Stress Management

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  • February 24, 2020
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Stress Management

Stress Management

Hey there!!! Want to get rid of stress? If ‘Yes’ then this article is for you. I was wondering what I should write on and when I discussed with some people I knew, I realized that not everybody is happy in this world. People are looking for happiness ultimately. Then I questioned myself why are they not happy? And here I found that one of the common reasons is Stress. There are different Personality Development Training in Pune that helps you tackle the problems related to stress. Here is our take on the same. We at SevenMentor Training Institute in Pune teach you soft skills and help you to deal with your Stress  And that motivated me to write on it. 

So let’s get started…

What is Stress-

Stress is often termed as a twentieth-century syndrome, born out of man’s race towards modern progress and its ensuring complexities. –Benjamin Franklin

Eustress vs Distress-


Not every stress needs to be harmful or negative. Eustress is positive stress which pushes you to do your work. E.g. stress before the exam or any competition. It has the following characteristics. 

  • Feels exciting
  • Motivates and gives energy
  • Improves performance
  • Keeps you healthy


Distress refers to extreme anxiety, sorrow or pain. It affects your mental and physical health. 

Meaning of Stress-

Stress is a pressure or tension which comes on an individual because of some uncontrolled or unmanageable situations.

Stress can affect your body and mental health in a negative manner. Stress leads to obesity when people eat too much when they are in stress. Stress can also create a loss of appetite. Some people don’t eat enough which can be a problem as well. During the stress response, your heart rate increases, you face rapid breathing, your muscles tighten, and your blood pressure rises.

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Signs of Stress-

Physical symptoms of stress include:

  • Low energy.
  • Headaches.
  • Upset stomach, including diarrhea, constipation, and nausea.
  • Aches, pains, and tense muscles.
  • Chest pain and rapid heartbeat.
  • Insomnia.
  • Frequent colds and infections.

Emotional symptoms of Stress-

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability and extreme anger
  • Frustration
  • Memory and concentration problems
  • Compulsive behavior
  • Mood swings

Causes of Stress-

  • Job insecurity
  • High-performance demand
  • Workplace environment
  • Personal and family problems
  • Technology

Ways to reduce your stress-

  • Enjoy little things that make you happy –
  1. Singing and dancing weirdly when nobody is watching
  2. Riding a bike just after rain on a sunny day with the perfect weather
  3. A good hair day
  4. Getting off work while it’s still light outside
  5. Paying for a small drink but getting a large one.
  6. Taking off your shoes when you get home
  7. Listening to a favorite song on repeat
  8. Puppies in the park
  9. When you find the missing match to your favorite socks. 
  10. Sleeping in clean fresh sheets.
  11. Wearing new clothes
  12. The elevator arriving the second you push the button
  13. Sweets
  • Communicate-

Communication is important. Most of the time we just assume and make our own perceptions or opinions. And just because we do not open up and express our thoughts we fail to manage many things. And it leads to misunderstandings and miscommunication. For every problem, there are one or two solutions. But because we don’t share it, we lead towards stress.

  • Talk to yourself-

Don’t miss out on the best person to talk to. That’s You! We should spend time with ourselves. We can call it ‘me time’.

  • Music-

Music heals any mood and it plays a very important role in our life. It refreshes our mood. Music is very close to us because it directly connects us with our emotions.

  • Control your emotions-

Have control on your mind before it controls you. Emotions like anger and anxiety can spoil your mood quickly and deeply. Anger is a punishment we give it to ourselves so don’t hurt yourself with it.

  • Some other ways to keep your stress away-
  1. Have some fun
  2. Do what makes you happy
  3. Play with kids
  4. Keep a child in you alive/ always live young
  5. Take up a new hobby
  6. Exercise
  7. Meditate
  8. Play with friends
  9. Treat yourself/ Date yourself/ Take yourself out.
  10. Eat healthily
  11. Take proper sleep
  12. Be you
  13. Share and care
  14. Don’t compare but get inspired for a good reason


  •  Take responsibilities in a healthy way-

If you take responsibility for your family and loved ones, believe me, you are a superhero for them. You are making their lives better. While doing that if you forget yourself, the responsibilities will become a burden for you. Hence you must do something good for yourself too.

  • Play in water-

No matter who you are, what position you are at, a play in water gives you relaxation. So go out, have fun with your friends and family at least for one day and repeat whenever possible. Maybe once in 3 months.

  • Do not isolate yourself from others- 

Man is a social animal. But sometimes we isolate ourselves from others just because we are stressed. The fact is we do not want to show our emotions to others. If you do that you will be in more stress and may lead to depression.

