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  • October 13, 2021
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Before we get to understand why decision-making is important for students, let’s first understand what is decision-making? What do we understand by it? Do we already have a clear idea of what decision-making is? The reason I am asking this is because the general population does not even have a clear idea of what decision-making is. People often confuse decision-making with the ability of making decisions or being in the position to make decisions. They take its literal meaning. 

Decision making is the exercise of being able to decide or determine a particular course of action principally when there is no certainty. Decision-making is a cognitive technique. It involves the mental prowess of a particular individual. It is not simply making the decisions but making the right decisions. It is about being able to determine what’s right and wrong for you. Decision making is an indispensable part of modern management. 

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What is the need for Decision-making skills for students?

In the journey of life, many times you will find yourself in situations wherein you will have a decisive moment and you will find yourself standing at the crossroads of life.. Meaning, that you will be at a point where you will have many options before you and you will be confused which one to go for. Each option may be completely different and may have drastically contrast consequences from the other options. The decision to go for one specific option or preferring one option over the others will decide the next course of your life and alter your future possibilities for life. Hence, having decision making skills is a must for the students. 

Importance of Decision Making Skills in the lives of students

  1. It’s the game changer

A decision can change the game totally. At times, a single decision changes our life forever. Decisions decide our destiny. The decisions we make, determine the course of our life. 

For example, you have just passed your tenth grade and now you have to make a decision which stream of subjects you will go for. Will you go for arts, commerce or science? 

This can be a perplexing decision for a student to make because some students at that age are really not sure about anything. They do not even know themselves and their interests and likings. In such a case, a student may get very confused or might end up making a wrong decision for his entire life. 

The decision a student has to make here is a substantial one. Would he want to pursue a course in arts, commerce or science or pursue a vocational course? Whatever decision the student makes here changes his career choices at a later stage. Hence, it becomes very important for the students to have decision-making skills. 

Another exemplary example of decision making being a game changer in a student’s life is when they are young voters and they have to vote for the national leaders of the country or when they have to elect their local representative of a political party. 

In a vast democratic country like India, the citizens of the country vote for their leaders. Here, your decision will eventually result in the nomination of the country’s Prime Minister. This is how we can imagine the importance of good decision making skills for students. 

Your life changes as soon as you make a big decision in your life. 2. A decision can lead to grave consequences

If a hasty decision is made which later on proves to be a bad decision then it can also lead to severe outcomes. The repercussions of the bad decision could be a worse fate, it could be a life full of regrets and remorse, it could be an entirely different and unwanted life or it could even result in legal matters. The corporate world has many such examples where certain decisions resulted in legal lawsuit actions by customers, clients or other affected people. This is where the cruciality of decision making skills plays its role. Making the right decisions at the right time is not just appreciable, it saves our life and other unwanted circumstances. 

Having mentioned that, making a bad decision is not the end of the road. Sometimes, making bad decisions and suffering because of them makes us a better decision maker because we learn what not to do and how not to make decisions next time. 

As it is said that the best way to learn something is through experience. Making a big life changing decision can be scary and mentally taxing, but being unable to make the decision or not making the decision at all can lead to regret and remorse later. 

As the famous American business mogul Warren Buffet has said that to recognise the poor decisions is part of making the right decisions. It is also to check why you made the mistake in the first place. He said that he has made a lot of mistakes in his life and will still make mistakes. It is the name of the game. He said don’t go after perfection, just give your best at every individual thing you do. 


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  1. It boosts the confidence of the individual


Good decision making skills are the reason that adds up to the confidence of an individual. It is so impactful in one’s life that it either makes or breaks the confidence of a person. It also goes both ways, for example a high confidence level leads to better decisions. 

Therefore, we can say that confidence and decision making skills are co-related. When you continuously make the right decisions in life your

confidence level shoots up and as a result the person becomes more and more confident to face any difficult situations that may arise in future. 

Considering all the above factors, we should be able to understand the cruciality of decision making in the life of a student. On the surface level, one may not agree that students would even need to have decision making skills, yet it is so pivotal for students. We must spread awareness among students about the importance of decision making. Be it academics or sports this skill is a must have for students. It’s not just that this skill is important careerwise, even when we talk about personal lives or friendships the right decisions are to be made by an individual or that individual falls into the hands of the wrong people, wrong surroundings.

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