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DevOps Training in Pune

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Career Opportunities

After completion of this course you will be able to apply for a job roles.

Systems Admins

Release Engineers


Cloud Professionals


DevOps Engineer

Solutions Architect

Automation Expert

Most Popular Employer Name for Employees with a Development Operations (DevOps) Certification

Tata Consultancy Services

Cognizant Technology Solutions



HCL Technologies Ltd.

DXC Technology



Salary Growth Rates for Fresher


Introduction to DevOps Course

DevOps  is the most emerging field in today’s market. DevOps Classes in Pune in simple language is a set of processes that unitedly bring software development through a collaboration of development and operations. The reason why DevOps is popular as it allows to create product much faster than it was by the traditional approach.  The main part of DevOps includes understanding the lifecycle of product development. Also, it helps to create better -quality software, making sure that it will be deployed more quickly and reliably. This is achieved by collaboration between teams. Here teams refer to the Development team & IT Operations team. It is not just the collaboration between these two teams which allow delivering better software, but also the integrity between Development & Operation teams which results in improved software, delivered at a greater speed.  

SevenMentor- The Best DevOps Training in Pune provides a Trending Course which is high in demand nowadays, DevOps is a software Development Methodology that Filled the gap between Software Development and Information Technology Operation primarily used in the process of Software Development Lifecycle to reduce the time needed in development phase and another operation phase, this will lead the business objective while implementing the software features or fixing the bugs or working on any update, The Best DevOps Classes in Pune will come with an extensive set of DevOps tools like JIRA, Git, Maven, Ansible, Docker Kubernetes, Jenkins, Puppet, Nagios, Jfrog, etc. Best DevOps Certification in Pune designed and developed by SevenMentor is based on the core practical live projects in the field of software development.

Proficiency After Training


Employ highly scalable software


Integrate infrastructure assembles with application deployment procedures.


Assess, design and assess automation systems and scripts.


Learn How to execute DevOps notion in SDLC


Function on Integration tool Throughout Software development Stage


Learn the Version of Software Control System


Research the concept and functioning fashion with Cloud Model and its execution from SDLC


Hands-on Practice on Different SDLC phases Tools


Explore the concept and working style with Cloud Model and its implementation in SDLC


Working With Source control too like Git


Jenkin tool Configuration, Work on Maven technologies with CICD.


Working knowledge of IaaC with Ansible and Cloud formation.


Docker Container Creation, Use of Docker in networking


Working Monitoring Tool Nagios


Amazon Web Services combine works with DevOps


Automate your environment using Jenkins and integrate DevOps tools with Jenkins tools


Automate infrastructure configuration and monitor resources


Version control systems for creating private infrastructure

DevOps Classes in Pune

Software Development Evolution

The reason for the evolution of the DevOps is existing software development strategies/ methodologies over the years in response to business needs. Now let us briefly look at how these models evolved and in which condition they would work better.

We all aware of SDLC phrases that are used in software development processes. And also we know the Waterfall model which is very slow so it was evolved into Agile which saw development teams working on the software in short sprints lasting not more than two weeks. Because of such a short release and development cycle of the product helped the development of teamwork on client feedback and incorporate it along with bug fixes in the next release. While this Agile SCRUM approach provides speed with agility to development, it was lost on Operations which did not come up to speed with Agile practices. Traditional software development methods are not able to achieve collaboration between Developers and Operations Engineers still slowed down the development process and releases. Because of these drawbacks, we have a new advance method i.e. DevOps methodology. It was born out of this need for better collaboration, integration and faster delivery. Best DevOps Classes in Pune enables continuous software delivery with a faster resolution problem to fix and solve more complex problems.
Now we are well understood about how DevOps is evolved, let us look at what is Best DevOps Training in Pune detail.

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a software development technique that involves Continuous Development, Continuous Testing, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment and Continuous Monitoring of the software throughout its software development life cycle. Only during a DevOps Methodology, these activities are possible, this is often impossible within the Agile or waterfall model, and that’s why Facebook and other top companies have chosen DevOps as the way forward for their future business goals. DevOps is preferred for high-quality software in very short development cycles which ends up in greater user satisfaction. Now I feel you understand the concept of DevOps but after understanding the life cycle all of your concepts will clear. 

More Focus on Automation

DevOps is becoming an industry standard for several businesses. According to a report issued by Capgemini, 60% of companies either adopted DevOps or planned for DevOps so during 2018. Statistics like this one demonstrates that DevOps is a necessary part of your business plan if you expect to respond quickly to the demands of the market, improve your business’s time-to-market, and keep your software solutions updated regularly.

