Top 10 Technical Interview Questions Asked in SAP PP

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  • February 27, 2024
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Top 10 Technical Interview Questions Asked in SAP PP

Top 10 Technical Interview Questions Asked in SAP PP

Explore the top 10 technical interview questions asked in SAP PP roles, along with expert answers and insights.

1.   What is SAP PP?

SAP PP (Production Planning) is a module in SAP ERP that deals with production planning and management. It consists of various activities such as material requirement planning, capacity planning, and production execution.

2.   Explain the key components of SAP PP.

The key components of SAP PP are as follows:

Master Data: Bill of Materials (BOM), Work Center, Routing, Material Master and Production Version

Planning: Material Requirements Planning (MRP) Capacity Planning and Demand Management

Execution: Production Order, Shop Floor Control, and Confirmation of Goods.

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3.   What is BOM in SAP PP?

BOM stands for Bill of materials. It is a list of components or materials required to produce a finished product or semi-finished product. BOM consists of information about the quantity and units of measure for each component.

4.   Explain the significance of Routing.

Routing defines the sequence of operations to be performed during production. It consists of information about work centers, operations, and the order of operations.

5.   What is Material Requirements Planning (MRP) in SAP PP?

MRP is a commonly used planning tool in SAP PP that ensures the availability of materials for production and helps in maintaining optimal inventory levels. It looks at the demand for finished products, lead times, and current stock levels.

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6.   What is a Work Center in SAP PP?

A work center in SAP PP shows a location where manufacturing operations are carried out. It consists of information about the capacity, scheduling, and costs associated with production activities.

7.   How does SAP PP integrate with other SAP modules?

SAP PP integrates with other modules such as SAP MM (Materials Management), SAP SD (Sales and Distribution) and SAP QM (Quality Management) to ensure a seamless flow of information across different business processes.

8.   Explain the concept of Production Order.

A Production Order in SAP PP is a seek to produce a certain quantity of a product. It consists of information about the materials, operations, and resources required for production.

9.   What is Backflushing?

Backflushing is a process where the system automatically issues and consumes materials based on the production activities recorded. It assists in reducing manual data entry and streamlining the production process.

10.   How can you resolve capacity issues in SAP PP?

Capacity leveling and capacity planning tools can be used to identify and resolve capacity issues. By adjusting work center capacities, scheduling operations efficiently, and using alternate resources, capacity constraints can be addressed.

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