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Hello from SevenMentor’s French Department. Today, I would like to take you on a journey of discovering yourself differently. How can you find yourself while learning a new language??

Why is it that people learning new languages always have multi-tasking abilities? Why is it that people learning new languages have sharp minds? We come across many such questions when we meet bilingual people??

I’ll try to help you unfold a very different approach while learning a new language!!!

First of all, let’s discover the profits of learning a new language:

It is scientifically proven that learning a new language has many benefits, Not only does it open an immense number of career opportunities but also it helps to boost mental capacities regardless of age.

You can change your life just by enrolling yourself for the French Language Classes in Pune at SevenMentor and bring radical change in your life. The first and the most important advantage of learning a new language is that it

Triggers your brain

What does that mean?

So, it means that a new language brings in a new challenge, new set of vocabulary, new lexis, new grammar, and your brain has to cope up with the language and its complexity to understand new patterns. Even if it looks easy your brain has to work out to solve this language puzzle. To be able to communicate in a new language has its method of highly developed critical thinking skills.

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Exercises your brain gym

It helps you to improve your memory, learning a new language obliges you to learn new vocab and also to be able to recall the same while talking. The more the brain is put to work the more efficient it becomes. It is noticed that the people apt to a new language can recall the directions, names, words, and places very easily.

They’re Good Jugglers

People learning new languages have multi-tasking abilities. Multitasking can be very tedious for some people who are not used to it. But facts show that people well versed with two languages are very efficient and can easily suffice the demands of multi-tasking people who have got a grip over different languages and can switch from one language to another can very easily do several tasks at the same time.

Enhances Mind Capacity 

Have you ever noticed that all well-known detectives are multilingual, if you can’t remember any, for starters how about Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot? A study shows that multilingual people can easily spot any irrelevant or misleading news. Adding to that, they’re very sharp and good observators. Multilingual people possess more alert personalities. If you know that you are vigilant and sharp, learning a language from the best language courses in Pune will help you bloom.

Reasonable Personalities

Multilingual people have great decision-making powers. They have developed logical reasoning and are apt to reasonable judgments. They develop this quality by learning how to analyze different aspects of a language. For example, they need to understand the hidden meanings of regional expressions, appropriately understanding the nuances of the language is also enriched.

You get a grip over your first language 

You start analyzing your first language, the construction of your language becomes more clear. The vocabulary, idioms, grammar, phrases, conjugation, comprehension and sentence construction of your first language becomes more pertinent. And to help you get a grip over your language we provide you with the best teaching quality in Pune. SevenMentor has modern classrooms and world-class teaching quality in the heart of the city.

Overall grooming

Learning a new language not only allows you to communicate in that language but also directly affects your personal growth. People learning new languages are proved to have improved in other subjects as well. Insertion of the new language in your life will boost your personality leading to positive effects like overall academic progress, problem-solving abilities, a better comprehension of the subject and many more.

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Connects you to the globe

The most important benefit of learning a new language is that you can connect globally to people. Think about the horizon you’ll be opened to. It will increase your business opportunities and new approaches to earning. Everyone knows that online trading, the online market is in the hype nowadays so why not expand your business to the globe. Not only in terms of career opportunities but also we are open to new cultures, new points of view, new social interactions and many more such benefits of learning a new language.

Career boost

Add-on of a new language is a boost to your profile. Multilingual ability is surely a competitive edge in today’s world. For any company, employees having multilingual abilities add value to the workplace and so the recruiting department emphasizes hiring multilingual professionals. So why miss your chance if you can learn French from the most reputed and well-known institute here in Pune. Seven Mentor has the best language classes which will help you grow and see yourself differently after learning a new language 

So, as the facts state, learning a new language can change you completely and will blossom the best in you. Why not learn it in the best place here in the heart of your city, SevenMentor Training Institute in Pune.

Which language to study and why !!

As you are now convinced of learning a new language, the next question arises, which language to go for and why?

Answer to your first question is FRENCH 

And answer to WHY is as follows:

More than 275 million people speak French in today’s world. French is the widely learned language after English and the sixth most widely spoken language on the five continents. French is said to be a young, vibrant and international language. And it is the only language after English to be spoken on all five continents

Finally, by the year 2050, it is estimated that French will be the most spoken language in the world.

People have a notion that french is difficult to learn, but on the contrary, French is simple to learn and has the same script as the English language. Moreover, French is also considered to be the base for learning other romantic languages such as Spanish, Italian, and many others. It is observed that people who learn french can learn Spanish easily and vice versa. So learning one language can help you easily master the other also.

French is an official language of Canada which is the United States’ #1 trading partner: approximately $4.0 billion in goods cross the U.S.-Canada border each day, along with 300,000 people. Quebec is said to be the 13th largest market for U.S. exports

According to Forbes, Indians are immigrating to Canada at an astonishing rate, the immigration from India to Canada in the year 2019 was of more than 80,000 Indians. Why not look at this as an opportunity and learn the French language at Seven Mentor, the best training institute in Pune.

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With a certificate in the French language you can work as:

Translator or interpreter 

Translators or interpreter industry is growing faster than anyone can imagine, you can earn good cash just by freelancing or working for Multinational companies, embassies, educational institutes. You could just go through French documents, audio files, videos and translate them to the languages known to you. It’s a vast industry, well-paid and not at all tedious.


You can get jobs in National embassies in India, government jobs like External Affairs Ministry, Tourism department, Foreign National Embassy offer highly paid jobs for people having command over the French language. Learning a new language can always increase your chances of getting better government jobs and these jobs will have exposure to a multicultural environment and an administrative approach.


If you are passionate about teaching, this language is the best option for you. As this language is emerging so fast we see the requirements for french teachers everywhere. Even if you’re a homemaker, you can take up this language, learn it and work as a french teacher, full time or part-time. Also, you can always teach online, online french courses are the best for people who are willing to teach but have no time for a full-time job!!


India is flooded with tourists every year and the job of local guides are also in trend. Being a tourist guide helps you to meet an immense number of foreign people every year and we can share our culture, tradition, and lifestyle with them whereas they share their cultures with us. The tourist guide is a very creative field in which you can explore yourself.

Jobs in MNC’s and Export Houses

MNC companies have high demands for french speaking individuals. They are always searching and recruiting people from different domains having French language as an add-on. We’re now expanding towards the world of economic growth where we are open to having foreign trades and international relations, so we can always work in these domains. BPO, call centers also have requirements for french speaking candidates now and then.

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Final thought

One question that everyone has in their mind is that “We don’t know English, can we learn French, or any other language??” So the answer is yes because we did not learn our mother tongue-based on any other language!! We refer to other languages while learning French but it surely isn’t an obligation for people to know English while learning French!!! 

So open your arms to new opportunities and learn french from SevenMentor, a highly reputed training and placement institute in Pune.


Ruchi Shah | SevenMentor Pvt Ltd


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