What is AWS Cloud Watch?

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  • November 9, 2023
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What is AWS Cloud Watch?

What is AWS Cloud Watch?

Amazon CloudWatch is a monitoring and observability service provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). It allows you to collect and track metrics, collect and monitor log files, and set alarms. CloudWatch provides a comprehensive set of tools and features for monitoring your AWS resources, applications, and services in real time, helping you gain insight into the performance and operational health of your AWS infrastructure. In this blog, we will explore What is AWS Cloud Watch? and its important features

Cloudwatch important features and components are –

Metrics: CloudWatch collects and stores various types of data, known as metrics, which represent the performance and utilization of AWS resources. These metrics can be collected from various AWS services, your custom applications, and other sources.

Alarms: You can set up alarms to automatically trigger actions when a metric crosses a specified threshold. These actions can include sending notifications, stopping or terminating instances, or running AWS Lambda functions.

Dashboards: CloudWatch allows you to create custom dashboards to visualize and monitor the metrics and alarms for your resources in one place. You can use the CloudWatch console to create and customize dashboards. Unlock the Power of the Cloud with Our AWS Course in Pune! Gain Expertise in Amazon Web Services and Boost Your Career. Enroll Today!

Logs: AWS CloudWatch Logs enables you to monitor, store, and access log files from your applications and services. It’s often used for troubleshooting and auditing.

Events: CloudWatch Events allows you to respond to changes in your AWS environment. You can create rules to automatically trigger actions in response to events like instance state changes, S3 object creation, or other events from supported AWS services.

Insights: CloudWatch Insights is a feature that helps you interactively search and analyze your log data, making it easier to identify patterns, troubleshoot issues, and perform ad-hoc queries on log data.

CloudWatch Agent: The CloudWatch Agent is a software package that collects more system-level metrics from EC2 instances and on-premises servers, allowing you to monitor additional performance data.

Custom Metrics: You can also create custom metrics by pushing data to CloudWatch using APIs or the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI). This is useful for monitoring custom applications and services.

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Why AWS Cloudwatch?:

Amazon CloudWatch offers several benefits for users managing resources and applications in AWS:

Real-time Monitoring: CloudWatch provides real-time monitoring of your AWS resources and applications. It allows you to gain insight into the operational health and performance of your systems, helping you detect issues promptly.

Metrics and Alarms: You can collect and track a wide range of metrics from various AWS services and custom applications. CloudWatch alarms enable you to set up automated responses when metrics exceed defined thresholds, helping you proactively manage and troubleshoot issues.

Automated Actions: CloudWatch alarms can trigger automated actions, such as sending notifications, stopping or terminating instances, or running AWS Lambda functions. This automation can help you respond to issues without manual intervention.

Custom Metrics: You can create custom metrics, allowing you to monitor specific aspects of your applications or services. This flexibility is useful for tailoring your monitoring to your unique needs.

Dashboards: CloudWatch dashboards enable you to create custom visualizations of your metrics and alarms. You can monitor multiple resources and services in a single view, making it easier to keep an eye on your entire infrastructure. Transform your career with top-notch Online AWS training in Pune. Master Amazon Web Services and open doors to a world of cloud computing opportunities. Enroll now

Centralized Log Management: AWS CloudWatch Logs lets you store, monitor, and access log data from your applications and services. It’s a valuable tool for troubleshooting issues and auditing events in your environment.

Events and Automation: CloudWatch Events enables you to respond to changes in your AWS environment by creating rules that trigger actions based on specific events. This is useful for automating responses to various scenarios.

Cost Optimization: By monitoring resource utilization and performance, you can identify opportunities to optimize your AWS infrastructure, ensuring that you’re only using the resources you need and reducing unnecessary costs.

Scalability: CloudWatch can scale with your AWS infrastructure, whether you have a small application or a complex, highly distributed system. It can handle large volumes of data and provide insights at scale.

Integration with Other AWS Services: CloudWatch integrates seamlessly with other AWS services, making it an integral part of the AWS ecosystem. You can combine CloudWatch data with services like AWS Lambda, Amazon SNS, and AWS CloudFormation to build comprehensive solutions for monitoring and managing your resources.

Security and Compliance: CloudWatch can help you meet security and compliance requirements by monitoring and auditing your environment for suspicious or unauthorized activities. You can set up alarms and rules to ensure the security of your infrastructure.


Application and Infrastructure Performance Optimization: By monitoring performance metrics, you can identify bottlenecks and performance issues in your applications and infrastructure, allowing you to optimize them for better efficiency and user experience.

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cloud watch metric vs agent

Amazon CloudWatch Metrics and the CloudWatch Agent are two distinct methods for collecting and monitoring data in AWS, and they serve different purposes:

CloudWatch Metrics:

CloudWatch Metrics are a core feature of Amazon CloudWatch and allow you to collect and monitor predefined performance data for various AWS services and resources.

These metrics are automatically generated by AWS services and represent key performance indicators (KPIs) for those services. Examples of metrics include CPU utilization, network traffic, and request latency for services like Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS, and AWS Lambda. Elevate your skills with AWS classes in Pune. Join SevenMentor expert-led Amazon Web Services sessions and fast-track your journey to cloud expertise. Enroll today!

CloudWatch Metrics are typically available without any additional configuration and are readily accessible through the CloudWatch console, APIs, and CLI.

These metrics are designed to provide you with a high-level view of your AWS resources and services’ performance.

CloudWatch Agent:

The CloudWatch Agent is a software package that you can install on your EC2 instances (or on-premises servers) to collect additional system-level and application-specific metrics beyond what AWS services automatically provide.

The agent allows you to collect custom metrics from your applications, log files, and the underlying operating system. It supports various operating systems like Windows and Linux.

You can configure the CloudWatch Agent to collect data such as memory usage, disk space, custom application metrics, and log files. This provides a more comprehensive view of the health and performance of your instances and applications.

The agent is particularly useful when you need to monitor custom or non-AWS applications running on your instances and gain deeper insights into your infrastructure.

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The CloudWatch Agent benefits include:


Custom Metrics: Collect and monitor custom application and system-level metrics on your AWS instances.

Log Collection: Gather and analyze log files from your instances, aiding troubleshooting and auditing.

Deeper Insights: Gain a more comprehensive view of your infrastructure’s health and performance beyond AWS-managed metrics.

Enhanced Monitoring: Improve your ability to fine-tune application and resource performance for optimal efficiency.

Flexibility: Monitor both AWS and non-AWS applications running on your instances.

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Finally, the CloudWatch Agent provides greater monitoring flexibility and customization options for your AWS infrastructure.


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