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Critical thinking facilitates people to understand themselves in a better way. It also helps people to know what motivates them and what their objectives could be. When one can gather information to find the most crucial parts and apply those to one’s life, he can change his situation and encourage personal growth and overall happiness. 

Critical thinking is about asking the right questions. The questions that help you assess the meaning and significance of both claims and arguments. Developing these skills and applying them to your life makes it easier for you to assess every situation, every problem. 

It helps us change our thinking and use it effectively in different situations. Critical thinking gives us a new perspective, a new standpoint from which we can have a new look at something from a different and broader angle before coming to any conclusion or making any decisions. It helps us identify the key points, examine the source of information, weighing all the different pieces of evidence that are available. Once all that is done, then the thinker contemplates on all the factors and finally comes to a conclusion. Critical thinking does not mean being critical of other people and situations. It is not only limited to finding flaws in other people or the situations. 

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A well developed critical thinker asks crucial questions and puts them together clearly and precisely; then, he collects and examines pertinent information, using theoretical ideas to comprehend it. Then, he comes to a well-reasoned conclusion and its solution. He thinks open mindedly. Critical thinking is directed towards oneself, it teaches self-discipline, it is monitored and corrected by the person himself. It involves the ability to communicate effectively and problem solving capabilities. 

The Importance Of Critical Thinking 

Why is critical thinking important? A legit question indeed! Here are a few unquestionable reasons why it’s crucial to have these skills.

  1. Critical Thinking Is Universal

Critical thinking does not relate to any particular profession, job or domain. It is needed everywhere. You may be a lawyer, a politician or a corporate employee or a teacher. You will need critical thinking to be able to make the right decisions. This skill is relevant for all and is beneficial for all. 

  1. Crucial For The Economy

Critical thinking is also pivotal for the economy of the world. It is needless to say that our future is dependent upon technology, information, and innovation. Critical thinking is the demand of our rapidly-growing Economies. It will ensure that the problems are looked into and solved as quickly and as effectively as possible. 

  1. Improves Language & Presentation Skills

To be able to express ourselves in the best possible way, we need to learn how to think clearly and in an organized way. That is nothing but practising Critical thinking. Critical thinking also means how to break down a certain thing into smaller fragments in order to understand it clearly. Hence, by practising critical thinking we also learn how to improve at language and how to better present ourselves. 

  1. It promotes Creativity

By exercising critical thinking, we are not only able to solve problems in a very efficient way but also learn to be more creative in doing so. Critical thinking allows us to analyze all the aspects of a situation or a problem, make proper deductions and finally come up with the most feasible

solution. In this journey, we also learn how to think in a more creative way. We learn how to view a problem through different angles. 

  1. Important For Self-Reflection

A meaningful and sorted life seems to be an impossibility without critical thinking. We need this skill to reflect on our lives and contemplate. We need critical thinking to justify our ways of life and opinions. Critical thinking gives us the edge to evaluate ourselves, that is needed for clarity in our lives. 

  1. Critical thinking is the basis of democracy

In order to have a democracy, we need critical thinking in the world. In order for a society to have an order and to function effectively, its citizens need to be able to distinguish between what’s right and wrong (by using critical thinking). 

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Benefits of critical thinking 

  1. Key For Career Success

Critical thinking is crucial for all career paths. Not just for scientists and engineers but also lawyers, doctors, and reporters. All have to use critical thinking at their work. As a matter of fact, according to the World Economic Forum, critical thinking is one of the most sought after skills to have in the workforce, as it helps examine information, think outside the box, resolve problems with innovative solutions, and plan organizedly. 

  1. Better Decision Making

It is undoubtedly evident that critical thinkers make the best choices. Critical thinking helps us handle everyday problems in the most efficient

way and very often the thought process is even done on a subconscious level. It helps us think independently and trust our gut feeling. 

  1. Can Make You Happier

This is the most unnoticeable benefit of critical thinking. The truth is that since we as critical thinkers are more aware of our thoughts, likes and dislikes that we have a better relationship with ourselves and we are in tune with our inner self. We have positivity all around us and avoid any sort of negative and limiting beliefs. We are able to focus on our strengths and are able to share our feelings easily with others. This leads to nothing but a happy individual. Hence, the quality of life increases. 

  1. Form Well-Informed Opinions

There is a plethora of information reaching us from all directions and various sources. And that’s precisely the reason why we need to use our critical thinking skills and make the right decision as to what to believe. Critical thinking allows us to ascertain that our opinions are based on the factual data, and help us sort through all the necessary data. 

  1. Better Citizens

One of the most persuasive critical thinking quotes is by former US president Thomas Jefferson: “An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people.”

What Jefferson is trying to grab our attention to here is that critical thinkers make better citizens, as they are able to see the entire picture without getting constrained with biases and prejudices. 

  1. Improves Relationships

While you may have this impression that being a critical thinker is bound to cause you complications in relationships; this is far from the truth. On the contrary, being a critical thinker can empower you to better understand the viewpoint of others, and can help you become more open-minded towards different views. 

  1. Promotes Curiosity

Critical thinkers have a consistent curiosity for all kinds of things in life, and are likely to have a wide range of interests. Critical thinking means constantly asking questions and Having inquisitiveness about everything. It is to never go by the face value of anything and always go by the logic. 

  1. Allows For Creativity

Critical thinkers are also the ones who are tremendously creative thinkers, and see themselves as infinite when it comes to prospects and possibilities. They are incessantly looking to take things ahead, which is crucial in the workforce. 

  1. Enhances Problem Solving Skills

Critical thinkers are more likely to solve problems as part of their natural impulse. Critical thinkers are patient and committed to solving the problem. Like Albert Einstein, who once said that he was not an exceptionally smart person, he only dwelled with the problem longer.

People who have critical thinking skills also have exalted problem-solving skills which makes them better at their respective occupation and better at solving the world’s problems. They have the potential to 

change the world, literally. 

  1. An Activity For The Mind

Just like our muscles need to be exercised and challenged in order for them to be strong, our minds also need these mental drillings. In other words critical thinking is almost like an activity for the mind and it needs to be practiced. Critical thinking is not only an important skill in itself but it also strengthens the development of many crucial skills such as logical thinking, decision making, and open-mindness. 

  1. Creates Independence

When we start thinking critically, we also start to think on our own and we begin to trust ourselves more. Critical thinking is the key to creating freedom and not being dependent on anyone but yourself. It is also to encourage individuals to make their own decisions and form their own opinions. 

  1. Crucial Life Skill

Critical thinking is pivotal and decisive. It is not just important for gaining knowledge and acquiring information, but for life as a whole. Education is not just one way to prepare individuals for life, but it’s pretty much life itself. Learning is a lifelong process that we go through each and every day.

Diwan, Amit 

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