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About Civil CAD

CAD Classes in Pune

Civil CAD Center in Pune- Large Construction Companies in Pune always looks for a certified Civil CAD Engineer for design and development of civil Designs and plans. The one with Civil CAD certification can get a job in Construction companies with easy their work is related to analysis, design of Civil projects. With the help of this certified course, the candidate can show their Maximum output in the field of Building Design and construction related design- analysis, Starting from the installation of software to the construction of heavy design will be included in the academic curriculum. The Course mainly focuses on 24 modules including Building design and analysis, Transportation design, Various structural design and different land layout design and survey analysis.

Proficiency Gained After Completion of the course

  • In Our Training course On AutoCAD Civil, students will learn when it is appropriate to simplify, or edit CAD designs for any building project, and how to accomplish it.
  • Students will be able to create building models in which geometric dimensions can be defined to great detail.
  • Learn how to use the AutoCAD Civil user interface and how to work with CAD drawings, how to modify the drawings, how to apply layers and dimension styles, how to solve the site planning problems, and how to print and plot the results.
  • In our course you will learn the basics of building planning theory and gain knowledge on how to create and modify models both in 2D and 3D.

Role in the Industry

Civil CAD certification will use in BIM (Building Information Modeling) for civil project designing and Building Construction Documentation. The knowledge of Civil CAD will help student to work on civil drafting projects, they will be hired as a civil designer, and can work on Building drawings that includes topographic maps, planning, subdivisions, profile cross-sections etc.

What is AutoCAD Civil?

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) for Civil engineering is the use of computer applications to assist draft civil designs and technical 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional civil drawings rather than having to draw detailed floor plans by hand. Using Civil AutoCAD software mostly saves ample time creating a detailed civil design plan.

AutoCAD Civil is a piece of CAD software created by Autodesk and is dedicated to professional use in making civil design and floor plans for projects such as infrastructure, residential, commercial,  architecture, and construction.

AutoCAD Civil is versatile and used in a number of different industries, therefore, learning AutoCAD drafting an important skill for a Civil Engineer.

The first release of the software had only primitive objects such as basic draw tools like polygons, circles, lines, arcs, and text to construct complicated objects. After it came to support custom objects through an API. The latest version of the software has a complete set of modeling commands for solid modeling and 3-D. AutoCAD also supports various application program interfaces for automated and customized working for civil engineers.

In AutoCAD Civil “.DWG” (drawing) is the fundamental file format for AutoCAD and standard for CAD data interoperability. The software also provides support for Design Templet Format (DWF) format developed by Autodesk for publishing CAD data.

A Powerful Building Information Modelling software for Civil Engineering and Architecture.

Autodesk AutoCAD Civil is a 2D Drafting and 3D model visualization software for civil Engineers that helps you to deliver higher-quality design transportation, land development, and environmental engineering projects and plans in an easier and faster way of modeling projects. The AutoCAD Civil software’s specially built tools support building information modeling (BIM) processes and help reduce the time it takes to design the project, analyze and implement changes wherever required. The result is that you can compare more possibilities and optimize the civil project as per performance. AutoCAD Civil 3D software’s tools for surveying and design help streamline civil project and Construction workflows by automating time-consuming and tedious tasks. AutoCAD Civil 3D helps to produce a single Design model with intelligent and dynamic parameters. The AutoCAD Civil Software assists you to make the design more quickly and change at any stage of the process during the project. AutoCAD Civil make better-informed decisions by the Engineer and choose design alternatives based on analytical and performance results of the designer. It also produces design and model visualizations quickly and efficiently that remain in sync with design changes as they are made during the project. The AutoCAD Civil model automatically reflects any changes made to model drafting and annotation throughout the civil project.

Surveying: Survey tool is a fully integrated feature with the AutoCAD Civil 3D software, so you have a more consistent environment for all tasks, including direct import of raw survey data for the site, editing and modifying of survey observations as per requirements, and surfaces according to project. You can create and edit survey figure vertices on the go, and identify and edit crossing contour brake lines to avoid potential issues during the project, resulting in points, survey figures, and surfaces that can be used throughout the entire project. With surfaces and Grading with AutoCAD Civil 3D, you can build surfaces from the traditional survey data process. For Employ large data sets from aerial captured are easy and digital elevated models by taking advantage of the surface reduction tools can be done faster. Autodesk AutoCAD Civil views the surface as contours or lines or creates elevation and slope for further analysis of the project. The AutoCAD Civil software use surfaces as a reference for creating intelligent objects that maintain dynamic relationships to the source data of the project. Engineering Team members can use strong daylighting and grade projection tools to create civil surface models for any type of grading projection in civil Engineering Design. 

In AutoCAD Civil Geometric Design established on Norm provides a more quickly layout plan and contour alignment geometry with design criteria based on government or customized standards for clients’ needs. The design constraints alert users during the Civil CAD Design Process whenever the violation of the standards takes place thus providing immediate feedback so necessary modifications can be made on the go.

