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SQL Training In Pune

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Career Opportunities

After completion of this course you will be able to apply for a job roles.

Database Administrator (SQL DBA)

Business Intelligence Administrator

Database Developer

Big Data Expert

Database Testers

Data Analyst

Data Application Interface Developer

Business Intelligence Reporting Engineer

Most Popular Employer Name for Candidates with a SQL Certification

Amdocs, Inc.


Velocity Technology Solutions

HCL Technologies Ltd.

3A Consultancy Services

Exela Technologies

IBM India Pvt. Limited

Salary Growth Rates for Freshers


Introduction to SQL Course

SQL Training in Pune with SevenMentor:

SQL stands for Structured query language which is used to interact with the database. In every business, the core and essential part is management of data. On data various CRUD operation is performed such as Create, Read, Update and Delete. Based on data analysis result business is glow by taking the right decision.

Nowadays leaning of SQL programming is essential and important skills for beginners to make a career in IT as well as experience to enhance the skills for better opportunities. SQL is a basic skill set for any IT/NON-IT folks, it’s always helpful for any functional, support and technical consultant.

SevenMentor as Best SQL Training in Pune provides a unique SQL Programming course considering fresher or entry-level programmer to experience. It covers first the features of DBMS (Database Management System) fundamentals and then SQL programming feature by taking lots of practice to solve queries on various databases so that one can have a good command on solving queries of SQL along with concept clarity of DBMS. The Seven Mentor, SQL Training in Pune is recognized for experience trainer and provides hands-on practice.

Proficiency After Training


The Candidate have a good understanding of database concepts and database management system with relational database tools. He will work effectively on relational databases.


A high-level understanding of RDBMS components and their internal functions which is required in project development.


Candidate can understand applications data requirements and model into the software by using the ER diagrams and design database structural schemas based on that model.


One can easily work on SQL commands such as create table, alter table modify table ,delete a records from table Select the data based on various conditions by applying group by ,having and other advanced queries such as sub queries ,joins ,set operators etc.


In TCL that is transaction control management candidate can understand and work on various TCL commands.


Candidate can be able to program a data intensive query application using RDBMS functionality

SQL Training in Pune

What is SQL?

SQL is called is a Structured Query language which mainly deals with a relational database. It manages structured data. SQL Classes in Pune at seven Mentor has started a course with a basic concept like what is data? Data is a fact or object related to the project. Example employee information such as id, empname, salary, deptno in Employee management system etc. is called as data. Once we identify Data we need to understand Database? A database is a systematic approach of storing and manipulation of data. E.g. electricity service provider who manages the bills, client-related data, fault records it maintains. We can create data using SQL (Structure query language) is used to perform CRUD operation on data. In SQL Data is stored in tabular formats such as rows and columns. A database management system is one who has a collection of programs by which a user can manipulate, access the data. 

Different types of Data management is available such as Relational database management system, Object relational database management system.

In Relational database management system is one of the most popular data management where data is stored in the form of tables, it has predefined data types. The relational database management system includes MySQL, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server database. 

Structured Programming language is used to perform an operation on data such as insert, update, delete and search the data. All the database (MySQL, Oracle, Sybase uses SQL)

SQL syntax is the same for all the databases only a few syntax changes.

SQL has three types of language such as:

1.DDL (Data definition language): DDL Basically deal with the structure of data. DDL commands are used to create, alter, modify database objects, add the constraint, remove the constraint and modify the constraints. DDL commands are Create, alter, modify, truncate and drop.

2.DML (Data Manipulation Language): DML commands are basically used to modify the data from the table. DML commands are inserted, update, and delete commands.

3.DCL (Data control language): DCL is used to give access privileges to the user. Commands are used in DCL is grant and revoke. Grant is used to give specific access to the user and revoke the accessibility of the database object to the user.

4.TCL(Transaction Control Language): TCL is mainly used to manage the transaction with the database. Set of operations performed on the database is called it as a transaction.TCL is used to control the modification of data.TCL commands are commit, rollback, and savepoint.

