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Introduction to Full Stack Development –

Hello dear students, today I am giving some information on Full stack development.

Let us understand some information about Full stack Development.

Now days it is a trending in Information Technology sector full stack development.

Full stack development is nothing but developing front end and backend and database of a web Application.

Any application contains three main Layers are also known as Tiers.

  • Presentation Layer
  • Business Logic Layer
  • Database Layer.


Let us understand  these one by one.


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Presentation Layer:

In presentation Layer we will develop the front end part of a application like user registration form, Login form, search form.

Where user can interact with the application. When any web application is published  the first page is a Presentation Layer .This  Page will gives first  impression  of your  web application.

So while developing  the   front  Page   one should  have the  knowledge of  a  user  based  Like User Interface design, and user experience .

In user interface  design  is  also  known  as  a (UI) that  is  developed  using HTML, CSS, CSS3,HTML5, JAVASCRIPT, JQUERY, ANGULAR.BOOTSTRAP.

Using these technologies developer is creating front page of a application.

HTML :  Html  is  also known as a Hyper Text Mark Up Language.  This   will  gives  a structure  of  a web application. You can create a  user interaction pages .HTML  contains  Tags, 

CSS/CSS3: CSS  is  also known as  a  cascading  style  sheet. It will  gives  look   for  a  Page. CSS  will  help to  achieve  the beautification of a page. By adding colors, font  features  you can make your web page attractive.

JavaScript: You  can use Java script for  validating  a web page .Apply  any kind of a logic. Display date and time, display browser properties, display clock, create a shopping cart, Create  animation or even you can create  a game also

Jquery :  It is a Library of  a  java script. It will  help  us  to  add  java script  with  minimal  coding.

Angular: Angular is  a  Front end Framework for  building  large  web application using angular  your application  will  becomes   responsive same application  runs  on mobile  device, laptops, desktops. No need  to  call  ajax. It  is  a  single page application.

Bootstrap: Boot strap   is  a  framework  for CSS. There  are  ready made classes  no  need  to  write  lengthy  CSS. So many plug-in  are  given for easy and  quick  development. Using Bootstrap  we  can create responsive web pages. For mobile, desktop, laptop also.

Let us Understand Business Logic Layer –

Business Logic Layer : This Layer  is   used  to  add Logic  of a  web application you can use  any backend technologies   for  developing the logic like  Java, Python, Dot Net  etc..

Data Base Layer: For  any application  Data  Storage plays  very important rule. Accepting  a  data  validating a  data  and  storing  for  further business  purpose So  you  can  use  any  database  like mysql, oracle, sqlserver  etc..

So presentation Layer will communicate with a business  logic layer  that again communicates  with  a database layer like application works.

So to develop such a application different types of   technologies  are involved. In previous  days  developers are generally writing application logic like validating at back end data storage etc.

And web designers  work  with  a  front end like designing a  web page and applying css and validating  at  front end .But now same person can work in all  sectors  of a application development. So to learn all  stages of application development  FULLSTACK  technologies   are  helpful.

Full stack  development involved developing  web application  for  both client and server sided  pages.



Popular Full Stack Technologies –

Linux , Apache, MySql, PHP, javascript is known as LAMP Stack.

LEMP stack: Linux, Ngix, Mysql, PHP, javascript.

Mean Stack: MangoDB, Express Js, AngularJS, Node JS, Javascript

Django Stack: Django, Python , Mysql, JAvascript

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You can study any of the above  to become  Full stack  Developer . Let us Understand  Road Map. From where to start the Learning . When  ever   we  are learning  any  new  technologies   we   should  understand  the  Road map. This  will  help  us  to   identify  our  study  tracks.  As   well  as  we  need  to implement  the  what  ever  technology  that  we   studied. Any  One  Can  become  full stack  developer  those   who  have a  interest  on technologies.  A  non  it  person  can   also  becomes  a  full stack  developer. Full stack development  road map as below.


Let us understand the steps involved in Full Stack Development –

Step-1 –

Every web developer or full stack developer must have basic knowledge of html, CSS, JAVASCRIPT,

After understand basic knowledge one can understand responsive web design . Same web application or a page can be opened from different types of devices like mobiles of different  screen  sizes, tablets, laptops, desktops devices.

After responsive  understanding , apply  all  your  concepts  of  html,css, javascript  to  make a webpage. You  can create your first project. This will  helps  you  to understand  the  implementing the technology  that you learned.


Study all  concepts of  java script. Specially  functions, arrays, built in functions. Even handling JavaScript is a base  for  learning  front end frameworks

Once  you  become comfortable with java script  start understand jquery that is library for java script.this  will  helps to  write code fast.

Even you can implement AJAX using jquery . which makes application with out reloading page you  can access  the  server  sided  data using jquery.


After one level of understand the technologies . You can learn easily the frameworks like boot strap for css where  you  can do responsive web design with very less coding. Create a web site using bootstrap , html.

Step- 4

Learn back end technologies like php, python, these  two  are very  easy for beginners Simple syntax . Learn database like mysql, 

Create small applications including  front end technologies and backend technologies  implement client side validations and server sided validations . and data storage.

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Learn sql  for  data  storage . Accessing the data , creating databases, tables, One should  aware of  the fallowing sql statements

  • Create database
  • Create table
  • Alter database
  • Alter table
  • DML statement like Insert, update, delete,
  • DQL statements like select, joins


All  these  concepts  definitely  helps  you  to  become full stack developer. After making  a  projects including front end back end understand deployment techniques. So  you understood the application development. You  can use GitHub for  code hosting platform. This is the Some information  about full  stack development . Next blog  I  will  discuss  Some of  the important questions about Front end technologies



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