100% Job Guarantee Courses in Pune

Jump Start your career with Seven Mentor’s Job Guarantee Program

Key Highlights of 100% Job Guarantee Program

  • On Paper Job Guarantee
  • Hands-on training program on
  • Networking or Software development
  • India’s top Networking Labs
  • Certified Trainers
  • 24*7 Lab Access
  • Daily 2-3 Hours of Mandatory Practicals on a hands-on project
  • Resume writing sessions
  • Free Personality development & Spoken English Course
  • Dedicated Placement team

Sevenmentor’s Job Guarantee Program or Courses are designed after a deep research with industry experts, Placement Officers, Technical Heads. These courses are designed and made as per industry standards and are planned with such a way that the job seekers or students must get a job after successful completion of the training course. These training courses are full of hands-on project practicals, personality development and resume writing sessions, mock tests, exams, interviews.
Industry Demands Skills and these days students do not have required skill sets. The reason is very simple, due to a huge gap between Industry demands and college curriculum.
This program is intended for people who are stricken by following issues, academic GAP, Career GAP, Low Percentages or Grade, the downside in aptitude and confidence in Interview, Tired of attending interviews but not getting the job, poor technical skills There are so many companies or institutes who Shows So-called “Guarantee” Students or candidates trust an institute among so many or make the right choice? Here Sevenmentor stands out with its distinctive written Placement of 100 percent job guarantee in Pune that provides a 1st-day offer Letter from MNC on change of integrity of the program. Employability isn’t simply a district of the coaching goals however the last word objective of our certification courses.
SevenMentor key aim is to deliver 100% job guarantee courses in Pune for IT students to make a career in their choice of Technology. or we can assist you with career & technology selection We understand the value of money and thus we trained candidates according to the needs of the industry. SevenMentor coaching ways and customized courses promise employability and not simply certifications. SevenMentor prepares its candidates as per the latest and advanced corporate requirements. Once candidates are given a radical understanding of theory and sensible sessions, they are asked to perform on live projects under the supervision of our mentors the industrial experts.
We take the utmost care to ensure that whatever candidates learn in the labs gets transformed into practical knowledge. They are trained to figure in real-time environments and on real-time comes so after they are a part of MNCs and MLCs, they realize it simple to adapt themselves within the hard-hitting environment while a variety of them claim to supply a 100% job guarantee courses in Pune, its simply help that’s provided. However, during this world of false promises, a career
SevenMentor HR Job Guarantee Course is designed by the industry experts that who after thoroughly studying the industry have to design the HR courses. All the courses are intended considering the current requirement of the industries and they are as follows: We at SevenMentor have understood the importance of the job guarantee or 100% Job Guarantee courses in Pune and are trying to bridge gaps for the students coming from diverse backgrounds.
Professionals with gap Individuals who have work gap due to personal or health or any other reasons and want to restart their career with a boost in terms of latest market trends or knowledge regarding the career of their choice. Professionals looking for a career change There are many working professionals who are currently working in a field in which they feel dissatisfied and need help in that breakthrough. They are hard-pressed toward their interests and their on-going responsibilities. Our courses will surely help in this transition and furthermore in smoothening this transition by helping you secure a job Professional looking for an upgrading Change is the only constant in today’s job market and availing the knowledge-rich courses is definitely a sure shot way to upgrade in professional life. Our courses are not only market appropriate but also giving you the required job guarantee or 100% Job Guarantee courses in Pune that every professional need currently
Professional looking for knowledge. There are many individuals who continuously seek to upgrade their knowledge to get the required job satisfaction. They also invest a good amount of time and money that is required. These seekers feed on the knowledge and do crave it from time to time. Such seekers are also invited here at Seven Mentors and their reward is definite These courses will not only help them get the required knowledge they need regarding their career but also provide them the required in detailed knowledge about the market, domain updates, job guarantee or 100% Placement institute in pune but also help them to regain their confidence in building a successful future.
“An experienced and trusted adviser”
We all have been seeking the right mentors in our lives for personal, professional and spiritual growth. Here at Seven Mentors understand this need of the students and have recruited our mentors to keep this aspect in mind. Our mentors here are having rich experience of corporate and hence not only have conceptual experience but also hands-on experience. They don’t only teach the students enrolling for the sessions but also coach them to become the respected Human Resources professional. The learning imparted during the sessions will be as follows:
Knowledge – our teachings are based on knowledge as in today’s world we have realized that quality has been compromised to a larger extent and here we will surely focus on this vital aspect
Market Knowledge – as the Trainers with us are from a corporate background but have a serious passion for teaching and have moved in training, hence the practical teaching will be from what’s new or latest in the market.
Grooming – grooming is needed as a Human Resource professional and this will be also done throughout the sessions
All of those summed along happen into one of its kind feature i.e. a 100% Job Oriented Courses in Pune to all the trainees. The entire setup is meant in such a way to groom the candidates that Sevenmentor has no hesitation in providing a 100% Job Oriented Courses in Pune. By the top of any of its coaching programs, a candidate becomes absolutely ready to serve the industry or go or self-employment. One of the most reasons why such a factor is obtainable by Sevenmentor to the candidates. We will now take a glance at some of the unique offerings from Sevenmentor. One of a form of coaching and placement offerings from Sevenmentor: LOI (Letter of Intent) is provided to the candidates: Associate in Nursing LOI is provided by the recruiting company to the Sevenmentor trainees. It resembles having a Job Oriented Courses After Graduation in Pune offer at hand. The reason behind stating this is that an LOI is a sort of commitment made by one party to the other. That says about its significance. Especially in case of fresher candidates. Training – a complete package i.e. technical theory + sensible sessions: All domain-specific coaching programs of Sevenmentor are structured therefore on give equal weight to each the idea and sensible aspects. Just like theory, even practical data is important for survival within the period of time business. That’s the explanation for equal concentrate on each component.
Hands-on coaching is provided as an area of sensible sessions. It is in the form of real-time projects. Domain trade professional and extremely knowledgeable trainers area unit there to coach and guide you throughout the educational program. They train you by conducting interactive sessions. On a median, eight hours of coaching is control day after day. Such is the depth and intensity, in case of majority training programs offered by Sevenmentor. The choice would rely on all the things they require to be told. This explicit format Associate in Nursing the structure of the coaching programs equips Sevenmentor to supply a providing sort of a 100% Job Oriented Courses After Graduation in Pune, to each of its candidates across domains.
and unless you’re placed – Placement opportunities at your preferred location – Recruiting company-specific pre-preparation sessions – Sevenmentor has an association with 500+ MNC and MLC companies across various domains – MLC and MNC dedicated placements to candidates – Grooming sessions by HR and mock interview sessions, etc… All of the above Placement Jobs in Pune specific offerings of Sevenmentor play a very important role in making its 100 % Software Development Job Guarantee Course in Pune feature a huge success! By now, we tend to are positive that almost all of you need to have an interest in connection Sevenmentor, and benefit from its 100% job guarantee in Pune policy, to give your career that perfect launch. For all such aspirants, here is that the list of varied domain-specific coaching programs from Sevenmentor, that go with a 100% job guarantee in Pune