Many businesses wonder if automation is often continuous, on-demand, always optimal, and contextual. Do you know the six “C’s” of the DevOps cycle? Understanding this cycle will help you apply them better between the different stages of automation. 

Let us now discuss the DevOps lifecycle and explore how they’re associated with the software development stages. depicted within the diagram below. Best DevOps Classes In Pune is deep integration between development and operations. Understanding DevOps is difficult without knowing the DevOps lifecycle. Here is temporary information about the continuous DevOps life-cycle:

  1. Collaborative Development:-

In this DevOps stage, the event of the code takes place constantly. during this section, the entire development method is separated into small development cycles This benefits the DevOps team to speed up software development and delivery method.

  1. Continual Testing:-

QA team use tools like selenium to identify and fix bugs within the new piece of code.

  1. Integration:-

In this stage, new functionality is integrated with the known code, and testing takes place. Continuous development is simply possible due to continuous integration and testing.

  1. Sustained Release and Deployment:-

In this section, the deployment method takes place continuously. it’s performed in such a way that any changes made any time within the code, shouldn’t affect the functioning of high traffic websites.

  1. Ongoing Monitoring:-

In this section, the operation team can lookout of the inappropriate system behavior or bugs that are found in production. At Sevenmentor Best DevOps Training in Pune are totally based on live projects from USA Client where you will get live environment during the software development life cycle. The candidate will learn how DevOps technology improves the productivity in development by continuously analyzing the software development process, and by continuously measuring applications performance

  1. Collaborative Customer Feedback & Optimization

After software passes all the stages, it enters into the maintenance phase.

The vendors here provide support for any future upgrades and bug fixes based on customer’s feedback.

Required Skill-Set for DevOps

Statistics indicate that, as of 2018, 86% of businesses have either implemented DevOps or plan to do so. As a result, this suggests organizations must invest in their DevOps engineers. However, thanks to the fast pace, technologies are changing, it’s challenging for people and businesses to stay up with their DevOps skills.

The following some categories will help DevOps professionals to gain a good grip on cultivating their expertise:

Ability: DevOps professionals can perform their tasks based on DevOps tools. It is natural, as exposed to skills and knowledge which are learned. Often, many DevOps professionals currently working within the field possess natural abilities.

Knowledge: This is something that’s learned. For example, a DevOps professional is born with the knowledge of the inner-workings of Jenkins. Therefore, they need to obtain knowledge of it using instruction and private study. It’s critical for DevOps professionals to continuously learn, review, and understand the latest information regarding DevOps best practices, systems, and technologies.

Skill: This is often something that’s learned through experience or training. Ultimately, DevOps professionals are applying what knowledge they’ve obtained to situations they’re experiencing in real-life. With practice, skills can be further improved by a DevOps professional.

DevOps Training in Pune

Why DevOps is used?

DevOps Certification in Pune allows Agile Development Teams to implement Continuous Development, Continuous Testing, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment and Continuous Monitoring of the software. This helps them to launch products faster with quality into the market. 

Other Important Reasons are: 

  1. Predictability: DevOps offers a significantly lower failure rate of new releases as compared to traditional software development methodology.
  2. Reproducibility: In the Software development process Version is everything so that the earlier version can be restored anytime as per your interest.
  3. Maintainability: Fault tolerance is very less so fewer efforts are required for recovery in the event of a new release crashing or disabling the current system.
  4. Time to market: You know The DevOps methodology is faster than any other traditional methodology. DevOps increase the speed to market up to 50% through streamlined software delivery. 
  5. Greater Quality: DevOps is an integration of Developer and IT Operation team so it helps the team to provide improved quality of application development as it incorporates infrastructure issues.
  6. Reduced Risk: It performs automation and also maintains security aspects through the software delivery lifecycle. It helps in the reduction of defects across the lifecycle.
  7. Resiliency: The Operational state of the software system is more stable as compared to other methods, secure, and changes are auditable.
  8. Cost Efficiency: Most of the DevOps tools are open source and it is easily available on the internet. because of this cost efficiency in the software development process which is always an aspiration of IT companies’ management.
  9. Breaks large code base into small pieces: DevOps is based on the agile programming method. Therefore, it allows for breaking larger codebases into smaller and manageable chunks.