It Contains Purpose-Built Tools for Road and Highway Design Transportation- In AutoCAD Civil, specific design tools offer a more efficient way to design roads and highways plans. It helps to build interactive intersection models that dynamically update during the process. The Main Focus of AutoCAD Civil is on optimizing the design and know the production drawings and annotations stay up to date.

Reasons for implementing Civil AutoCAD:

  • To increase the productivity of the Civil engineer and Architects.
  • To improve the quality of design and civil plans.
  • To create a table/database for construction.
  • To improve design communication & Site interpretation through documentation.

Prior to the implementation of this AutoCAD Civil software, all civil engineers & civil project designers used drafters and sheets to draw or design the civil project. It consumed a lot of time for a civil designer to design a plan. If the project design didn’t satisfy the client’s need or if the civil Engineer got an error in the plan, then the design needs to be changed of the project which was a time-consuming process.

In the cases of errors, the civil drawing needs the up-gradation by editing or erasing the incorrect in order to have the corrected final drawing. 

It leads to the following problems:

Delay in construction & execution rate.

Increase in damage rate & wastage of material.

In order to reduce the above-mentioned problems, AutoCAD Civil is the solution for it. In this software, we can save the project design of the site & its modifications; we can edit the previous design that reduces time to design a plan & human effort with great accuracy. Drafting in AutoCAD Civil

In Civil Engineering Technical drawing, is an act and discipline of composing drawings that visually interprets how a project design process is carried out or constructed. A Civil draughtsman is a professional who creates a detailed drawing of site plans and floor plans to express its technical aspects. A professional civil draughtsman is one who creates the working drawings for the construction project is moreover called a civil drafting technician. Civil Professional drafting and detailing is an ultimate and important method and process in the cycle of design to Execution of civil project the complex components and construction. A Civil draughtsman bridge the gap between Civil engineers and Site execution Engineers and contributes practical knowledge by detailing the drawing and technical proficiency to the civil project design process.

Detailing in Civil AutoCAD Drafting

Detail Civil drawings give a detailed technical description of the site plan form of a part of a floor like building, bridge, tunnel, plant, etc. These drawings are mostly large-scale drawings that show in detail parts of plans that may involve less detail on the general arrangement of project drawings.

Detailed working drawings may be used to indicate concurrence with regulations, design guidelines and other requirements, to provide information about plant layout or site and the connection between different floor plans, to show construction & execution details, element form, and other technical details that would not be possible to include on more general working drawings.

They may include dimensions, tolerances, notation, symbols, and specification information, but this should not be as same as information included in the other specifications as it may become contradictory and create confusion.

Difference between Design & Drafting

The fundamental concept of civil engineering where ideas, imagination & visual thoughts are converted into the process of calculating and looking for an optimum design where loads, stress and other civil engineering calculations are made along with the aesthetics part of the construction project, machine or any structure is Design.

The Civil Engineering Design process is the initial phase of an architectural or engineering project which includes breaking down the entire project into manageable phases. Civil Engineering Design acquires many shapes depending on the project and the client’s requirements. Architecture or civil engineer make working drawings of the building or object which will be about the right scale shape and size. Drafting is the next phase of the civil engineering design process which is normally done by using Computer-Aided tools to prepare drawings that will show the technical specifications of any construction project. The technical working drawings are used as blueprints for the architectural or construction project.

AutoCAD Civil Drafting is nothing but the 2-Dimensional representation of a 3-Dimensional construction structure or product. Plans, Elevations, and Sections are 2D views of a 3D object. Drafting is the layout sketch or reference drawing made on the basis of calculations, tolerance and 3D modeling found out in the design phase. Civil CAD Drafting engineers design and create the blueprints required to generate new concepts and construction to life. Civil CAD Drafting engineers or civil drafters, prepare technical working drawings such as blueprints used to build a broad range of products.

Depending upon the nature and type of project or product or structure for which 2-dimensional drawing is to be carried out, there is a wide array of software tools that are used for drafting.

AutoCAD is one such tool that can be used for drafting and modeling in various domains like mechanical, civil, electrical, etc.

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Course Certification

After Successful Completion of this Course, we will Provide you Authoritative Certification that will be valid for getting jobs nationally and internationally. This Certification will help you get the job in Designing Industry most.

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I have done Autocad from Sevenmentor the trainer have good teaching quality and well experienced the trainer clears all the concept would like to suggest all others Thank you Sevenmentor..

Ravi Raj

Good institute with well educated and free nature staff. Nice experience while getting trained to get job opportunities. Overall atmosphere is good.

Shivam V

.It was one of the best experience from this institute where student treated as a Family .Helped me to getting placed in good company so i would like Say big Thanks to all who supported me.

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