Top 20+ Interior Design Interview Questions and Answers

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  • May 3, 2023
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Top 20+ Interior Design Interview Questions and Answers

Top 20+ Interior Design Interview Questions and Answers

Internal environments that are both aesthetically pleasing and useful are produced by interior designers. In addition to intrinsic artistic flair, an interior design diploma is typical. Unless you’re aiming to fill a junior post, you might want to start by screening candidates for experience.

A wide range of competencies are included in the skill set of good interior designers. Skills in project management, communication, teamwork, and a desire to follow industry trends are a few examples. Asking behavioral or contextual questions will help you assess those.

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Some of the Interview Questions on Interior Designing  are as follows:

  1. Can you show and explain some of your best designs?
    -This answer must be answered in a streamlined fashion with confidence. You must carry all of your designs on your laptop or Pen drive. Your best designs must be segregated to avoid confusion. Show them your best designs & explain why have you chosen such patterns & color combinations. This gives a hint to the Interviewer about your full-fledged knowledge.

  2. What factors should be taken into consideration while selecting colors in designing Interiors?
    Make the right decision for the first time.

Follow the “Rule of Three.

  • Be bold enough to choose the best colors.
  • Pick a color from your favorite.
  • Pair colors to enhance the look of the space
  • Create a color strategy for the space 
  • Always choose the right finishes.

  • What importance is given while creating a room?

Once the concept or idea is clear in your mind, you should choose a theme and design the entire area in accordance, taking into account color, furniture, and a piece of art.

  • Which type of wood will you favor for designing?

Oak, cherry, and mahogany are suitable woods for formal design; for informal design, maple, bamboo, and pine are suitable options.

  • How should you best utilize the lighting in your space?

Using 80% of the lights overhead and 20% of the lights that are free-standing or placed on the wall, such as table lamps, art lamps, library lamps, scones, etc., is an excellent method to utilize the lighting in the space. Your interior and paintings will be highlighted.

  • What is covered by interior designers’ professional liability insurance, please?

Up to the policy’s maximum, interior designers’ professional liability insurance protects them against lawsuit-related losses, expenses, and damages. It shields clients against accusations that you or a member of your staff violated the law while carrying out their jobs or from allegations that design changes caused third parties to suffer damages.

  • Describe the distinction between interior design and interior decoration.

Designing the Interior: A skilled interior designer may choose from a wide range of possibilities and provide innovative solutions for the place they are designing.

Decorating the interior: Making an area more aesthetically pleasing involves employing different types of colors and accents


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  • What Methodologies And Attitudes Are Necessary For This Interior Designer Position?

Out-of-the-box thinking is an attitude necessary for this position. I must use my creative side as I work as an interior designer. I’ve discovered that whenever I don’t let the rules limit my creativity, I produce the best designs. Speaking effectively is a strategy I adhere to. The client’s goals and my aims always line when there is communication.

  • Which of the following best describes you as an interior designer?

Prioritise developing a critical competency that sets you apart from other designers. Mention your capacity to manage projects, organize spaces, collaborate with clients, and pay attention to detail, for instance. If you must respond, be truthful and illustrate. I work well with clients, which is my greatest strength.

  • What gardening options do you have on your balcony or veranda?

Using the stacking technique or hanging baskets will help you make the most of the vertical space in your flat. By planting in appropriate pots, you may use a window ledge or a narrow balcony. You can also place decorative plants on the threshold or at doorways.

  • What queries would you pose to the client in your capacity as an interior designer?
  • about client spending and deadlines
  • relating to design style
  • about making decisions
  • Whether you’ve already worked with a designer
  • How do you picture the creation process?

  • Mention a few of the well-known and extensively used interior design programs.
  • Autodesk Homestyler
  • Sweet Home 3D
  • 3D Home Design Software
  • 3D Spacer
  • Roomie
  • Placed
  • pCon.planner
  • Home Designer Suite 10
  • Home & Landscape Design Premium NexGen3
  • HGTV home design and remodeling suite
  • List a few areas where you can apply interior design and develop your area of expertise aside from the usual ones.

There are many fields in which you can choose to specialize, such as visual merchandising. Set designer for movies, home theatre designer, expert in Vastu Shastra, Feng Shui,  and Artist of Landscape.

  • . What does the practice act for interior designers mean?

If a state passes a practice law for interior designers, it will be able to forbid unlicensed individuals from rendering professional services in the field.

  • Which companies can you apply your ability as an individual interior designer?

 Expertise as an interior designer can be put to use at 

  • an architecture firm. 
  • within a furniture showroom
  • a designer of sample or model homes
  • within a lightning design studio
  • .What does the permitting statute for interior design mean?

It is a change to the existing law that mandates that, in any applicable province or state, the rules governing architectural practice should also apply to interior designers.

  • Which publications would you name as being useful for interior designers?
  • Dwell Magazine
  • Frame Magazine
  • Metropolis Magazine
  • PopLIFE
  • Interior Design Magazine

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  • What are the considerations that must be made when designing?
  • For a smaller space, add a beautiful mirror.
  • Hang the artwork or photo at the proper height.
  • If you do, the sound waves will be reflected if you surface in an acoustic or theatre environment.
  • Before choosing furniture, first, check the room’s dimensions.
  • Do not over furnish the space.
  • Carefully coordinate your colors or it’ll look off.
  • Utilise suitable illumination
  • What is a kitchen designer’s job description?

The primary responsibility of a kitchen designer is to choose the appliances for the kitchen while taking the flooring and countertops into account. For restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and kitchen showrooms, you can design the kitchens.

  • What sorts of countertops are available for use in kitchen design?
  • Granite and Quartz
  • Marble and Limestone
  • Wood Countertops
  • Stainless steel
  • Laminate countertops

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Over the next ten years, it is expected that the number of interior designers would increase faster than usual. The demand for new residences and commercial space will increase along with population growth, which will increase the need for interior designers to plan and build functional spaces. If interior designers are outstanding communicators and project managers, they will likely have the finest employment opportunities.

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