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There are two kinds of people in this world, one -they say nothing is impossible. I can do it. The word Impossible is not in their dictionary. These kinds of people are highly motivated. And the other category of people says that I can implement the skill only if I have learned it. If I have learned it, I will be able to use it. If you learn Public Speaking Skills at Sevenmentor, you will be able to face the crowd no matter if it is a huge crowd or just a few people in a meeting or your online training. 

Let me give you an example! If you go to a swimming pool with just theoretical knowledge of how to swim effectively, you won’t be able to swim. And if you want to swim you need to learn the skill, enter the water, and swim. The Public Speaking Skills are just the same. You need to learn the skill and make your speeches effective. 


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What are Public Speaking Skills?

Public speaking skills ask the talent of effectively addressing an audience. Whether it’s before a bunch of individuals you already know or a crowd of strangers, your ability to speak to them with clarity and confidence is known as your public speaking skills. At Sevenmentor you get an opportunity to speak in front of people and improve your public speaking skills.


Tips for impressive Public Speaking-

Speaking in front of a group of people is a challenge for many people. And a challenge I believe must be accepted. We all come across that moment on the stage when we go blank. Have you ever frozen on the stage? Speaking in front of a crowd is not a piece of cake for many people. They face anxiety, nervousness, sleepless nights before their presentation, and a lack of confidence. In this blog, you will find some valuable suggestions that will help you speak better publicly. 

  • It’s all about what you say-

When you have to give a presentation or a speech you may make PowerPoint presentations, collect some good vocabulary, sentences, pictures, graphics, and so on and of course, that is important. But you are losing out on something here. We spend most of our time preparing the content we are going to use for speaking but what we miss out on is how to present it. We spend enough time on what to say but don’t spend enough time on how to say it. If it’s not about what you are saying then what is more important? Your words matter only 7%, your voice and tone matter 38%, and more matters is your body language i.e., 55%. So, if your body language is not good, you mess up with the entire relationship with your audience. Make sure you don’t hurt the emotions of the people that are paying attention to you. Rather you focus on a happy way to deliver your speech which is best reflected in your body language and your voice. Concentrate on how to say rather than what to say.


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  • Connect with your audience-

Depending upon your audience, decide how long to take pauses. If your audience is from different parts of other countries. Let them clearly understand what you are saying. And while taking those pauses look at your audience. Don’t keep your eyes off your audience. Don’t fix on a spot, rather you can move your eyes on the overall audience. This will help you connect better to them. There is no other better way than to explain the examples from daily life. You can tell your experiences from your school, college, or professional life. Because examples help to relate to the topic much better than anything else. I use them too. So, with your positive approach and nice body language keep rocking!


  1. The crucial first 90 seconds-

The start of your speech is the most important part. Walk in the room smartly. Lay your notes on the podium. Look up, keep your chin straight and greet them with a warm and genuine smile. It makes them feel you know well what you are here for and helps them to feel comfortable with you. If they know that you don’t know what you are saying, that’s going to be a problem. Be the one who has everything under control. If you want the audience to relate to you easily, it is always a good idea to start your speech with a light-minded nice, and strong phrase that could capture their attention. 


  1. Don’t stand as you sit-

Never like a person who has dragged himself/herself slouching attracts the audience. Most of us don’t realize that our confidence depends on the way we place our chin. Too high gives a wrong attitude and arrogance to the people and too low shows that you are very nervous. To overcome this, you must observe yourself in the mirror by exploring different angles until you find the most appropriate one. Trust me you will have a plus point when you have a good body posture. Don’t slouch like you were reading a book and did not leave your seat for long. Keep your back straight when you start your speech. 


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  1. Add some humor in your speech

Here are three reasons why using humor in presentations can be a good idea:

  1. Adding humor to presentations holds your audience’s attention. It creates a bond with them. If they’re laughing with you then they’re connected. That’s key once you want your presentation to achieve success.
  2. Using humor also makes your presentation more memorable. An oft-quoted saying is that folks may forget your exact words, but they will not forget how you made them feel.
  3. Adding comedy to your presentations triggers the proper emotions in your audience. Plus, making presentations fun reinforces key points and causes a more interesting presentation.

Tips to add humor in your presentations- 

  1. At the start of your presentation, tell a joke.
  2. Tell tiny stories in the middle of your presentation to keep the presentation alive.
  3. Don’t hesitate to laugh at yourself.
  4. Include a funny quote or image.


Remember- While adding humor you should know the type of audience and nobody should find them offensive or cheap. Your entire speech must be delivered professionally.  

To know more details, you can join our classes at Sevenmentor Pvt. Ltd.


Don’ts for Public Speaking-

  1. Do not look down or off into space.
  2. Never start speaking before you have reached the front of the room and looked at your audience.
  3. Do not play with your hair or the accessories that you are wearing.
  4. Do not lean on one side.
  5. Never point someone with the finger even though you are saying something positive. Use open palms.
  6. Do not fold your arms and cross your legs.
  7. Don’t sway from side to side because you are not exercising.
  8. Do not turn your back to the audience.


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Lastly, even if you don’t have to make regular presentations, you will require Public Speaking Skills at events like a friend’s wedding, annual function in college, and so on.  

Even those who face the problem of social anxiety can become confident speakers by working on public speaking skills. 


Remember- The best public speakers started from the bottom. It is a skill that everybody can master. Join Sevenmentor to become an extraordinary speaker. “Speech is power. Speech is to persuade, to convert, and to compel.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson.


No presentation is successful without your confidence. If you want to work on it Contact Sevenmentor Pvt. Ltd. for further assistance.



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