DevOps Principles

Here, are six principles that are essential when adopting DevOps:

  1. Customer-Centric Action: Best DevOps training in Pune should take customer-centric action for that they must constantly invest in products and services.
  2. End-To-End Responsibility: The DevOps team got to offer performance support until they become end-of-life. This enhances the amount of responsibility and also the quality of the product built.
  3. Continuous Improvement: DevOps culture focuses on continuous improvement to reduce waste. It incessantly hurries up the development of products or services offered.
  4. automatize everything: Automation is a life principle of the DevOps method. This is not just for the software system development but additionally for the whole infrastructure landscape.
  5. Work together with a team: in the DevOps culture role of the designer, developer, and tester are already defined. All they required to try and do is work together with the team with complete collaboration.
  6. Monitor and check everything: the DevOps team needs to possess strong observation and testing procedures.

Roles, Responsibilities, and Skills of a DevOps Engineer

DevOps engineers work full-time. they’re responsible for the production and ongoing maintenance of a software application’s platform.

Following are some expected Roles, Responsibilities, and Skills that are expected from DevOps engineer:

  1. Able to perform system automation tasks and problem-solving across platform and application domains using automation.
  2. Manage project effectively through open, standards-based platforms
  3. Increase project visibility thought traceability
  4. Improve quality and reduce development price with collaboration
  5. Analyze, design and evaluate automation scripts & systems
  6. Ensuring crucial resolution of system problems by victimization the most effective cloud security solutions services
  7. DevOps engineer should have the soft ability of problem-solver and quick-learner

Job Opportunities for DevOps Experts-

With every passing day, the popularity and demand of the Best DevOps courses in Pune are growing. And that is maybe the reason why more and more individuals are showing interest in this course. For best training, don’t accept any random Best DevOps Training Institute in Pune, go for Seven Mentor. Seven Mentor offers Best DevOps Training in Pune, Online Training, and Corporate training seamlessly. We are ensuring a brighter career with great placement assistance.

Once you’ve got completed the Best DevOps classes in Pune, you will have numerous DevOps career opportunities in Pune right on your platter. You will be glad to grasp that there’s no shortage of opportunities for DevOps certification in Pune cost as DevOps professionals. If you’ve got the sensation that you just will do nicely within the field of IT and you would like correct coaching in some highly demanded course, then learning Best DevOps Training in Pune at Seven Mentor would be the best bet. Some of the foremost amazing job positions that you just will clinch are Security Engineer, Software Tester, DevOps designer, Release Manager, Automation Engineer, and Integration Specialist.

What is the future of DevOps?

The future of DevOps means plenty of containerization of software, which ultimately means applications will run using the cloud. Many of those software applications are going to be replacing a number of the traditional functions of DevOps. As a result, the globe of DevOps will experience a dramatic shift. The main reason is that there got to be clear boundaries defined between operations and development.

Because the industry will continue trying to shifts toward software management using standardized frameworks, DevOps professionals will have longer to drive efficient innovations. These professionals also will have more enough time to tackle the challenges they face regarding managing large clusters of complex applications across technology stacks.

The biggest opportunity for DevOps is to drive into tech stacks and organizations that think that a move to DevOps requires an entire re-architecture of their application or adoption of replacement technologies. While those kinds of changes could also be excellent opportunities to introduce culture change further, teams running existing business-critical apps in “monolithic” architectures can take advantage of DevOps as well, if they choose the right tools.

Who Can Do this Course?


Software Tester


Solution Architect


Application Developers


System Admin


Security Engineer


Working Professionals

Training Module

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Session: 6 Hrs per day + Practical

Duration: 2 Months

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Training Type: Classroom

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Study Material: Latest Book

Days: Monday to Friday

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Duration: 2 Months

Certification: Yes

Training Type: Classroom

Study Material: Latest Book

Days: Saturday & Sunday

Practical & Labs: As Per Course

Personal Grooming: Flexible Time



Saillesh Satam

Nice Training by Rajesh Kumar for devOps . Helps me to understand the concept more clearly. Rajesh Kumar elaborate each step of DevOps in a better way specially the way he give us example with the real IT world scenario.

Pintuna Dalai

Hello Friends,
I have done DevOps course from SevenMentor. It is the best place I have ever seen. Trainers are very good and they will give you easy way to understand how things work. Practical knowledge which I gained helped me a lot to work in my company. Staffs are very friendly and helpful. Thank u so much. Would recommend my friends to join this institute who wanna make their career in this field.

Mayank Arora

My experienced with SevenMentor DevOps was very great. There are experienced and supportive trainer who is support very well.

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