HR Job Guarantee course at Seven Mentor

1) HR Practical Course

We at SevenMentor understand the shortcomings in today’s human resource professional or profession and hence has devised an effective program that is done after some serious market research and analysis. As we did understand the Human resource department has many functions but it can be summarised in main aspects, hence we have 3 modules on the same namely recruitment, core HR and payroll. This course will help you prepare yourself in a way that you are ready to handle any role under the Human Resource Management responsibilities. We provide HR Training in Pune with placement facility that will help you get a job and build your career in the corporate world of HR. We have a history of 100% Placement institute in Pune in the current market and also the quality of teaching is best. Our trainers hold a good experience in the corporates and they share this industry knowledge with students so it benefits them in their jobs. Training will be provided to you on LIVE job portals like Naukri, Monster, Indeed, Times and other responsibilities like payroll management and employee engagement programs will be a part of the course.


We here at Seven Mentors are passionate about Human Resource function and are continuously striving to enhance the knowledge of the HR professional through our SAP Certification Courses in Pune. We equally understand the need for continuous upgrading the knowledge of an HR professional and also the importance of technology in today’s corporate world. As an HR professional, we cannot even ignore the growing importance of the ERP in any organization of any size. Also, the growth of any HR professional depends not only on their performance but also on their acceptance of the current business trends and to incorporate the HR function in them. We will provide all the SAP training in Pune professionals not only the product understanding but will also cover all the modules included in the best SAP HR Training in Pune. The SAP HR Certification Courses in Pune will prepare you to be a proficient and professional SAP HCM consultant After you complete the SAP HCM training in Pune you will no doubt one of the most in-demand SAP HCM consultants in the global market.

3) HR Audit

The major reason for pursuing the Human Resource Audit Training in Pune is to conduct a systematic, independent and proper analysis of the Human Resource function of the organization. To get a general overview of the work culture of an organization that directly brings to notice the efficiency of the HR-related areas. Even the strategies are accessed and if any corrective measures are required then the required action is also taken. As all the Human resource function needs to be aligned with the overall organizational procedures and practices and HR audit do assist in if the same is implemented. There is a continuous need to involve all the statutory compliances of the HR function and as per the latest laws. After pursuing HR Audit Training in Pune an HR Audits also can track the expenditure of any organization and by exploring the costs and expenses. After tracking it can further be improved through effective feedback. Research and development inputs are required in the Human resource function areas and those must be identified. A proper Reward & Recognition program must be created for the efforts of the HR personnel. To achieve this intense insight for any Human resources professional a good HR Audit Classes in Pune need to be explored. And such insight will be provided through our HR Audit Certification Course in Pune by our professionals.

4) HR Analytics

At Seven Mentors we have devised an impactful course where you get that professional edge that you are looking for in your current professional growth from HR analytics training and certification program in Pune. The HR analytics course in Pune commences from exploring the evolution of the HR Analytics (where it all the good work started) then further graduates to understanding the different concepts through assessing the various HR functions. The various vital aspects especially the challenges that an HR function faces and how HR training in Pune Analytics could be the possible answer to such shortcomings. Also the usage of the different available tools and then further implementing the 100% Job Oriented Courses in Pune in the existing processes. It’s a comprehensive HR analytics course in Pune where you can effectively understand and further implement the concepts of HR Analytics in your current profile and organization.

5) HR Business Partner

We at Seven Mentors keep in mind all the latest current market changes and also the changes in the management and considering all of it have created and designed an HRBP Course in Pune of Human Resource Business Partner. This HRBP Training in Pune will open a new perspective and vision in which you will learn how the human resource function can effectively work with the businesses. You will also learn to get a better understanding of the human resource function to begin with then get more insight into the actual human resource professional’s role. Further to this understand the role of the Human resources professional from the strategic point of view and then further understanding how effectively human resource functions can devise and implement the Human resource strategies. For 100% Job Oriented Courses in Pune The HRBP Training in Pune will have a 360-degree approach right from understanding the important traits of an HRBP professional to the future of evolving in an HRBP role which you will achieve after HR Business Partner Training in Pune. You will have a broader perspective towards this role and understand the integrities that are required for you to be an effective HRBP professional.

Who Can Do this Course?


BE/ Bsc Candidate

Any Engineers

Any Graduate

Any Post-Graduate

Working Professionals