What is Darkweb?

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  • June 9, 2021
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Hackers Use Other type of Webs:- Dark Web,Deep Web,Marianas Web

What is DarkWeb?

Basically there are four famous web , Surface Web ,Dark Web, Deep Web, Marianas Web. These all are the webs used by internet users all over the world. Lets see what this web are actually:

1.Surface Web

So normal people or normal computer users can browse Surface web easily all over the world people use search engines like google, yahoo,bing,redit 

and many more, Social networks like Facebook, Instagram,Snapchat, telegram,etc. works on these search engine.so whatever we can browse normally comes under surface web.Surface web browsedon normal browsers like google chrome, firefox, safari,opera,brave,internet explorer and many more.

Surface web can get browsed on normal internet speed no need for high internet speed. We think every thing is surface web like diffrent websites educational , blogs, writeup, application and all but nope this is just 10% of the the internet known as surface web.

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2.Dark web

Dark web means as it sounds dark/black illegal activites so basically dark web is Dark market or you can say black market for illegal stuff is been buy/sold its a market on internet like amazon = with all categories to do digial,physical products for shopping on internet for hackers like black hat hackets which are not good persons they love to do illegal activities.Dark web is not used by surface web users to use dark web we need diffrent browser which is connected to anonymous circuits all over the world means the browser is diffrent than google chrome, firefox,safari and all dark web browser is known as TOR broswer its logoand shape is linke onion because its have inbuilt powerful vpn service with diffrenet circuit connected to diffrent ip all over the world so when you browse that no one can track you.  Websites runs on darkweb on Tor broswer are not the one which runs on surface. Tor websites to open dark web runs on diffrent extension or tld- top level domain like

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darkwebsite. onion = the extension is .onion as the browser is having vpn like the layes in onion vegitabela are .Dark web websites can be found on the internet with some research, dark market/black market is mostly used by hackers,spammers,crackers to do bussines and personal gains products like drugs,weapons, tools, software, electronic, chemicals,golds ,tutorials for crime is easily availabel on dark market. To buy that stuff from dark market you need crypto currencies like bitcoin,ether and many more so while transaction every thing is encrypted no trace back.

  1. Deep Web?

Deep web is similar to dark web it also works on illegal platform for hackers as bussiness on deep web data leak of diffrent companys are sold information and data breach related stuff is availabel on deep web. Deep web can be browsed using TOR browser with links ends 

with .onion extension To browse deep web u can get website links for hackers diffrent forum platforms you will not found website links on surface web,you need high speed internet to browse through TOR BROWSER NETWORK as these network works on diffrent layers of ip curcuit from all diffrent countries

  1. Marianas Web?


Marians web is totally diffrent from dark web and deep web. Mariana’s web is been browsed on TOR BROWSER that is true but the content is whole diffrent and requires very high speed of internet Marianas web is used by 70% of countries government spy agents all over the world. Marianas web means the web where people talk about private illegal projects,illegal science, a scientist works on whole diffrent projects like human expirements with animals with machine and technology,aliens UFO communications sciennce ,all countries ministers personal information is sold for crime attempt in mafia,and many more. These Marianas websites are nearly impossibel to find becuase these is made by the people itself who are working on marianas

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so no leak of websites,the have a specific time when website is ON other wise its offline there is high security to websites login access required and many more so not possibel to access the marianas web until you are the member whole illumination work goes under marianas web as future prediction projects with high level of finance.

Author: Rajpurohit, vinod

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