Spend time with your best friends-

Friends relieve our mental stress. The things we cannot share with our parents, we can share them with our friends. Some good moments with friends will help you to change your mood.

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Case studies-

When I asked for the reasons behind getting stressed to some people I got these answers.

Case 1: Stress in youth-

The study, Career, Exam, etc.

A 17 years old student Anshika says that The major cause of getting stressed is Career these days. Expectations of the parents, relatives friends and society. The youth nowadays is career-oriented. They are living in a world of competition and a rat race. In order to prove themselves successful, they are putting in lots of effort. Today’s young generation is brilliant and they are trying to secure a good image in society. They want to be first in everything. But if everyone tries to be the first then who is going to be the second and third? Or being in the second position is that worst.

One good thing is that in today’s world most of the parents are supportive. They support their children to make their career but the relatives and society give stress to our parents. And when because of us our parents are under stress we can also get stressed.

Case 2: Stress because of study-

Amol, A student pursuing graduation says that a Healthy environment in a family helps the students to study better but society gives you stress. They say that if you don’t perform well now, you will be out of this race and will not be able to do anything in this world. But in reality, they forget that every person is different and has got different qualities. The taunting and negative remarks give stress to the youth. The comments like “Tumhara Kuch Nahi ho Sakta”  demotivates the person and the youth loses his/her confidence.

Case 3: Comparison-

An old student of mine, Diksha said that Society compares you with your friends and others. Eventually, we also start feeling the same. We also start comparing ourselves with others. But personally I think nature has made us different. We are unique. We haven’t lived our life like the other. For comparison, we need a common platform but we all have pursued a different lifestyle, studied in a different environment. Our habits are also different and our nature too. Then what do we compare with when the opportunities we get are also different…? What if someone goes ahead of me and if I am left behind? With this statement, we also start comparing ourselves with others.

A little change in attitude can make this world better for us. But of course yes everyone doesn’t want it.

Case 4: 

Name(Hidden)Teachers also may stress you out. Sometimes teachers and our parents say that without struggle and hard work you will not be successful but the youth is more interested in being smart these days. Our teachers and parents to give their own examples. They say that we have studied in a very unhealthy environment. We have struggled a lot. Whatever facilities you are getting now we never got them. And if we would have got this much, we could have done much better than this. We have given you everything but still, you are not performing well. Sometimes it hurts so badly that they lose their confidence totally and they start believing that they are garbage and do nothing in their lives. Since our childhood, we are compared with them and others.

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Case 5: Expectations-

An accountant Vikram says, Yes, the Expectations hurt! Competition, Peer pressure gives us stress. Expectations from Parents, Friends, Siblings, Relatives, Bosses or colleagues may stress you out.  E.g. When your boss expects you to do more work when you already have a workload. Or your friends want you to go out with them for fun when you are running out of money.

Case 6: Stress because of unhealthy relationships-

An HR Hemlata says, Relationships these days are very weak. Most of the teenagers as well as adults are under stress because of this. Breakups, Fights, Arguments are a part of life. Make sure you are in a healthy relationship. If not please communicate and rethink it. 

Having a girlfriend or a boyfriend is a symbol of status for the youth. Some are too behind getting a girlfriend or boyfriend that they forget their dreams and goals. Most of the relationships today are out of infatuation and not love. They think that they are in love and later when they give up on each other so easily that there was nothing between them. Being in an unhealthy relationship gives you stress. Balancing career or professional life and love life becomes difficult at such times. Being possessive for someone is okay but out of that possession troubling the person disturbs both the lives. 

Case 7: work-life balance-

A 35-year-old man says that Today’s working world is giving us many challenges. When we fail to balance our personal and professional life we get stressed. No doubt we should work hard but we also have to dedicate some time to our family and friends. 

Case 8: Rejections-

A young working lady Priti says that the rejections and failures in life give stress. Many people fail in interviews and get frustrated. But if we see some benefits of getting rejected we will learn more from them. For example-rejections teach us patience, they remind us of our goals again. So we should take the rejections sportingly and try one more time.

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Case 9: One-sided love-

Yes! It is painful sometimes to be in a one-sided love relationship. Love is itself a beautiful thing and if it is painful to you or troubling you then again you are doing wrong with yourself. If you are truly in love with someone enjoy it.

People are getting close to others easily, especially with their friends. Don’t mix up the love and friendship together if it is just one-sided. You can have proper communication and if it is one-sided you can give up on it and move on. I understand it’s not easy but you may have to lose your best friend because of it.


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