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Front End Development Classes in Pune

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Software development

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Career Opportunities

After completion of this course, you will be able to apply for these Jobs.

Web Designer

Design Tester

Web Designer Developer

Creative Associate

Module Lead

Layout Planner

Graphic Designer

Software Developer

Most Popular Employer Name for Employees with a Certified Front End Development Certification



Tata Consultancy Services


Cognizant Technology Solutions


App Dynamics

HCL Technologies

Salary Growth Rates for Freshers


Introduction to Front End Development Course


Front End Development Training in Pune at Seven Mentor provide a course for web designer which is best for HTML/CSS. Web development means to create a web application and hosting it on the Server.

Front End Development Courses in Pune consists of HTML, HTML5, CSS and CSS3 detailed Training along with creating a real-time website.

Front web development is very popular today and Seven Mentor

Front End Development Training in Pune will cover all aspects of web designing. It is worth learning Web development because the world is more digitized hence web developer demand is increasing. Web development needs creativity as web site should be eye cache. Front end web developer is responsible for web sites layout and Integration of application other tools and Graphics. Web developers need a complete understanding of HTML Programming, CSS. If someone wants to make an excellent carrier in Web development then he/she should update on new tools and advancement of technology.which he can learn from the best Front End Development classes in Pune Company recruiter want web developer with degree and training in graphic design.. HTML5 is one of the hot web technologies and is widely gaining acceptance across mobile and web. On course you go through actual examples concepts required through knowledge.

Proficiency After Training


Make Website layouts create a various design there prototypes


Create application wire frames design


View and decide design based on the existing interface.


Make a plan and charts for designing new layout based on Client requirement

Front End Development Training in Pune

In Seven Mentor for the best Front End Development classes in Pune is there is no prerequisite to learn. One who has basic knowledge of computers can join Front End Development Courses in Pune. The best Web Development classes in Pune having 4 module includes HTML, HTML5, CSS, and CSS3. The sessions start from basic concept discussion to advance topic so that at the end of module one can easily work as a Web designer and Web developer. Seven Mentor has an experienced trainer they can provide a great training experience. Training includes theory along with practical sessions so that one can have a lot of practice during the course. At the end of a course from Web Development Training Institute in Pune, a small project is given so that the candidate can apply all the knowledge and built a website.


HTML is a Hypertext mark-up language. SGML (Standard Generalized mark-up language which mother language for all mark-up languages This course has  HTML 5 which is the latest version of HTML.HTML has all fixed tags. HTML is Hypertext means hyperlinks which HTML page contain and Mark-up language refer the tags used to define page layout and elements on the web page.HTML is used for defining the Structure of Web page.

HTML History:-

HTML was firstly developed from HTML1, 2, 3, 4 in the year 1991 to 1999. 

According to the World Wide Web Standards (W3C), they recommended XHTML 1.0. XHTML syntax forced the programmers to write the valid code and follow the strict standards.

In 2004 – 2006, the WHATWG (Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group) gained support from the major browser vendors and decided to build a consistent HTML.

The first HTML5 was released in the year 2006.

W3C developed HTML5 and XHTML standard.

The W3C HTML5 Recommendation was released in 28 October 2014.

HTML5.1 was recommended in 3 October 2017.

HTML 5.2 was recommended on 14 December 2017.


HTML5 is a newly advanced web language for new generations as it has renewed the ways web designers can create interactive web pages.HTML5 focuses more on the look and feel of the websites which are compatible across the browsers. It provides various features such as 2D Canvas for drawings along with various semantic tags such as headers, footers, navigation, articles and other sections for easy updation of blocks and sites.HTML5 enables us to view any animations without having to download any external plugin-based RIA technologies, such as Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight, and Sun. It helps in eliminating the large JavaScript libraries of AJAX, by including the tools for creating offline applications, 2D and 3D drawing applications, and handling user inputs on a form in better ways.

HTML5 features, such as local storage and web workers, increase the efficiency of Web Browsers. The local storage enables you to store the data locally on your system that can be accessed over the Internet and can be used later to work in browsers without using any Internet Connection.HTML5 provides a geolocation API that enables you to share your location with trusted websites.HTML5 also provides a new feature of sending notifications directly to your desktop. For instance, you have opened the outlook in your system. Now, one of your friends sends you an instant message, but at that time you are busy creating some other document. In such a case, you may get a message at your desktop notifying you have received a new message from that friend. Using HTML5, you can create a website that can send an alert directly to your desktop with an embedded instant message. Also, there is a drag and Drop API through which you can drag and drop an image or a shape from one position to another.

To create an HTML Document you need a text editor or code editor. The commonly used code editor is Notepad. Other code editors that can be used are as follows:

  1. a) Bluefish
  2. b) Dreamweaver
  3. c) OpenBEXI
  4. d) CoffeeCup Editor
  5. e) Rendera

HTML5 supports JavaScript APIs, XHTML 1.0, and CSS 2.0.HTML5 has become an alternative to Ajax, Flash, and Silverlight that are famous for delivering rich interactive content over the web. It provides built-in support for audio and video so that browsers can play audio and video files.HTML5 also has various new features, such as local storage to store data on a computer for use by an application.HTML5 provides various new features, but it is up to the browser to interpret the code and display the content. Different browsers on different platforms interpret and display the HTML code differently. Some common and latest browsers that support HTML5 features are Safari, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.