5.DQL (Data Query language): DQL command is used to get back the data from the database based on query perform.DQL command is select with various clauses. 

Why Should I take SQL Training? 

SQL is structured query language is used to deal with databases. The primary purpose of SQL is to analyze the data which is in a structured format. SQL is the most universal and commonly used database language all over it has its own syntax and it is a command-line interpreter. That is it execute one command at a time. After SQL Classes in Pune, you will get knowledge about the following areas.

  • Data Mining: SQL has a great feature to mine a data by using various queries and it is often required hence one should take an initiative and learn SQL.
  • SQL Programmers are huge in demand in Industry
  • Data Manipulation: SQL provides different queries by using us can easily manipulate the data.
  • Data collections: By using SQL we can collect the data from various resources and combine and perform the operation.
  • The Big data tools such as Apache Spark, Apache Hive, Apache Sqoop, Apache Hadoop and many more. These tools require SQL proficiency so that you can write SQL complex queries.
  • Among the most popular languages across web developers, software developers, system administrators, desktop developers, DevOps, data scientists and software engineers.
  • Most of the servers use to store their data on database like MySQL, hence for managing server if someone knows SQL is beneficial.

SQL Classes in Pune

Why should go for SQL Training in Pune at SevenMentor?

SevenMentor provides Best SQL Classes in Pune as it has unique course content and experienced trainer who provides quality of training.

SQL Courses in Pune at SevenMentor is divided into different modules. Each module has a specific objective along with a set of lab assignment for hand on.

Objectives of SQL Classes in Pune at SevenMentor:

  • How to use MySQL effectively.
  • With basic MySQL, including managing MySQL database and manipulating data using various SQL statements such as INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE and SELECT.
  • You will not only learn syllabus wise topic but you will learn more about advanced data selection techniques including INNER JOIN, LEFT JOIN, Subquery, and UNION.
  •  Understanding of Database concept like normalization. You will learn how to manage databases in MySQL. You will learn how to create new databases, remove existing databases, and display all databases in the MySQL database server. Integrity constraints
  • Advanced SQL concept like subqueries, Date Aggregate functions, and Set operators.

Other features of SevenMentor SQL Training in Pune :

  • The training we provide is 100% practical along with training, we provide 100+ assignments, POC’s and real-time projects.
  • Additional to SQL Classes in Pune at SevenMentor provides CV writing, mock tests, interviews are taken to make candidate industry-ready. We provide very specific and conceptual notes rather than only the theory part along with this we provide interview kit and reference books to every candidate.
  •   With the SQL Course content, we develop the students and groom their skills.  
  • Practical assignments at the end of every lecture.
  • A practical learning experience with a live project.
  • The individual mock interview session
  • Real-Time case studies to practice
  • Job placement assistance with job notification until you get your first job
  • Course completion certificate
  • All-time support for your questions.
  • Affordable Fees for SQL Classes in Pune – Keeping in mind students can’t afford high fees so we kept affordable fees for SQL Course in Pune.
  • SQL Training in Pune at Seven Mentor has a big placement record since its starting. Every year we create thousands of new job opportunities through various Job Fairs and pool drives across the state.      

Prerequisites for SQL Training in Pune at SevenMentor 

  • Candidate With basic knowledge of any programming language can choose SQL Training.
  • Apart from the No prerequisite required for the SQL classes in Pune.

Duration for SQL Classes in Pune with SevenMentor is  80 hours of the classroom program. After SQL Training in Pune with SevenMentor students will easily crack SQL interview and have advanced knowledge of SQL.

SQL Courses and Training in Pune

SevenMentor considered as Best SQL Training Institute in Pune who provides various job opportunities are available from the placement team. SQL is the most mentioned skill, being mentioned in 55% of ads after other technologies like R, Java, and python. SQL is the most popular among data scientists and engineers than Python or R. The fact that SQL is a language of choice is incredibly important and useful everywhere.

Career Opportunities after completing SQL Classes in Pune at SevenMentor. The list of  SQL jobs with their descriptions. If you are looking for a job in SQL, then you should know the following:

Database Administrator (SQL DBA)

A database administrator is responsible for maintaining SQL Server databases and maintenance of data. 

