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SevenMentor is the best Online training institute in India. Learn online from your comfort zone anytime anywhere and create a glorious future for yourself.

As quoted – “It’s not that we use Technology, we live Technology.” We cannot deny the fact that many technological developments and innovations have played an extensive role in our lives. The kind of life we are enjoying at present is a result of technical development.
Technology has enhanced our lives and in comparison to the past, the present things are now Better, Faster, Easier and Conducive.With an expeditious pace of transformation, right now, “SevenMentor & Training Pvt. Ltd.” claims to be one of the efficient organizations in providing Online Technical & Non Technical training.
SevenMentor’s Online training has improvised a tendency to cope with all International Standards within their courses, by engaging both ends of the industry for students, professionals, and individuals to corporate clients. The organization conjointly gives chance within their educational programs to meet the needs with projected desires of quick developing networking trade.

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Class Room & Online Training Quotation

    SevenMentor institute’s education techniques allow honing the abilities of the best experts from Industries which allow them to be equipped with the updated technology and standards of their operating environment. The group is a center for technical excellence with the kingdom of the art lab centers and properly exquisite curriculum which gives them exposure in advance and enables them to be specific inside the certification enterprise.
    The organisation takes pride in having instructors who are engrossed beyond Fifteen Years in enjoying as a trainer for Cisco devices. With that, they offer the foremost Online training in Pune space as per trade standard. And assert as one of the fastest-growing network training institutions in the world and has a monopoly in the region. Online training is a very viable option as it is to learn sitting anywhere in the world.
    SevenMentor has recorded enviable benchmarks in their various training courses. We provide various Online technical and non technical courses as

    and many more other Online Courses are added to their list of services over the time. Our Online Training is the best since they are delivered by expert trainers as per your comfort zone and customized time. In our online Training we also provide online Tutorials, seminars, questionnaires and live projects which help students to accelerate in their subjects.
    At SevenMentor, we believe everybody ought to have the chance to make progress through technology and evolve the talents of near future with assessments, learning methods and courses devised by trained professionals, our platform helps businesses and people set the benchmark experience across the roles speeding up the unleash cycles and building reliable, secure merchandise.”

    Our Online Training Specialities

    Hands on Practical project implementation.
    Live Training session with flexible batch timing.
    Placement assistance and Course completion certificate.


    Advantages of Online Training
    SevenMentor commits to build up a benchmark within the Online Training by remodeling the means of coaching which are procured, consumed and measured. We also provide Online Training in Pune to teams. The corporation aims to be the popular coaching vendor to facilitate each individual and company to all their learning essentials and feel gratified in becoming a marketplace for network learners and specialists to scale back the Total value of Learning and Return on Investment (ROI).


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