Artificial Intelligence and its Application

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  • March 2, 2022
  • Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and its Application –

In the future, machines will replace  human capabilities in many areas. Artificial intelligence is the intelligence seen by machines or software. It is the subfield of computer science. Artificial Intelligence is one of the popular fields in computer science as it has enhanced human life in different ways. Artificial intelligence  has greatly improved the performance of the manufacturing and service system areas. The area of artificial intelligence has enhanced this growing technology known as the expert system. Artificial Intelligence is having a huge effect on various fields of life as the expert system is now used these days to solve complex problems in  engineering, science, business, medicine, and the weather system also in other areas.

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Due to Artificial Intelligence ,there is  an increase in the efficiency and quality of the system. This study gives an summary of this technology and the application areas of this technology and also explore use of Artificial Intelligence technologies in the PSS design to damp the power system oscillations  by interruptions, in Network Intrusion for protects the computer and communication networks from attacker, in the medical field, to improve hospital  care, for medical image classification, in the accounting databases  and in the computer games.

It is important to know  that artificial intelligence is playing an important role in management science and operational research fields. Intelligence is considered as the ability to gain knowledge and reason about knowledge to solve complex problems. In Future AI will replace human capabilities in many areas. Artificial intelligence is the study and development of intelligent machines and software that can reason, learn, gather knowledge, communicate, manipulate and perceive objects. John McCarthy coined this AI term in 1956 ,stating a branch of computer science concerned with making computers behave like humans. The study of the computation that makes it possible to perceive reason and act is AI. AI and psychology are different terms because of computation and also different from computer science because of its importance on perception and  reasoning and action. It makes machines smarter and more useful. It works with the help of  artificial neural network and scientific theorems.

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  1. Language understanding: Machines should have the ability to understand and respond to the natural language. It’s possible to translate from language to a written form and also to translate from one natural language to another natural language.

1.1 Semantic Information Processing  1.2 Question Answering 1.3 Information Access 1.4 Language Translation

  1. Learning and adaptive systems: The ability to adapt behavior based on past experience, and to develop  rules concerning . 2.1 Cybernetics 2.2 Concept Formation
  2. Problem solving: Ability to solve a problem in a best way representation, to plan for its solution and to know when and how this information is obtained and where we need it really 3.1 Inference  3.2 Interactive Problem Solving 3.3 Automatic Program Writing 
  3. Perception (visual): The ability to extract patterns . 4.1 Pattern Recognition 4.2 Scene Analysis
  4. Robots: A combination of most or all of the above abilities with the ability to move over terrain and manipulate objects. 5.1 Exploration 5.2 Transportation/Navigation 5.3 Industrial Automation (e.g., Process Control, Assembly Tasks, Executive Tasks) 5.4 Security 5.5 Other (Agriculture, Fishing, Mining, Sanitation, Construction, etc.) 5.6 Military 5.7 Household
  5. Games: The ability to accept a formal set of rules for games such as Chess, Go and to translate these rules into a representation or structure which allows problem-solving and learning abilities to be used in reaching an average level of performance.  ex.  Particular Games (Chess, Go, Bridge, etc.)

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This artificial intelligence provides the ability to the machines to think analytically, also  using concepts. There is a really tremendous contribution to the various areas by the Artificial Intelligence techniques from the last 2 decades. Artificial Intelligence will continue to play an important role in the various fields.


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