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Cisco DevNet Training In Pune

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Career Opportunities

After completion of this course you will be able to apply for a job roles.

Systems Engineer DevNet

Cisco.net Specialists

Software Engineer DevNet

Cisco.net Professionals Engineer

Network Automation Engineer

Cisco DevNet Engineer

Cisco.net Associate Engineer

Net DevOps Engineer

Most Popular Employer Name for Candidates with a DevNet Certification


Sony PlayStation



HCL Technologies Ltd.

HM Health Solutions


Salary Growth Rates for Freshers


Introduction to Cisco DevNet Certification

Cisco develops a new automation program for developers and IT professionals to help the task automation and improve the performance of the network, this automation program is known as DevNet.   Cisco working on this new program for the past several years, Cisco is taking networking to the next level in-line with this technology shift by adding new certifications for software development and evolving its traditional certification program.

 These all-new launched Cisco.net Certifications i.e. Cisco.net Certified Associate, Professionals and Specialists provides Software skills for professionals Network Engineers and Software Developers who are currently working on a Software Technologies that maintain high-quality standards to the industry yet have been streamlining based on current market demands and learner preferences. The program provides agility, value, and leadership. People choose the skills they want to learn, which in turn results in life-long learning.

Proficiency After Training


Now it’s time to think about the next certification after DevNet. If you know about the DevOps Certification in Pune, then congratulations! Because you can easily understand the concept of NetDevOps. DevOps is a collaboration and communication between the development and operations teams to create better products. Using DevOps Methodology we achieve automation and monitoring to increase efficiency and reduce error.


After DevOps where Cisco DevNet Training in Pune comes into the picture. So, what exactly is NetDevOps? “NetDevOps is a culture, movement, or practice that emphasizes the collaboration and communication of both network architects and operators while automating the process of network design and changes. It uses several tools for automation and speeds up the networking and development tasks. Using NetDevOps we are building, testing, and releasing network changes can happen rapidly, frequently, and more reliably.”

Cisco DevNet Training in Pune

What is Network Automation?

Network automation is the process where we are performing routine or repetitive tasks automatically within a networking domain. For network automation, we can write a different programming script for different networking devices such as routers, switches, and servers. Network automation is an important process for configuring and monitoring networking devices such as routers, switches, firewall and servers using programming scripts. Based on these scripts we can configure our networking devices automatically with quality and speed.

 Why do you need Network Automation?

The traditional networking device configuration method is very slow and not good enough to achieve a good quality of configuration. So we need to upgrade this traditional methodology in Automation. Network automation is the future for network engineers, it provides several benefits.

 1. It Reduces Errors: Using network automation we can reduce the rate of human errors. Automating repetitive manual tasks will minimize errors and help keep the network functioning at an optimal level.

2. The Network Is More Dynamic: We can configure your networks and its services according to user demand and business need. By automating manual updates and changes, you can optimize network performance and accelerate the rollout of new services and applications.

3. Achieve Simplify Network Management: Most of the network management processes aren’t performed regularly because they’re managed manually, which takes a lot of time and utilize more resources. But because of Network automation, we can achieve these processes more frequently, reducing the risk of network failure and downtime with less effort, making management simpler, faster and easier to scale.

4. It Optimizes Performance: Using Network automation we can monitor network performance issues, high resource utilization levels, and errors on the network. So we can achieve speed and accuracy.

5. Reduces Risk: We have already discussed that network automation makes the network more reliable and it also reduces human errors and provides consistency when deploying and configuring networking devices and services. This reduces the network failure risk for our organization.

Because of these advantages, we need to go through network automation. But how we can learn network automation in with new advanced certification. 

What’s new in Cisco DevNet Classes in Pune?

In one sentence, the entire portfolio of CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE has been changed. The hierarchy of the current Cisco Certification model is not changing, and it remains the same as the entry-level certification, associate-level certifications, professional level certifications, and expert level certifications but in the new DevNet Training in Pune only changed is the way it is delivered, and the policies and rules put up to obtain that level of certification. 

Cisco DevNet Classes in Pune

Why Should I take DevNet Training in Pune?

SevenMentor considered as Best Cisco DevNet Training in Pune and has a better understanding of what is DevNet and how it is helpful for your future career.