Database Developer

He is responsible for designing and implementation of databases in the server.

Database Testers

He is responsible for is to validate and correct the data to be loaded in the database.

Data Scientist

He is responsible for analyzing, for-casting, predicting, and data mining to make decisions in the business.

Data Application Interface Developer

He is responsible to create applications using languages like .net, Scala, and Java and works on JDBC connections with the database.

Business Intelligence Administrator

He is responsible for to work on ETL jobs, troubleshoot, status monitoring and publishing data reports and comparing data with SQL database for validations

Big Data Expert

He is responsible to work with big data tools such as Apache Spark, Apache Hive, Apache Sqoop, Apache Hadoop and many more. These tools require SQL proficiency so that you can write SQL complex queries.

Cloud Database Expert

It is responsible to work on cloud databases like AWS, GCP, Azure, etc. To work on these also requires SQL expertise.

Data Analyst

He is responsible to work on key performance indicators to analyze data from the database and use it further operations. 

SQL Certification in Pune

SevenMentor provides SQL Certification Course in Pune which is industry-recognized. In the market there are some official certifications are also available as follows: 

  • IBM Certified Database Administrator – DB2
  • Microsoft SQL Server database certifications
  • Oracle Certified Professional
  • MySQL Database Administrator
  • Oracle Database 12c Administrator

SQL stands for Structured Query Language which uses to interact with data in the database. Data is a very important part of application client can perform CRUD (Create, Read, Update and delete) operation. A database is a systematic approach to storing the data. Data is created by using SQL. In Database, data is in tabular format such as rows and columns. The database management system has a collection of programs. A different type of Data management is available such as the Relational database management system, Object-relational database management system. In Relational database management system is one of the most popular data management where data is stored in the form of tables, it has predefined data types like number,varchar,varchar2,date, blob,clob etc. The relational database management system includes MySQL, Oracle and Microsoft SQL server database.SQL syntax is the same for all the databases only a few syntax changes.

SQL has DDL(Data Manipulation language).DDL commands are used to create , alter ,modify database objects, add a constraint, remove the constraint and modify the constrain for that we use Create, alter, modify, truncate and drop. Another SQL command s is DML (Data Manipulation Language). These commands are used to insert, update and delete data from the database.DML commands are insert, update and delete.DCL (Data control language) is used to access privileges to the user. DCL commands grant and revokes which give specific access to the user and remove access for a database object.TCL(Transaction Control Language) is used to manage the transaction with the database. TCL commands are commit rollback and save point.SQL select query is used to get back data from the database based on what query performs. The select query has various clauses such as from, where, group by and having. We can perform various advance data selection techniques such as including INNER JOIN, LEFT JOIN, Subquery, and UNION.SQL has built-in functions while we fetch data from the table such as string function, math/number function, date function.

Leaning of SQL programming is essential and important skills for beginners to make a career in IT as well as experience to enhance the skills for better opportunities. SQL is a basic skill set for IT industry, it helps in functional, support and technical consultant.

SQL knowledge is implemented in Data mining various SQL queries are used. In Data collection SQL is used to collect data from a different sources and combine data to perform an operation. Big data tool  like Sqoop,Apache ,Hadoop require SQL proficiency. Hence SQL programmer’s demand is huge hence learning SQL is an important skill.

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Candidate seeking this course

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Shubham Pradhan

Seven Mentor SQL Training was amazing. It was a great experience to learn here. I upgrade myself on SQL. Faculty was too good explain the concept very well and provide us with a lot of assignments for practice hence I am confident to face an interview.

Ruplekha Joshi

I did SQL course from seven mentor last month. SQL course content was too good it cover the syllabus basic from advance with variety of assignments to solve. Staff was supportive and always motivate. Now I can easily work on project after completing the course thank you seven mentor and team.

Mayank Chaudhary

Learning SQL in Seven mentor is really fun. I enjoyed a lot. Trainer explain the concept in innovative way along with good real time example.

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