best out of It.

Data Tables, Simulations & Solver

Advance  Excel is a set of powerful & advanced properties and features for complex data.

Data tables: It helps us to model the huge data and its analysis for getting business solutions.

Solver: Solver helps us to find a solution by going through all possibilities to model practical problems. For example finding frequent buying combinations in the supermarket, finding the easiest way to travel from one place to another. Etc. 

Simulations: With the help of advanced excel we can simulate real-world data,  where various random functions and statistical methods provided by advanced excel helps us. 

Forecasting:  To analyze seasonal trends and predict future values we can create time series forecasting.

Analysis of Trends:  One can also analyze the trends from the available data by using built-in Excel functions and charting features that are provided under advanced excel.    

Things you should learn-    data tables, solver and simulations

  • Data Tables – Introduction
  • Statistics using Excel
  • Modeling using Excel
  • Solver – Introduction
  • Scenario Analysis
  • Advanced Excel – ETS Time-series forecasting 
  • Trend Analysis
  • Advanced Excel Tips

One who is good at Advanced excel should be able to solve models and tricky business problems. 

Integrating Excel with other tools & Optimizing Excel

Advanced Excel users should be able to work with Excel and other applications combined. It means the use of Advanced excel with applications like Outlook, Access, SQL, Web, MS Word, etc. Advanced Excel users should know the bug -free use of Excel workbooks. 

Things you should learn – Excel Integration & Optimization

  • Power Query and combining files with it
  • VBA- consolidating multiple workbooks
  • Use of web API in Excel
  • Web API Example- Google Maps  
  • Advanced Excel-  Sending email 
  • Excel report – MS Word format
  • Excel PPT- making presentations.
  • Excel Formula speed up
  • Excel Optimization Tips

Advanced Excel Classes in Pune

Why is this course Unique?

Microsoft Excel is technical and software abilities with a high value on the resume. It demands patience and speedy assimilation of this data. People gave access to content that was great to follow and found ways to make the process easier

Microsoft Office Excel is among the most crucial tools to execute the calculation, analysis, and visualization of data and data. It assists individuals process and to organize information by using rows and columns with a few features of Excel along with formulas. In MS-Excel 2010, row amounts vary from 1 to 1048576. Columns vary from A, and there are a total of 1048576 rows and you will find a total of 16384 columns. Now, let us take a look at a few of the Microsoft Excel attributes.

Excel became the primary spreadsheet to allow the user to define the looks of spreadsheets (fonts, character attributes, and cell appearance). Excel introduced the power to tug and enlarge the choice box to automatically copy a row or cell contents to adjacent cells or rows, auto-fill, correcting the copies intelligently by automatically incrementing cell references or contents. Excel also introduced extensive graphing capabilities 

Advanced Excel Classes in Pune is a comprehensive course that gives an honest insight into the newest and advanced features available in Microsoft Excel 2013. it’s many screenshots that specify the way to use a specific feature, during a step-by-step manner

SevenMentor’s Advanced Excel Course in Pune has been created for those readers who rely on to prepare tables graphs, and reports which involve data. It will help those subscribers who use data to be often analyzed by MS-Excel

Advanced Excel Skills

Excel is a very powerful application. Consumers with Advanced Excel skills are in demand. The listing below is an assortment of Excel hints.

Advanced Excel Formulas

4 options to nested formulations List of Excel works Formula abilities would be needed by an Excel user. They’d have a list of purposes they know but also the skills and confidence to adapt to almost any circumstance. Ultimate VLOOKUP function manual Formulas are what pushes an Excel spreadsheet. 

Formulas supply the muscle to get spreadsheet research, control, convert and to examine information. 

Find out More innovative Excel formulas 5 examples of this SUMPRODUCT function that is groovy 

Why Go for Advanced Excel  Training in Pune at SevenMentor?

We have compiled 17 advanced formulas that have the ability to transform lengthy manual tasks into a few seconds of work. These are formulations that each professional must have on their fingertips to save their valuable time to impress their supervisor. Go through the list and do tell us your favorite! If you find yourself often flexing your hands and squandering time to do things manually in Excel, you are overlooking how successful Excel could be if you learn how to use it the right way. Microsoft Excel is popularly known for its formulas that may do the job effectively over large quantities of information in the cell, without much manual involvement needed from the procedure.

This progress Excel training is intended to assist you to become an effective Data Analyst and is highly suggested for aspirants that are only beginning their career in Analytics. This advanced Excel class will teach you how you can earn SQL, VBA macros, and dashboards on the case studies via a focus to guarantee instruction. You’ll also find out the Data visualization instrument Tableau to exhibit your own analysis once equipped with all the abilities with this Advanced Excel class. Among the advanced Excel training classes in Pune

Who got to do Advanced Excel Classes?

Candidates from quantitative backgrounds, who aren’t checking out advanced Excel coaching but want to find out job oriented Analytics & Reporting skills using VBA MS-Excel, MS-Access, SQL and Tableau.

SevenMentor’s Advanced Excel Training in Pune makes it possible to master building feature spreadsheets using techniques utilized by professionals and enhance your use of Excel. Learn theories that range from complex functions, nesting, information manipulation to fundamentals of VBA Macros. From the conclusion of this Advanced Excel course, you will become an Excel user. 

Advanced Excel Course in Pune assists you to improve your use of Excel and learn construction rich feature spreadsheets using techniques employed by seasoned professionals. Learn concepts ranging from functions, nesting, information manipulation. By this Advanced Excel course’s end, you will become a professional Excel user. You are able to clear the Microsoft Certification Exam on this course.

Who Can Do this Course?




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Candidate seeking this course

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