With the help of this newly launched Cisco DevNet Certification in Pune we are going to learn, understand, program and implement network automation with the best quality of automated networking infrastructure in very efficient fees for Cisco DevNet Course in Pune

Using DevNet we can write programming scripts and applications and develop integration with networking products of Cisco, platforms, and APIs. DevNet term is also used in software-defined networking, Security, Cloud, Data Center, Internet of Things, DevOps, Collaboration and Open-source software development. In the new syllabus for DevNet Classes in Pune contains detailed information about advance DevOps tools like Git, Ansible, Docker, etc. Best Cisco DevNet Course in Pune is the advanced tools used for continuous integration and configuration management.

Prerequisites of Cisco DevNet Certification in Pune

There are no such huge prerequisites for Cisco DevNet Associate Certification, but you should have a good understanding of all exam topics before taking the exam.

Ideally, DevNet Associates candidates also have one or more years of experience with networking and software development including Python programming. If you know the basic Linux concepts and shell scripting language it will give you more benefits for going through the DevNet Certification in Pune.

There are two types of target audiences, one being the Network Engineers who are into the core networking domain while others are Software Developers and Application Developers. Whereas some belong on both sides. Hence the program is evolved for both communities. Other than CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE, now there is Software Automation. Now DevNet will mimic the traditional 

hierarchical level; thus there will be DevNet Associate and DevNet Professional Program in Pune similar to CCNA and CCNP with one and two exam models respectively.

Hence people from the Software and Programming Industry can make maximum use of the DevNet Certification in Pune.

Can I go for Cisco DevNet Certification in Pune?

Cisco Certified DevNet Associate Certification exam is the right certification to get started with network automation. The certification backed by cisco can be pursued by everyone whether the candidate is a networking engineer or application Developer seeking to bring development skill sets in networking. This course prepares one to manage, troubleshoot and design solutions for the network infrastructure using automation. Following are the details of the certification:

Cisco announced that Global Certification for DevNet Course in Pune will be starting up to 2020.

Why learn the Cisco DevNet Classes in Pune from SevenMentor?

SevenMentor is a top-rated and the Best DevNet Training Institute in Pune with a wide variety of courses starting from Networking, Linux, Virtualization, Development, Scripting, Cloud Computing, etc. Here at Seven Mentor, we have designed the Cisco Certified DevNet Associate course in Pune for students with working experience an all domains including development, server administration, networking, virtualization, etc. We conduct the sessions on weekdays and weekends. Our weekday sessions are conducted daily for 2 hours and the course duration is almost a month. On weekends, our classes are of about 4 hours on Saturday and Sunday while the syllabus being completed in 2 months. For us, every student remains the same, a fresher, even if they have hands-on experience in the Network automation domain. We cover the technology from scratch and compare the implementation of the same in the lab real environment. We also provide material for DevNet Course in Pune for our students.  

The syllabus is well structured starting from the introduction to Cloud Computing, and the various types of cloud models. It covers the important technologies of any infrastructure such as networking, virtualization, hosting applications, databases, security planning, etc.

Cisco Certified DevNet Associate Certification Course Fees?

For Cisco Certified DevNet Associate Certification course fees please contact: M: +91 7798058777

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Sonal Shinde

I took Cisco DevNet course by SevenMentor to enhance my skills and as there was project requirement. The course is well designed and covers all the important aspects giving enough time to understand. By the end of the course, you will feel confident enough to practice advanced modules & also start attempting interviews outside.

Abhijit Patil

I have done “Job Guarantee Course” in SevenMentor for Cisco DevNet. All trainers are best having Good Knowledge. My course has gone for around 6 months and they taught all topics till the time I have become perfect in that… Also after training I have got a very good job in MNC… Thanks to SevenMentor..

Ankush Lakade

It was too fun in learning New tech like Cisco DevNet at SevenMentor… Teacher is too good and helpful.. Providing full equipments and notes for practice … Overall it is good.. I like it. 

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Yes! This Course Comes With Live Practical Sessions And Labs

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Sure! Most of our Course Comes with Global Certification for which you have to give Exam at the End of the Course

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Yes we do have different Exam Conducting Department where you can apply for certain course’s Exam

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