Pricing Policy

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  • May 24, 2021

Price Range


In SevenMentor we’ve customised pricing in line with the professional services rendered by people. The details are given to you ahead in line with this endeavor, efficacy and the outcome of this ceremony.


Schedule of payment


A number of our solutions can be utilized for fixed durations. In these scenarios, it’s clearly mentioned over the description of those services. The period of use in these circumstances change from 1 month to 1 year.

Price Matching


In SevenMentor we are committed to providing you with the very best possible rates. We’ll be pleased to fulfill our competitor’s pricing in the event that you ever find an item that we provide, at precisely the exact same colour and dimensions, available from an identical merchant. We cannot match costs from outlet and auction shops or websites, in addition to some other retailers’ discount promotions, sending supplies and gift card supplies.


Sale Adjustment


When an item you’ve bought is reduced in cost in just a couple of weeks of your purchase date, then we’ll happily adjust the selling price for you. Please be aware that we can simply make 1 sale alteration per item and designer products originally bought available are excluded.


Pricing Errors


We work hard to ensure the accuracy of pricing. Regardless of our efforts, pricing errors may still occur. When an item’s cost is greater than the cost displayed, we’ll cancel your purchase of the product and inform you of their cancellation.


Our Customer Support Specialists are ready to help you simply call +91 9890000325, 24 hours every day.