CSS is called it as Cascading Style Sheet use to define the Style sheet which is used to define the look and feel the presence of the web page. CSS is used to define and look and feel of the web page. By using CSS we can apply color, font, and images on elements of HTML. In Web development, CSS is used for better visibility and usability of web pages. CSS can apply the animation effect also.CSS simplifies the task of maintaining a Web Document by separating its style information such as font size, font color, line width, and background color. This separation allows you to apply the same style rules to multiple web pages.CSS allows you to apply a style multiple times in a single Web Page.


CSS can be applied using an inline, internal and external style sheets for the web site. In CSS there are serval readymade CSS properties are available by which we can create attractive web pages.CSS can be applied by using ID and Class selector.

 CSS1 version following features:

i)    It provides margin, border, padding, and positioning of elements

ii)   It provides different text attributes, such as spacing between words, letters, and lines of text.

iii)   It provides font properties, such as emphasis.

iv)   Provides alignment of text, image, and other element

v)    It provides color to text

vi)  Provides background to elements.

       CSS2 version includes the following features:

i)    It provides absolute, relative, and fixed positioning of elements and the Z-index

ii)  It provides styles for different media types, such as screen, TV, and print.

iii) Supports aural style sheets that are used by visually impaired persons to access the Web

iv)  It provides font properties, such as shadows

v)   Supports the bidirectional text, which represents a text that can be displayed in both right-to-left (RTL) and left-to-right       (LTR) directions.


CSS3 was invented in June 1999.CSS3 supports many features as follows:

Supports more variety and range of colors such as RED, GREEN, BLUE, ALPHA (RGBA) and Hue Saturation Lightness (HSL).

  1. supports border images with the help of border-corner-image properties.

  Features such as box-shadow property for adding shadow effect.

  1. iv) Allows multiple backgrounds on Web Page.
  2. v)  Provides different CSS and attribute Selectors and custom fonts.
  3. vi  Multi-Column text without using a table.

  vii)  Provides rounded corners for any box using border-radius and background-position.

 viii)  Provides opacity to set the transparency of box, images or text.

ix)    Display shadows with text. You will learn how to create HTML websites​​​​ and use CSS in your work. before we start discussing HTML5, We do not assume any prior knowledge so we go through the concepts from the beginner’s point of view. In our lectures, we start with basics then gradually move to advance topics like Drag and Drop and Multimedia. Geolocation, Web Storage and Application Cache are the advanced topics to move further. The basic needs to know to be a web developer is HTML5 and CSS3.



Front End Development Certification in Pune

Seven mentor Front End Development Courses in Pune provides a career opportunity after completing certification. Following job positions can be offered after certification is completed.

  •       Web Designer
  •       Web Developer and Designer
  •       Graphics Designer
  •       Design Tester
  •       Layout planner



Who Can Do this Course?




BE/ Bsc Candidate


Any Engineers


Any Graduate


Any Post-Graduate


Working Professionals

Training Module

Fast Track Batch


Session: 4 Hrs per day + Practical

Duration: 1 Months

Certification: Yes

Training Type: Classroom

Study Material: Latest Book

Days: Monday to Friday

Practical & Labs: Regular

Personal Grooming: Flexible Time


Regular Batch


Session: 1.5 Hrs per day

Duration: 2 Months

Certification: Yes

Training Type: Classroom

Study Material: Latest Book

Days: Monday to Friday

Practical & Labs: Regular

Personal Grooming: Flexible Time


Weekend Batch


Session: 2.5 Hrs per day

Duration: 2.5 Months

Certification: Yes

Training Type: Classroom

Study Material: Latest Book

Days: Saturday & Sunday

Practical & Labs: As Per Course

Personal Grooming: Flexible Time



Rakesh Kate

I have completed Web Development training from sevenmentor institute. i would like to share my experience that this is one of the best institute in pune as per technical training part is consider. the trainer of the institute is excellent and they have good management systems. the infrastructure of the institute is fabulous and there we have systems for the practise. The trainer have great experience in the technical part. we are also provided with study materials which is helpful for us in future point of view. after having whole experience of all this things i am happy and i will plan to do another course from this institute. the management of the institute is excellent. the quality of training is the important part and that is maintain in this institute . thank you seven mentor for all support and help in my training

Niharika Dogh

Seven Mentor training services private limited, gives me confidence to show my technical skills in front of interviewers. After getting training from SevenMentor pvt.ltd, I got good opportunity in well known company in Pune. Even after that they support me in my technical queries. The candidates who want to make a carrier s right place to get the knowledge they can select seven mentor for their future help. Priyanka mam looks into each and every student progress personally. And give more more information about technologies . it is the Perfect place for the people who want to learn more and more, want to improve skill sets . GOOD Management as well as best training. Thanks

Priyanka Jaiwal

I have completed java classes from the institute. I Like the way trainer explains the concepts. I got to clear all sort of problem related to the course. Understanding the needs of student trainers explains everything . I am glad that I choose this institute for training purpose. I got study material which have detail explanation of topic. They assist me in every part. They also provide placement assistance which is the important one. Thank you sevenmentor for all support and help which you gave me in my training part. And I am planning to do another course as well.

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Yes! This Course Comes With Live Practical Sessions And Labs

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Sure! Most of our Course Comes with Global Certification for which you have to give Exam at the End of the Course

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Yes we do have different Exam Conducting Department where you can apply for certain course’s Exam

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