Figma Shortcuts For Windows

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  • February 15, 2024
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Figma Shortcuts For Windows

Figma Shortcuts For Windows

Explore your knowledge with time-saving Figma Shortcuts For Windows. Discover Figma shortcuts for Windows to streamline your design process effortlessly.

Creating Objects And Shapes

R => Press the R key of our keyboard to make a rectangular shape in your canvas or frame.

L => Press the L key of our keyboard to make a straight line in your canvas or frame.

O => Press the O key of our keyboard to make an oval or ellipse shape in your canvas or frame.

Shift + L => Press the Shift + L key of our keyboard to arrow in your canvas or frame.

T => Press the T key of our keyboard to create a text in your canvas or frame.

F => Press the F key of our keyboard to make a frame in your canvas or frame.

S => Press the S key of our keyboard to make a slice in your canvas or frame.


ctrl + L => to get the link of the selected frame. we can share this link with anyone instead of sharing export again and again

shift + O => for the outline mode so that we can see all the auto layouts present on the Figma page


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Shift + e => to switch in the design panel

Ctrl + backslash (\) => hide everything and vice versa

Ctrl + shift + backslash (\) slash => to hide layer panel on the left and vice versa


Navigation On The Figma Page

H => Press the H key of our keyboard to move your canvas or frame. H tool means hand tool

Set The Opacity of An Element

To change the layer opacity on the right side. This layer option will appear when we select any image or text 

Press 1 for 10% opacity, 

Press 2 for 20% opacity, 

Press 3 for 30 % opacity, 

Press 4 for 40% opacity,

Press 5 for 50% opacity,

Press 6 for 60% opacity,

Press 7 for 70% opacity,

Press 8 for 80% opacity,

Press 9 for 90% opacity,

Press 0 for 100% opacity.


Resize and Nudje with Arrow Keys

V => Press the V key of your keyboard to move our frame, objects, frame, and image in your canvas or frame.

Arrow keys can be used to nudge and resize objects, frames, and images. 

Nudging means moving objects in any direction. To nudge, select the element, press the UP, DOWN, LEFT, and RIGHT arrow keys of our keyboard and this nudging is shifting the object by 1px on the Figma canvas. We can also hold the SHIFT key of our keyboard and then press the arrow keys to move the Figma object by this the object is nudged 10px each time.


Adding Auto-Layout

Auto-layout is added to the object by clicking SHIFT + A on the keyboard. 


Grouping The Objects

To group the objects first select all the objects that we want to group by our mouse then press ctrl + G on the keyboard to group all the objects together. 


FIGMA Color Picker

This method is used to pick any color from the current object by pressing I button on the keyboard. After picking the color that picked color is added in the fill color section and now we can use that color anywhere


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Search Menu In FIGMA

CTRL + / => To open the search menu, click the CTRL + /. Here we can search for any tools and objects which is present in our Figma.  


Hide And Show Layout Grids

First, we have to add layout grind in our object for this first select that object and then on the right side we can see a section layout grid from here we can add grind in our object.

CTRL + SHIFT + 4 => The Figma grids help position elements with precision. To toggle the visibility of grid layouts, click the CTRL + SHIFT + 4 button which shows and hides grids do the same press CTRL + SHIFT + 4.


Duplicate Objects in FIGMA

To duplicate objects first select that object on Figma, click the CTRL + D of our keyboard and we can see on the right side of the panel an new object is created



To align elements in Figma, click the keyboard shortcut keys 

ALT + H (horizontal position) and

 ALT + V (vertical position) button.



C => Press the C key of our keyboard to Add comments in your canvas or frame.

S => Press the S key of our keyboard for the Slice tool in your canvas or frame. With the help of this tool, we will select a particular section cut the section, and export that particular part of the object.

P => Press the P key of our keyboard to use the pen tool in your canvas or frame. With the help of a pen tool, we can make or select a shape and use this shape in our Figma file.



Shift + O => Outlines – in this mode, we can see all the outlines that are present in our object or frame. To see all the outlines press Shift + O and to hide all outlines again we have to press Shift + O

CTRL + ‘ => Pixel grid – When we do zoom on our object we see the Figma pixel grid. We can hide and unhide this pixel grid by pressing – CTRL + ‘

Alt + 1 => To switch between layers and assets on the left side of Figma press Alt + 1

Alt + 2 => Open asset panel press Alt + 2

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